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Al Davis: Commitment to Failure

So, it looks like it might all go down this week.  For those of you who have been living in a cave for the past year, Oakland Raiders owner Al Davis and head coach Lane Kiffin have been butting heads.  Davis wants Kiffin to quit so he doesn’t have to pay his contract.  Kiffin wants to be paid.  In Kiffin’s defense, Davis is a moron.  I wouldn’t quit either.  I want my millions. Kiffin was a solid coach in SC. He’s done the best he can with a horrible team, let alone a meddling miser like Davis. Davis has been keeping this team down for years.  He didn’t like Mike Shanahan and look what he’s done/doing in Denver.  There’s a line that owners aren’t supposed to cross and Davis crossed it years ago. The owner is supposed to “own.”  Davis is trying to play head coach.  He wants Kiffin to be a puppet.  Let me tell you, I’ve hated the Raiders ever since I could remember (go Chiefs!!!).  But now I just feel sorry for those players.  The Raiders have talent.  They have McFadden, Jamarcus and Michael Bush for starters. Rumors have Davis interviewing the coaching staff for a replacement like Paul Hackett.  If you don’t know who he is, go and see what he did with the USC Trojans and the Kansas City Chiefs.  If this team is going to move on, they need to “cut” Davis.  Unfortunately, he holds the cards. Frankly, the league needs to step in.  The Clippers of the NFL are making fools of themselves, and they owe it all to their owner. Time to start the movement, FIRE AL DAVIS!!! FIRE AL DAVIS!!! FIRE AL DAVIS!!!

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Trojans Fail Quizz

Who is Jacquizz Rogers?  Well, maybe you should ask the former #1 ranked team in the country, the USC Trojans. On Thursday night, they traveled to Corvallis to play the Oregon State Beavers.  That’s the unranked Oregon State Beavers.  The so called “best defense” in the country was shit on by Beavers running back Jacquizz Rogers; 186 rushing yards and 2 touchdowns.  5’6, 180 lb freshman runningback. I’ve never been so disgusted before in my life.  The defense couldn’t stop anything.  It seemed that every time O-State ran the ball in the first half, they got a first down.  They even missed a gimmie interception in the endzone. Don’t even get me started with the Trojan offense.  Steve Sarkissian was just as guilty with those stupid “direct halfback snaps” that seemed to work for the Miami Dolphins over the weekend. Horrible play-calling led to this mostrous upset (SC was favored by 25).  As for “super” Joe McKnight, how do 7 carries for 10 yards sound? National Championship dreams down the drain.  Thanks for coming SC.  Just another argument for those Pac-10 haters to make in support of the SEC.  Did I mention that even Stanford beat the Beavers in their first game of the season.  Looks like another Rosebowl appearance for the Trojans this year.  Whoopdittydoo…

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LOCK of the Week

2 LOCKS so far this season and twice I got ’em right.  You gotta stick with what’s hot, and right now ONTHEBUZZER is sizzling.  Alright, enough bragging.  My pick for Week 4 of the NFL season comes from the San Diego Chargers -7 at the Oakland Raiders game.  If anyone watched what the Chargers did last Monday night to the Packers, you’ll know that this is money in the bank.  The Raiders suck, period.  They don’t even know who’s gonna be their coach.  On the othe hand, if you’ve seen Chargers’ quarterback Philip Rivers (and I hate to admit it), he’s been playing at whole different level.  The Charger defense is finally coming around.  A divisional game, they (the Chargers) don’t have a choice.  It’s just a matter of whether they’re gonna blow them out early or late. I’d put my money on early but let’s not get carried away.  Chargers -7. Enjoy the $$$.

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Detroit Lions Cut Matt Millen

President Matt Millen was “released” by the Lions on Wednesday.  Shocking!!! And it only took 7 years for Lions’ management to figure out that he sucks at his job.  No offense to Mr. Millen, I’m sure he’s a great guy, but a football brain he’s not.  I hate to play Monday Morning Quarterback but this guy should’ve never been hired.  A former linebacker, Millen is a huge reason why this franchise has been suffering for so many years. For starters, they wasted numerous #1 draft picks (4 of last 6 years) on wide reciever after wide reciever, Mike Williams, Carlos Rogers, Calvin Johnson, Roy Williams. Their offense is run by an over-the-hill, glorified backup quarterback in John Kitna.  The running game has been in shambles since Barry Sanders retired. I won’t even get started on the defense.  How many years can you go without making it to the postseason? A 31-84 record during Millen’s tenure is simply unacceptable.  I hate to see anyone lose their job, but this might be best thing that happens to the Lions. Don’t get me wrong, the Lions are far from being contenders.  But baby steps, baby steps…

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Rodney Harrison, Shut the F#@! UP

So, New England Patriots STRONG Safety Rodney Harrison is calling Miami Dolphins’ RB Ricky Williams dirty.  The reason: apparently Williams threw a nasty block at the legs of linebacker Mike Vrabel. You guys don’t know this but Rudney is also the team lawyer. It’s ironic that Harrison is bitching about cheap hits,  the same Rodney Harrison that was voted by his peers as the leagues dirtiest player in 2004 and 2006. Oh yeah, and again in 2008 by the coaches. That makes him the current champ… So now that it sucks being a Patriot, Mr. Harrison Esq. has decided to start bitching about cheap hits to take the attention away from that other thing…what was that again… oh yeah, winning. How did that old saying go again, oh yeah… people in glass houses shouldn’t throw rocks… It’s gonna be a long year buddy. You’re lucky Al Davis snagged the “bitch of the week” spot.

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A moment of silent please… On Sunday night, the plug was pulled on Yankee Stadium. The last home game for the NY Yankees, a win by the way, before they play in their new stadium in 2009. Time to move across the street to the new and improved and modern Yankee Stadium. Yankee stadium, where the greats like Babe Ruth, Yogi Berra and Mickey Mantle roamed. Out with the old, in with the new. But don’t be sad, let’s look at the positive side; Maybe the new stadium will help A-Rod out with his playoff woes?  Maybe the new stadium will convince Jason Giambi to shave that porn-stache he’s growning?  Maybe the new stadium will return them to the playoffs? OR, maybe the new stadium will be a dud, and the “Yankee Mystique” will be gone forever? Only time will tell.  But for now, enjoy Yankee Stadium and what it has stood for for the past 85 years, the home of one of the most hated teams in all sports. Hated because they’ve been winning for so long, sure, but nonetheless hated. You will be missed old friend.  R.I.P.

P.S. Where the heck was George Steinbrenner?

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OK, week 3 of the NFL is coming to a close and the questions are  being asked, who’s the worst team in the league.  There are five teams in the league that are currently winless (Rams, Lions, Chiefs, Texans, Bengals). Looking at these 5 teams, some have injury problems, some have bad luck, and some are just plain bad run franchises, which leads me direclty to the Kansas City Chiefs.  The Chiefs, how should I put this… are garbage.  They haven’t had a legit quarterback in years and refuse to sign any vets.  They have a decent receiving corp., with Bowe, but Gonzales is getting old. Their running back is a crybaby and overrated.  Their defensive and offensive lines…horrible.  I know, I sound frustrated. But I need to vent. See, I’m a Chiefs’ fan. I’ve been watching these guys be the doormat of the AFC West, let alone the AFC.  They never get a top pick. They rarely get into the playoffs, and when they do sneak in, they get bounced in the first round.  The Arrowhead faithful deserve better. I deserve better.  See, I know what the problem is.  Chiefs fans are thinking it, but are afraid to say it. But ONTHEBUZZER fears no one: FIRE HERM EDWARDS!!! FIRE HERM EDWARDS!!! FIRE HERM EDWARDS!!! When the Chiefs first hired this guy, I thought to myself, awesome, a tough, smashmouth type head coach that’ll punch you in the face if you cross him.  Maybe it would rub off on the team.  What did we get instead?  A head coach who has a win-loss record of 13-22.  A coach that couldn’t concoct a successful offensive scheme against a junior varsity team.  A head coach who doens’t know how to maximize the talent of Dwayne Bowe, Tony Gonzales and Larry Johnson. A head coach who’s only contriution to the league is a funny sound clip given as a Jet Coach. With Edwards leagin the helm, the Chiefs are going nowhere. With that said, the award of worst team in 2008 (so far) goes to you Kansas City Chiefs, don’t forget to thank the little people.

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Carlos Zambrano: From Perfect to…Well, the Opposite

Let’s see, a week, ago, Chicago Cubs Ace, and I use that term very lightly, pitched no-hitter.  Everyone talking about how he’s come around, after signing the big contract, after all his character problems.  Enter Friday, a home game against the St. Louis Cardinals, 1.2 innings pitched, 8 earned runs. Are you kidding me?  How is that possible? Was the no-no a fluke?  What happened to the good old days when pitchers were, well, consistent.  I’ve been following Big Z for years now (sure he was on my fantasy team many a time).  The the poster child for inconsistency. You never know what you’re going to get from this guy. Lights out one start; shelled the next. Blame it on lack of concentration, blame it on fatigue.  You can find a million excuses, we all know they’re like… well, you know what. The Cubs will probably make the playoffs. Everyone’s expecting them to tear it up and make the World Series.  But let me tell you something, if Big Z doesn’t clean up his act, sure they might get to the big one, but as soon as they run into a solid team (i.e. Angels), the Cubbies will realize that that they don’t stand a chance.  If you don’t believe me, go ask the 2007 Cleveland Indians, and how their aced C.C. Sabathia burned ’em time and time again by the Boston Red Sox. If you’re happy just to be there, great, be happy then.  But if you’re like most fans, then you’re striving for the ring/cup/trophy. Take my advice: Don’t believe the Zambrano hype. Sorry Cubs’ fans, the truth hurts.

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LOCK of the Week

I’m not gonna brag, but I got it right last week. 1-0 baby!!!  Sure, I needed the help of referee Ed Hochuli but a win’s a win, I don’t care how the Broncos did it.  I’m going for 2 in a row.  Without further delay, here it is:  Atlanta Falcons -5 at home against the Kansas City Chiefs.  Take the birds.  Let me tell you guys something; I’ve been a Chiefs fan for over 10 years.  I know one thing, this year they suck. They can’t stop anyone and they can’t score.  They let the Raiders march into Arrowhead and whoop them on their own turf. Their starting quarterback this week is some kid named Tyler Thigpen, undrafted from Coastal Carolina. RB Larry Johnson is back to his old antics, bitching about not getting the ball. Now, on the other hand, the Falcons are a team on the rise. RB Michael Turner will have a huge week against the Chiefs, who gave up over 300 yards on the ground to the Raiders last week. Rookie qb Matt Ryan has more NFL experience than Thigpen does.  Playing at home, this game’s a gimmie.  Take the Falcons, take the points, take the money. Don’t forget who got you there.

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I was there.  Waiting all off-season for this game.  THE USC TROJANS hosting the Ohio State Buckeyes.  #1 v. #5.  Will Beanie Wells play (no)?  Will that inexperienced USC offensive line be able to contain the Buckeyes defense? Was Mark Sanchez’ stellar play in week 1 just a fluke? Only one way to find out.

7:00 a.m. PST,  College Gameday with Lee Corso and Kirk Herbstreet. The fans were there, Trojans, Buckeyes, you name it.  We even got some Gators and Cougars.  Go figure. The atmosphere was electric.  Smack talking all over the place.  It was evident that it was going to be a rough night for the fans of one of these two teams.  Everyone was waiting for 9:00 a.m. to come around, ready to hear Corso’s pick.  What costume was he gonna pull out of his secret bag? Then, as if he could foresee the future, Corso spoke:

Trojans to win!!! See, that’s him in the middle in the Trojans battle gear. From then, it was all down hill for the Buckeyes and their fans. By noon, even the Ohio State Buckeyes’ mascot Brutus was seen attempting suicide.  Poor Brute, he never stood a chance. 5:00 p.m., gametime. No Beanie Wells, no chance in hell. Ohio State drives, puts up a field goal, leads 3-0, and… well, that’s it for their highlight reel.  SC quarterback Mark Sanchez, 4 tds and 1 pick. RB Joe McKnight, 12 rushes fro 105 yds. Oh yeah, that SC defense, only 30 yards of offense for the Buckeyes in the second half.  Thanks for coming. See you next year at the Shoe…

Play of the game, a pick and 48 yards td return by lineback Ray Maualuga to put them up 21-3. They don’t call him “Sting Rey” for nothing.  And trust me, this one’s gonna sting Ohio State for at least one year. 

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