The TRUTH about Sports


Sports paraphanelia is probably the #1 way to show your loyalty to your team. Jerseys, caps, t-shirts, and keychains are just some of the few that come to mind. I gotta tell you readers about this cool site I came across, los-angeles-lakers-pewter-tWHOLESALEKEYCHAINS.COM.  They have everything, from Lakers, to Cavaliers, to Chiefs to the NY Giants to the NHL. They even have keychains of your favorite college team. If you don’t believe me, check it out yourself.  That way next time someone questions your manhood or your team affiliation… BAMMM, just whip out your keys and watch them shrink away. For any of you that wanna purchase these awesome keychains from this site, just enter the promotional code “thebuzzer” for a 10% discount.

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Anybody Looking for an ANSWER?

It seems like it was just yesterday that Allen Iverson was pound for pound the best basketball player in the league,  leading his team, the Philadelphia 76ers to the NBA Finals. And now, nobody will touch this guy. First AI goes to Denver and turns that franchise into the laughing stock of the league.  Once he leaves, the Nuggets make a complete 180 degree turn and head to the second round of the playoffs, OUCH! Then AI goes to Detroit, causes a rift with Rip Hamilton, what happens next: first round sweep by the Cavs. This guy is a guarantee future hall of famer, 27 points and 6 assists per game. Let’s give him props for what he’s done in the past.  Unfortunatley, his scoring average has dropped by 10 points last season.  I’m not saying that the Answer doesn’t have anything left in the tank, but he’s gotta change his attitude. Seriously, the Miami Heat want him to come off the bench which he wasn’t down with.  I don’t even think the Clippers want him… the CLIPPERS!!!  Time to go to PRACTICES, WE TALKING ABOUT PRACTICES? AI. You’re not that same kid that was running the show in Philly. Nothing wrong with coming off the bench.  Look at Lamar Odom, you don’t see him bitching, especially with the new BLING he’s got. Time to check that attitude at the door and shut up and play ball. I’m sure some team will sign him, because at the very least, he sells tickets and fills seats. But if this guy wants to win the title, he better start accepting the role he’s asked to play.  KNOW YOUR ROLE AI!

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Michael Vick to the Philadelphia Eagles

michael vickWow!!! I don’t know what’s bigger news, Vick to the Eagles or Madden 2010 coming out?  Michael Vick has just signed a 2 year deal with the Philadelphia Eagles. The Eagles who are run by Donovan McNabb.  Why would they pick him up? A secret weapon perhaps?  Maybe Andy Reid was sick of all the distractions that revolved around his family? Maybe the Eagles got sick of the seeing the Giants and the Cowboys be the toast of the NFC East?  I don’t know.  Not sure if it’s a good pickup on both a team level and PR level.  I do know one thing though, Vick better send Tony Dungy a basket of fruit or something.  If it wasn’t for Dungy vouching and lobbying for this guy, he’s be playing in the AFL or even worse, for the Raiders. I guess if he shows remorse for what he’s done, everyone deserves a second chance… right?  I don’t know, this guy did some serious shit to those dogs.  I’m glad they put him in the penn for a year and I’m more glad that it almost ruined his career (I say almost because we won’t know if it did until he gets some touches).  Oh well, it’s gonna be an interesting season to say the least.  Wonder how many % of managers will draft him in their fantasy leagues?

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Thomas, DerrickJust finished watching Carl Peterson give Derrick Thomas’ pro football Hall of Fame induction speech… Sad is the only word that comes to mind. Seeing his former coach Marty Schottenheimer with tears running down his eyes gave me the chills.  For those of you that don’t know who Derrick Thomas is, shame on you.  Derrick Thomas was one of the best linebackers in NFL History.  Derrick Thomas played for the Kansas City Chiefs from 1989 to 1999. He made the pro-bowl 9 times during his 11 year career.  He holds the record for # of sacks in a single game, at 7.  That’s right folks, seven sacks… Talk about a nightmare for quarterbacks. His career was cut short when he was thrown from his car in a 1999 accident, leaving him paralyzed from the chest down. About 1 year later, he died of pulmonary embolism.  That was the day the Chiefs’ defense died.  That was the day the Chiefs’ franchise died. Derrick Thomas was my favorite player.  My Derrick Thomas jersey hasn’t been worn since.  The only football jersey that I’ve ever owned.  Rest in peace Derrick Thomas, there hasn’t been a player like you since. Won’t ever be one either.

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Once Again, I Ask Myself, “Why Knicks, Why?”


Forget David Lee, forget Lebron, how about this guy as the face of your franchise? Huh, huh? So, now the NY Knicks are working out Jason “White Chocolate” Williams. Seeing if he still has that “magic” that he’s wooed us with for the past 10 years.  The same Knicks who haven’t re-signed their best player in PF David Lee.  The same Knicks who have finished the season in the cellar for the past… umteenth years.  I know they’re waiting for the big 2010 offseason to go after Lebron.  They’re saving up all their nickels and dimes so they can offer him the world but Jason Williams? I don’t think he fills seats anymore.  Frankly, the guy is a head case, plays no defense, and is was a shoot-first point guard. If I’m the Knicks, I sign Allen Iverson to a one-year contract. No other team cares for him. You can get him for cheap.  You know the guy has heart and can put up at least 20 points a game in his sleep. Won’t make ’em playoff contenders but might give them some “street cred.” New Yorkers will definitely pay some money to watch the Answer play, something to pass time until the Lebron sweepstakes.

On a side note, I don’t think they’re gonna land the King.  The team is in shambles.  Sure their coach D’Antoni is an upgrade but they’re management is heinous, as is the rest of the team.  Oh well,  another dumb move by the Knicks if they indeed sign J-Will. And if I know the Knicks, they’ll probably give him max money for max years.  No Isaiah Thomas to blame this time… Right?

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