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USA Basketball: Argentina Down, Spain to GOld

I’m sick of the nickname given to our USA Basketball Team.  If I have to hear another announcer call these guys the “Redeem Team” one more time, I’m gonna flip.  Our boys have been beating every opponent like a red-headed step child and they still don’t get the love.  They destroyed the reigning champs in Argentina today. So what if Manu Ginobli got injured.  Would they have even stood a chance if he didn’t re-injure his ankle.  Is there any doubt that they are going to pound Spain on Saturday night?  Heck no!!! After beating them by 37 in the first matchup, I’m not sure Spain has enough manpower to make any adjustments, unless those adjustment include food-poisoning the Americans. Sorry Pau Gasol, but your gonna feel like you were back in Memphis.  So with that said, you can go ahead and give USA the gold.  They went out there, proved they’re the best and now deserve to be called that.  Let’s stop comparing them to the old school “Dream Team.” They’re not them. Apples and Oranges. How ’bout a new nickname, say… the “Bling Team?” Ok, let’s just stick to USA Men’s Basketball Team.

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