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Knicks Re-Sign Ewing!!!

Well, Jr., I guess.  In a move to bring back some credibility to New York, Knicks management has decided to sign “highly touted” Patrick Ewing Jr. Let’s see here, a 6-8 rookie small forward.  I was just thinking to myself, one of the main reasons that have led to the Knicks’ failures is the lack of production from the small forward position (that’s online sarcasm by the way). With 4 SF already on the depth chart, I wonder what the Knicks’ were thinking. Let’s not even mention all the money they’ve blown on garbage players (in no particular order): Chris Duhon $5.5 million; Starbury $20.8 million; Jamal Crawford $8.6 million; Jared Jeffries $6 million; Que $8.6 million; Malik Rose $7.6 million; Eddie Curry $9.7 million; Jerome James $6.2 million. New head coach D’Antoni gonna miss Phoenix… But then again, I’m sure he’ll find gratification in taking a last place team, well, nowhere…

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Any More Mannies Available?

Looks like the Manny Ramirez craze has died down in LA.  On Tuesday, the Los Angeles Dodgers lost another game, this one to the league’s worst team, the Washington Nationals.  What happened to that potent offense?  The best hitter in the game… Everyone’s playing better… Joe Torre for president… Everyone’s batting averages have skyrocketed…  To quote the raven, “nevermore.” Try a season high 5-game losing streak.  I hate to blame Manny, but is it just me or did the Dodgers start sliding after Manny cut his hair? Sure it was only an inch, but hey, that’s what she said too… Maybe the Dodgers weren’t who everyone thought they were. Or maybe they were exactly who this author new they were; an average team playing above their heads for a short period of time. Vintage Dodgers. I don’t want to write them off yet, BUTTTTTTTT, if they don’t take 2 out of 3 from the Diamondbacks this weekend, they can kiss the playoffs, and any chance of re-signing Manny goodbye. Hold on folks, it’s pennant time.

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It was close, it was a nail biter, but in the end…U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A! Kobe Bryant, taking over in the fourth quarter and finishing the game off with 20 points and 6 assists and a HUGE 4-point play. Let’s not forget to give props to Spain.  Not only did they fair better than the last time they played the US, but I think they’ve also made people forget the infamous “slanted eyes” photo.  After getting blown away by 37 points the first time these two met, Spain hung on for as long as they could before running out of gas and losing by 11. I’m not sure if it’s better than winning the NBA Title but at least it lasts for 4 years instead of NBA’s 1. Plus, you can honestly claim the title “World Champs.”  I’m still wondering what the role of Carlos Boozer was in this game?

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USA Basketball: Argentina Down, Spain to GOld

I’m sick of the nickname given to our USA Basketball Team.  If I have to hear another announcer call these guys the “Redeem Team” one more time, I’m gonna flip.  Our boys have been beating every opponent like a red-headed step child and they still don’t get the love.  They destroyed the reigning champs in Argentina today. So what if Manu Ginobli got injured.  Would they have even stood a chance if he didn’t re-injure his ankle.  Is there any doubt that they are going to pound Spain on Saturday night?  Heck no!!! After beating them by 37 in the first matchup, I’m not sure Spain has enough manpower to make any adjustments, unless those adjustment include food-poisoning the Americans. Sorry Pau Gasol, but your gonna feel like you were back in Memphis.  So with that said, you can go ahead and give USA the gold.  They went out there, proved they’re the best and now deserve to be called that.  Let’s stop comparing them to the old school “Dream Team.” They’re not them. Apples and Oranges. How ’bout a new nickname, say… the “Bling Team?” Ok, let’s just stick to USA Men’s Basketball Team.

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Trojan Nation Worried???

Is anyone worried about the USC Trojans’ upcoming season or is it just me? Ranked #3 in the AP poll, everyone’s talking about how SC will end up #1 in the country by the end of the year. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a die-hard homer SC fan. But with injuries to their starting quarterback Mark Sanchez and Reggie Bush-wannabe running back Joe McKnight, I’m sweatin’. They start off the season at Virginia which is gonna be no gimme, then come back home to face #2 Ohio State (game of the year b/t/w). Just when you think it’s over, they have to travel to Oregon State to face a Beaver team which has given them some trouble over the past few years. Then they host #21 ranked Oregon (true, they’re not as good as last year) and finish off the 5-game stretch with stud QB Rudy Carpenter and the Arizona State Sun Devils. If they can get through these 5 games unscathed, they should easily breeze through the remainder of the schedule, which includes a total of 0 ranked teams. The only other team in the country with a schedule as hard is Georgia (LSU, Florida, South Carolina, Az St. etc.) These two teams are the best in the nation. They play in the toughest conferences. It would be a shame if they didn’t meet each other in the title game so the Trojans could wax UGA. WE ARE…SC, WE ARE…SC!!!

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Which Phelps Are You?

I’m the last Phelps, the one that doesn’t have to race anymore and only needs to worry about all the $$$ he’s gonna get making appearances and signing BONGO sponsorship deals with NIKE and co. Let’s see, 8 races, 8 golds… Not bad for a 23 year old kid, right? This guy finished off the Olympics with another win. Everyone expected it, and he delivered. I’ve said it before, this kid has the race won before he even touches the water. There’s no way someone can be THAT good. Give or take a race or two, this specimen dominated. I just think that all the other swimmers psyched themselves out before the race began. Oh well, screw the rest, Phelps is the mack. Proud to be an American? You bet your ass!!!

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I Wonder…

I wonder if Brett Favre has any regrets??? Turning down $20 million to do nothing. Going to a team that’s in the cellar of its division, let alone the league. His #1 receiver Laveranues Coles doesn’t want to have anything to do with him. And guess what, now is harm is feeling somewhat fatigued. I’m thinking Mr. Brett realized that he’s going to be spending the most part of the season on his ass for a team that’s in “rebuilding” mode. I hope he doesn’t turn into one of those athletes that didn’t know when to call it quits. Let me rephrase that, I hope he hasn’t turned into one of those athletes that didn’t know when to call it quits.

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Que’ Political Correctness?

I guess being P.C. only exists in America. With the Spanish National team slanting their eyes for a photo, all I hear about on sports radio is how wrong and vulgar it was. Insensitive too.  Look, I’m not condoning it, but most of these players are kids. They did it for fun and the only people in the world that seem to be offended by it are the Americans.  China didn’t comment.  Spain didn’t apologize.  Everybody needs to pull that stick out of their a@! before we completely shut down and won’t be able to utter a word without offending someone.  David Stern better not think about suspending Gasols or Calderon next year either.  I’m thinking Spain was gonna get waxed in the tourney anyway, especially after they play the U.S. on Saturday.  Let them have their fun.  Let the U.S.  basketball team punish them by 45 points instead of a measly 20. Let the CRIME FIT THE PUNISHMENT.

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Michael Phelps

OK, it took a while before I jumped on the bandwagon but after yesterday’s performance, I’ve realized that this kid is a phenom.  I’m not going to say he’s the best athlete in the world, but talk about dominating one sport.  And not just in his country but worldwide.  Phelps broke another World Record, this time in the 200m individual medley.  I would hate to be this guy’s teammate.  Talk about being in the shadows.  Anyway, 2 more races left, 2 more gold medals, 2 more broken records… Did someone say performance enhancing??? Not me.

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