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Jeremy Lin… Just Jeremy Lin

Linning, Linderella, Linsanity, Lintendo, Lin Lin Lin… Let’s give the guy credit for what he’s done and not just having a catchy name.  Jeremy Lin started for the NY Knicks when they were 8-15.  Now, seven games later, Lin has pulled the Knicks back to .500 and back into the spotlight.  That’s without Carmelo Anthony and mostly without Amare.  The kid is averaging a double double in points and assists which is what you want from a point guard.  I’m not crowning the Knicks the Eastern Conference champs but they are fun to watch.  I think what intrigues me the most is that its proof that anyone with talent and heart can make the NBA.  You don’t have to be a certain race, height or weight.  All you need is to be able to dribble, put the rock in the hoop and something most athletes don’t have… you gotta want it. Good for Jeremy Lin, good for the NY Knicks, good for the game.

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Lakers’ Christmas Wish

So it seems like the Los Angeles Lakers are interested in Chris Paul and Dwight Howard.  Let’s just say it works cap-wise, how the heck would New Orleans and Orlando basically hand the Lakers the Championship. The Lakers starting lineup would be Chris Paul at the point, Kobe at the 2, Ron Artest at the small forward, Dwight Howard in the middle and Derrick Caracter at power forward?  In essence, the Lakers are going all in with this move, if it happens.  I do like trading away Andrew Bynum.  He’s had knee problems for a while and I don’t think he likes being a 4th option. I’d love to see how he is when he’s the man.  Although I’d miss Pau Gasol, getting Howard will give the Lakers a physical presence in the paint.  As for L.O., consistency has always been a problem for Lamar.  Double-double one game, M.I.A. the next. Getting Chris Paul will finally give the Lakers a true point guard, one they haven’t had since Magic. I can see the Dwight Howard trade happening but not Chris Paul. Paul has made it obviosu that he wants to go to NY to play with Carmelo and Amare.  Paul is not an LA guy.  He’s East Coast. If the Lakers made this move, it would be the sickest every.  Better than the Shaq signing, better than the Pau Gasol. Anyway, Lakers better be good if they want Santa to give them title hopes for the next 5 years…

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Thanks for coming New York. The Celtics completed a sweep of Knicks today, waxing them in the Garden.  I’m a little disappointed in the way the Knicks finished this series.  Sure, you can blame it on injuries, but after losing by a couple points both times in Boston in games 1 & 2, I thought (I don’t know why) that they would at least get one game at home.  Instead, the Knickerbockers just rolled over and played dead. Again, I understand the woes of Amare and Chauncy, but I gotta be honest with you, there are some players on the Knicks squad that shouldn’t be in the NBA, let alone starting.  I’m happy NY made it to the playoffs, but they’re still a long way from becoming competitors. I’m also gonna need a little more from Carmelo.  He seems to be always smiling (ala Dwight Howard). Lead your team for Pete’s sake.  I feel like this guy lacks that certain “umphh” that the Kobes and Chris Pauls and Dwayne Wades possess.  Heck, the Celtics Big 4 all have that swagger that says wreaks of “I’ma kill you!”  Anyway, still a successful season for the Knicks.  Next year, they’re gonna have to improve and move on to the second round, let alone win 1 playoff game. They’re gonna need to sign some players.  Can’t win with Ronny Turiaf in your starting lineup. By the way, get rid of this guy while your at it (Spike Lee).

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Lakers Let One Slip Away… Or Did They?

Just when you thought the Lakers were gonna run the table (sans the loss to the Heat) they go ahead and give up an easy one the Nuggets, at Staples.  The rule is this: the more you let a team hang around, the more they start believing that they can win. I’m mean, there’s no one outside Colorado that would ever pick the Nuggets over the Lakers in a 7 game series but anybody can win 1 game. This definitely hurts the Lakers chances of getting the #1 seed in the Western Conference, but is it a bad thing?  If the Lakers pass the Spurs (which at this point seems like it’s not gonna happen), they’d have to face the Thunder in a 2nd round playoff matchup and then the Spurs. We all know that the only team that scares the Lakers are the Thunder.  If the playoffs start today, the Lakers would face the Mavs in the 2nd round and either the Thunder or the Spurs. So 2nd is not such a bad thing for now.  As for the Nuggets, tell me they’re not a 10x better team without Carmelo??? I’m just saying…

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Portland v. Phoenix: The Phoenix Suns have been playing like the Suns of old.  Amare Stoudamire finally looks like the beast he was a few years ago.  Steve Nash is still one of the top point guards in the league. They’re facing a depleted Portland team without their star Brandon Roy. Marcus Camby is one of those proven “losers” who will never be on a winning team. I like Batum, LaMarcus and A-Miller but they just don’t have enough firepower without Roy. Neither one of these teams is advancing past the second round anyway.  I’ll take the Suns in 7.

Dallas v. San Antonio: Remember a couple months ago when the Mavericks were streaking, I think they won 13 in a row?  Well, streaks over now.  The Caron Butler hype has died down. It’s the Spurs that are playing the best basketball in the West.  It’s too bad these two teams had to match up in the first round.  While offensively both these teams have the ability to win the game, same ol’ story for the Mavs…no defense, no fundamentals.  Enter the “Big F” himself in Tim Duncan, with the best offseason pickup of the year in Richard Jefferson, and you got a recipe for success.  As long as Tony Parker can play like he used to, and Ginobli continue what he’s doing, the Spurs should take this series in 6, and the only reason it goes that far is ’cause the Mavs have home court advantage.

Utah v. Denver : This is going to be the most interesting match-up in the first round.  I would love to see the Nuggets fail (man do I hate J.R. Smith) but they just have a little more swagger and tougness than the Jazz.  Carmelo Anthony is a bonafide superstar that can take over any game and Mr. Big Shot Billups has been to the promised land and knows hot to get there again. I am concerned however about the depth of the Jazz.  Paul Milsap has been a bust since signing that big offseason contract extension. Boozer and D-Will are solid but there’s no one else that you can rely on (maybe Okur).  Jazz are hurting at shooting guard and small forward, AK-47 is injured.  Kyle Korver can only shoot 3s.  It’s gonna be gritty but the Nuggets should wrap this up in 5.

Oklahoma City v. Lakers: Now on paper, you would take the Lakers in 4.  BUT, the Lakers have taken care of business all year.  They don’t put teams away when they should.  Their bench has been MIA all year.  Kobe’s finger is STILL an issue.  Bynum’s health is still in question. With that said, I do expect a HUGE series from Pau Gasol and Lamar Odom.  Nobody is gonna be able to stop these guys.  The Thunder, on the other hand, have nothing to lose.  Kevin Durant is having an MVP type season. But that’s it.  Russell Westbrook FG% and 3pt% is horrible.  Sure, he can drive and dish and dunk but if he can’t stretch the defense with his outside shooting, they’re gonna have problems.  Plus, with the size the Lakers have, I don’t think the Thunder is going to do much in the paint.  Look for the Lakers to outshine the Thunder, LA in 4 (did I just say that?)

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Nuggets Fall To Knicks… Not Ready Yet

This, folks, is why the Denver Nuggets will not win the NBA Championship this year.  How do you lose to the NY Knicks when you’re the second best team in the Western Conference and arguably the main threat to dethrone the Lakers in the West? Do you not bring your “A” game?  Were the Nuggets looking ahead to their next game against Boston (which it tomorrow btw)?   I can’t even name 5 guys on the Knicks’ squad.  Let me not crucify the Nuggets by themselves.  This happens to many teams, including the Lakers and even the Cavs.  But if you want to be a lock in for the NBA Finals, you have to bring that same intensity every single game. The Boston Celtics did it 2 years ago.  The Lakers did it last year.  There was no doubt that these teams were the best in the league the year they won.  They all had that swagger.  They had that “you can’t hold my jockstrap” attitude.  The Nuggest have the talent, but they’re missing that swag.  Don’t get that confused with being confident.  I’ve never seen a group of guys that are cockier than the Nuggs.  Even their poster child J.R. Smith thinks he could beat Michael Jordan at his prime.  But if these fellas want to make it and win the finals, they have to have beaten teams before they even step on the court…mentally. And that doesn’t mean being mental…

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I Love This Lamar Odom

Nuggets Lakers BasketballWhat a dunk!?!?! How’s your face Birdman?  Sure Lamar Odom pushed off with his off arm but who cares? In the land of dunking, once it’s in your face there’s nothing you can say to taint it.  Now let me give props to the Birdman, he blocked 4 shots including a dunk attempt by Odom in the first half.  The Birdman is one of the few Nuggets that I respect. But when you go up to block so many shots, sometimes you’re gonna get shit on.  And shit on he got.  WOW!  As for the game, I gotta be honest with you, the Lakers are balls.  Their defense is pathetic.  Their big men are weak.  Bynum is a bust.  He can’t board to save his life and most of his shots are junky putbacks and dunks. He had one good move in the first quarter, an up and under, and then that was it.  I would definitely take the Birdman over Bynum, simply based on the Birdman’s talent and energy. Back to the game, the Lakers got lucky this game.  Kobe played like shit.  He kept forcing the ball late in the game until he finally wised up and gave it up to Gasol.  Shannon Brown’s dunk on the Birdman (we won’t talk about that one) was the turning point in the game.  Phil Jackson should give Brown minutes over Sasha and Farmar.  Finally, lovin’ J.R. Smith’s 3-13 performance.  Where u at gangsta? Unfortunately, the Nuggets are gonna wax the Lakers in game 6 and this is going to a game 7 at Staples next Tuesday. Until then, though, enjoy this win LA.  It might be a while before Odom performs like this again.

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J.R. Smith is a Douchebag

Not much to say here.  I’m watching the Lakers lose to the Denver Nuggets on Monday night and one player seems to bother me time and time again.  You guessed it, J.R. Smith.  Mr. Tatoo Gangsta.  The guys thinks he’s the sickest baller in the world.  It seems that every time he scores, he’s talking shit.  To me, he’s a rich man’s Eddie House. I checked the box scores today, and to his credit, he did drop 24 points. But to my credit, none of them were important shots.  All his buckets were scored while the Nuggets were leading by double digits.  I don’t mind the Denver Nuggets.  I like Billups, Carmelo, and even the Birdman.  But if there’s one reason why I don’t want the Nuggets to win, it’s J.R. Smith. Definitely a starter on the NBA All-Hated Team.  Oh yeah, for all those people that keep doing the wing flap when tthe Birdman enters or leaves the game, STOP. You look like idiots.

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Now That’s Kobe Doin’ Work!

kobe bryantLet’s get something straight, I never said Kobe sucks.  I’ve been getting a lot of backlash from the Kobe faithful the past couple of days for my article on Kobe’s Documentary “Doin’ Work.” Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not backtracking. I still think the guy is a hateable guy and isn’t the fun-loving teammate that he wants us to believe he is. He is however, a sick baller.  He dropped 40 tonight agains the Nuggets at home in what many including myself considered a pivotal game.  The Lake Show came out soft, falling behind by double digits.  The game was dirty, a lot of bangin’ around, a little ol’ school.  But they pulled it out.  I did think that the Lakers needed to come out and punch the Nuggets in the mouth to show them who’s the boss but a win’s a win.  When you get this close to the money, it doesn’t matter how pretty the wins are.  If the Lakers win on Thursday, it’s curtains for the Nuggets.  No way they take 4 out of the next 5 after that.  So there you go, all you Kobe lovers.  He’s a stud.  But he’s still a bitch. Tell him to stop flailing his arms every time he doesn’t get a call and run back on defense.  That’s just me, a blogger.  Then again, what do I know about basketball.

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Allen Iverson for Chauncey Billups?

First of all, put the money and salary cap issues aside. Is it just me or did the Denver Nuggets rip off the Detroit Pistons in this trade? Look, I’m not saying that A.I. isn’t good.  He’s definitely pound for pound up there in talent.  But the Nuggets finally got what they needed: a leader.  Chauncey “Mr. BIG SHOT” Billups. Finally, someone who’s going to distribute the ball WITH championship experience. Someone who can take Carmelo Anthony to the next level.  I’m not saying that the Nuggets are favorites to win the Championship but the West sure as hell got harder. As for the Pistons, the East was ripe for the taking.  Maybe they’re making a move for Lebron. Maybe they’re trying to get younger by clearing A.I.’s cap space next year. All I know is that if I’m a Detroitian, I’m pissed off.  Sure, “we” have Rodney Stuckey but this team’s window is closing fast. They’ll make the playoffs this year but without a foor leader, they ain’t going far. Looks like rebuilding time in Motown.

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