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Donovan McNabb is on his way to Minnesota, to fill the shoes of Brett Favre.  I’m guessing that shouldn’t be that difficult, all he has to do is show up to camp and he’s already ahead.  Neverthelss,  I like the move for the Vikes.  I’m not saying that McNabb is the next coming, but he is a step up from any of the quarterbacks they’ve had since, well, a young Daunte Culpepper.  McNabb will open up the running game for Peterson. His ability to scramble and throw the long ball is a combination not possessed by many quarterbacks in the league.   While his 2010 season was plagued with injuries, McNabb has had a pretty healthy and injury free career.  I think that Mike Shannahan in Washington f-ed with his mind and confidence.  It will be up to Vikings Head Coach Brad Childress to build him up again. I also think that McNabb needs to stop making bonehead throws.  Sometimes it’s OK to just take the sack or throw it out of bounds. It’s gonna take some time for the Vikes to gel with McNabb but don’t be surprised if this team wins the division. Even though Sidney Rice took off for Seattle, they still have AP, Percy Harvin, Shiancoe, and Bernard Berrian (who I’m expecting to step up). The defense is getting a little older so this is probably the Vikes’ best chance to get to the Superbowl, as I’m sure they’ve slipped under the radar of most teams in the league.

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Yao Ming has decided to call it quit after 8 years in the league, 8 injury plagued seasons. When Yao broke into the league back in 2002, everyone thought he’d be a stiff.  I remember watching his first game against Shaq and the Lakers and thinking, WOW, this guys is gonna be unstoppable.  But I guess all that size came at a price.  Multiple foot injuries and surgeries brought this 7 foot 6 inch monster down. I feel bad for the Houston Rockets, who have been on hold year after year, hoping that each year was “the one.”  Now, with Ming retiring, they can finally put the Ming era behind them and move on.  Not sure if Ming played long enough to be a hall of famer, but you’ll be hard pressed to find a 19 point, 9 rebound and a career 83% freethrow shooter.  Happy trails Mr. Ming, it was fun while it lasted.

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