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Lebron James is bringing his Miami Heat to Cleveland to put one on the Cavs today.  The game will go as follows: the Cavs will come out pumped; Mo Williams will hit a couple of threes, Anderson Varejao will dive for a ball and take a charge on bron bron and the Cavs will go up by a dozen in the first quarter. The Heat will then come back in the 2nd quarter and the game will stay close until the fourth when the Wade (not Lebron) will take over and bury the Cavs.

Now, back to the plot, Clevelanders have to stop pouting.  The city sucks, the team sucked, do you blame the King for going to Miami to play with his boys? Do you know how much tang he’s gotten and going to get in Miami? If owner Dan Gilbert was hurt so much, he shouldn’t have done a sign and trade.  I hope Lebron drops 40 on his old team.  I hope all those morons  (fans) that appeared on ESPN and said we hate Lebron don’t have a hard time prying their feet out of their mouths.  The NBA IS A BUSINESS.  THE PLAYERS ARE BUSINESSMEN.  MONEY FIRST, CHAMPIONSHIPS SECOND.  Don’t ever forget that.  Don’t take it personally.  Lebron doesn’t give 2 shits about you so GET OVER IT!!! Remember, he is the CHOSEN 1.

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Lebron James has chosen the Heat.  Everyone take a deep breath.  This is GREAT for the NBA.  Sucks for Cleveland.  But let’s all remember that this is a BUSINESS  First of all, he’s getting about $30 million less by going to Miami.  But hey, the guy wants to win and you can’t blame him for that.  I cant hate on the guy for leaving and going to the Heat.  I do respect him for changing, because I would’ve done the same thing.  Who the heck wants to live in Cleveland.  I might have chosen New York over Miami just cause I love NYC.  But the fans that are burning his jersey in Cleveland, GET A LIFE.  Cleveland Owner Dan Gilbert throwing Lebron under the bus is just a bushleague move. 3 hours ago, Gilbert would’ve given his left nut to have Lebron re-sign with the Cavs.  Frankly, he still will. Talk about an angry ex-girlfriend.  This isn’t war.  There was no betrayal, no desertion. Lebron is an ATHLETE, not a soldier.  He plays basketball.  Gilbert is pissed off because his team just loss 50% of its net worth. I do think that Lebron’s 1 hour special was a slap to Cleveland’s face but at the same time, let me remind you that this is a BUSINESS. He probably got paid big bucks for it, and to be honest with you, the guy’s down $30 mill, so he needs to make it up somewhere.  Lebron chose the Heat because he wants to win.  That’s what athletes do, win. He is playing with Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh.  Their point guard Mario Chalmers is going to be one of the most improved players next year because of these additions. They dumped that bum Jermaine O’Neal and traded away Michael Beasley. Don’t hate Lebron for leaving.  You can hate him for quitting on his team during the playoffs.  But don’t hate him for going to a better team, better city, better situation.  I have a gut feeling that we’re going to hear some dirt on Lebron over the next few days.  This kid’s had a super-clean image for the past 7 years.  There have to be some skeletons in his closet. And I’m sure someone in the Cleveland organization is gong to leak some stuff out. Stay tuned, this sage is FAR from over.  By the way, Jim Nance, worst invterviewer ever.

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Here’s my prediction, Lebron James is going to stay in Cleveland. All this hype, all this drama, all the build-up over the past 2 years and all we’re going to get is an anti-climactic ending. I”m going to be VERY disappointed if this Lebronathon has no surprise ending. I want to see a Lebron going to Chicago or New York. Hell, I’ll even take a Lebron headed to New Jersey. Cleveland is not a place where you want to live for the rest of your life, especially if you have all that money. Go live it up in New York. Make some history with Lebron. You’ll have the biggest city with the best fans under your control. I can see why he wouln’t want to go to Chicago, even though he would make the Bulls instant favorites to win it all. The King probably doesn’t want to be compared to Jordan the rest of his life. I might even consider going to the Nets. With their new billionaire owner, there’s no limit what this team can do. Plus, he’d be matched up with point guard Devin Harris and Brook Lopez. Not too bad of a consolation gift. If there’s any truth to Mo Evans banging Lebron’s mom, then I would expect the King to leave. But otherwise, I have a bad feeling that on Thursday, the Lebron pinata is about to break open and no candy’s gonna fall out.

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Lebron James is gone.  Make no mistake, this was his last game as a Cleveland Cavalier.  He quit on his team 2 days ago in that 30 point blowout at home.  That was evident.  He made his point, which was “my team sucks if I don’t drop 50 a night.”  But there’s no way he was going to come back and have a monster game, in Boston, after mailing it in 1 game before (even if he wanted to, which he didn’t). Don’t look at his triple double and be impressed by it.  9 turnovers and 8-21 shooting is garbage. The triple double is just Lebron’s way of saying “hey, I showed up, there was nothing more I could do.” Glad Shaq isn’t going to win a title though.  Mo Williams, 20 points in the 1st half, only 2 in the second? I wouldn’t stay in Cleveland if I was ‘bron.  Go to NY, go to Chicago, go get a new start while you’re still young.  Look at KG, look how happy he is in Boston.  Too bad it happened so late in his career.  I do think that we might have to revoke his “King” nickname.  No reason for him to be crowned that until he starts playing like one, when it counts.  Guess I gotta cheer for the Magic now, can’t stand the thought of the Cs winning another. When did Rajon Rondo become the best point guard in the league? Mike Brown better start updating his resume…

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37 points, 12 rebounds, 11 assists, 2 steals, 1 block… Those are stats from one game folks… ROYAL stats from the King.  Lebron James is going to win the NBA Championship this year.  There is no doubt about it.  He can not be stopped.  I don’t care who is guarding him.  I don’t even think that he needs help from his teammates.  All he has to do is clear it out, iso, and take his defender(s) to the rack.  Or, he can pull up from half court like he did today at the end of the 3rd quarter and nail a 3 pointer from RANGE.  I’m gonna love it when they eliminate the Boston Celtics, who might have the EASIEST first round match-up in the Miami Heat.  The city of Cleveland is going to be set back 20 years if Lebron James signs with another team next year.

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How many times can you utilize the 1 handed floater?  Derrick Rose single handedly, LITERALLY, beat the the King and his Cleveland Cavaliers tonight.  I’ve never seen so many 1 handed floaters from so many different areas; inside/outside, 6ft, 15ft.  This guy is sick. I’m gonna love watching this guy for the next 10 years. He has to get a little more aggressive though. He let his team blow a 21 point lead.

I haven’t changed my mind about the series though, the Cavs are still gonna win, in 5 (no sweep though). Other than Rose being ridiculous, I was reminded of another thing tonight… the King can’t be stopped.  In fact, I’m going to take it a step further… Lebron James is the best player in the NBA.  Not only is he the King, but he’s the God as well. His outside shooting now demands respect.  The guy can nail all kinds of threes. I don’t know why they lost this game? Maybe they were bored?  Maybe it’s the the mafia? I guarantee you that they (Cavaliers) will win the next game. Cavs’ big men Zydrunas Ilgauskas and Shaq were nowhere to be found.  Nice to see Mo Williams having a decent playoffs after his choke job last year. Even with that poor performance from the Cavs, they still had a chance to pull it out at the end. Lebron James went one on one and either scored, assisted, or got fouled every time.  He might be able to do this every single possession.  This might be that one game where even though they lost, the Cavs can feel pretty good about themselves. I guarantee you that no one in the Cleveland locker room is worried (maybe Mike Brown a little). Props to the Bulls for not quitting… who knows, maybe they pull this off??? NOT!!!

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Chicago v. Cleveland: I love watching the Bulls play. Derek Rose is awesome.  Unfortunately, they have no chance against the Cavs.  Lebron is on a mission this year. There is noone that is going to stop this team.  I don’t care what other 4 players are on the court with him.  Cavs in 4, bring out the brooms.  Not this year Rose, you’re gonna need to make a big off-season signing (hint hint: Bosh).

Milwaukee v. Atlanta: I don’t even know how the Bucks got into the playoffs. I know about that kid Brandon Jennings (good move playing in Europe for 1 year).  I also know they’ve lost Bogut for the year. The Jennings/Salmons combo is solid, but not good enough.  Who’s going to step up for the Bucks? Atlanta is gonna roll over these guys in 4.  Might be the easiest first round matchup in the playoffs.  I don’t even think I need to go into the strengths of this team, but I’ll name a few just for kicks: J. Johnson, Horford, J. Smith, Bibby, Jamal Crawford, Mo Evans.

Miami v. Boston: I’m not sure who I hate more, Boston or Denver.  Since they won 2 years ago, Kevin Garnett has turned from a role model into a thug.  Paul Pierce has game, I can’t even hate on him.  Ray Allen is a has been that has 2 things going for him, his FT% and his steaky 3 pointers. D-Wade might be playing his last series as a Heat.  Beasley’s the only other Heat I can name and frankly, he’s not getting it done either.  Can’t wait to see what happens to Dwayne in the offseason… Boston in 5.

Charlotte v. Orlando: Interesting match-up here. On one hand, you have the reigning Eastern Conference Champs, big Dwight Howard, healthy Jameer Nelson, improving J.J. Reddick, and two key offseason pickups in Matt Barnes and Vince Carter.  I actually think Barnes’ presence on the court is more vital than Vince’s. Kudos for the Bobcats for making the playoffs.  Stephen Jackson has turned this team around.  Gerald Wallace has always been a box-score filler. He his one of the best defenders in the league and one of the hardest guys to guard.  Depth will be a problem for this team as well.  They will give Orlando a run for their money but the Magic should pull this off in 5.

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84 Million Reasons To Be Happy in LA

So the Los Angeles Lakers jsut signed Kobe Bryant to a 3- year extension for $84 million. BIG time money for a BIG time player.  I don’t have a problem with the Lakers paying this much money for him but one has to wonder how many more miles are left on Kobe? He’s been in the league for 14 years.  He’s been to the playoffs at least 8 times.  Add in playing for the Olympics and you’ll probably get the oldest legs in the league.  The good news is that the Lakers have their core tied up for the next couple of years, including Gasol, Artest, Odom and Bynum.  This means one of two things for the Lakers: (1) dynasty time or (2) waste of money time.  I think if the Lakers should be able to put together at least one more championship in LA in either of the next two seasons. Their toughest challenge will be this year’s Cleveland team.  Who knows where Lebron will be next year? If someone can knock the King out of the playoffs this year like Orlando or maybe even Boston, then the Lakers will have a clear path to the promised land (assuming they handle the Nuggets).  All I need the Lakers to do in the off-season is to fix that nasty bench of theirs’.  Don’t sign Farmar to an extension, he’s garbage.  Don’t resign Vujacic after next year.  Extending his contract was a big mistake in the first place. Drop Adam Morrison.  He’s just not NBA material.  Find a serviceable point guard.  Someone, anyone that is young and can run the offense.  I mean look at Ty Lawson, Darren Collision.  Sure they were first round picks but not lottery.  Maybe pick up a free agent like Raymond Felton, Acie Law, J.J. Barea? How about Steve Blake?  These guys are all gonna be single at the end of the season.  While everyone is focusing on Wade, Lebron and Bosh, the Lakers might be able to swoop in and steal one of these guys.  They lock up a young point guard that can play defense, hit the 3, and drive ‘n dish and we might be looking at a 3-peat.  CAN YOU DIG IT!!!

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Debut for new Cavaliers PF Antawn Jamison, 26 minutes, 0-12 from the field, 0-4 from behind the arc, 2-2 ft. Let’s not forget 5 blocked shots and 2 airballs.  DOH! I bet you Danny Ferry is wondering what the heck is going on? I’m sure ‘twan will bounce back next game but you gotta laugh at this. I bet you Jamison has never shot this bad before in his career.

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Someone PLEASE Explain

Let me get this straight, the Cleveland Cavaliers get Antawn Jamison from the Wizards and Sebastian Telfair from the Clippers… The Washingotn Wizards get Al Thornton from the Clippers and Zydrunas Ilgauskus from the Cavs and the Clippers get (drumroll please) Drew Gooden? The ONLY rationale that can justify this trade from the Clippers’ point of view is freeing up cap space for the big offseason spending spree.  The problem with that is that noone wants to come to the Clips nor do the Clippers ever drop big money on franchise-changing free agents.  Not sure if this is what Cleveland needs either.  Jamison is averaging 20ppg and 9 rpg this year and can take the pressure off Lebron but the Cavs are doing fine. They have the best record in the league and have won 13 in a row.  My guess is that Cavs management is trying to keep Lebron past this year.  If Jamison is what Lebron wants… then so be it.  A ring for the King, right Shaq?

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