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I’m not gonna sugar coat it.  Gasol single handedly blew this game for the Lakers.  Turnover after turnover and then fouling Dirk Nowitzki and putting them on the line about 35 feet away from the basket when you’re up by 1 point? What the F!@# is wrong with this guy? And the sad part is that after making mistake after mistake, all Gasol did was make that stupid face like “where’s the foul?” I don’t wanna blame Europeans for being soft because Nowitzki punked Gasol tonight.  I have a suggestion for Phil Jackson and the Lakers… start Odom for Game 2.  I know, you’re probably thinking that I’m panicking.  But that’s not true. Gasol has been playing like a bitch all year.  Don’t let his 15-11-7 on the night fool you.  All that matters is what happens in the 4th quarter and in this case, Gasol GASUCKED!!! I do think that the refs should’ve called a foul on Jason Kidd at the end of the game.  You gotta call it both ways. Don’t worry Lakers fans, they’re still gonna beat the Mavs, it’s just gonna take 1 game longer.  I still have the Lakers in 6. Time to bring out the MAMBA!

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  1. Bring out the MAMBA?? PSHHHTTT…the mamba was out all night…he scored 36 points…and missed the MOST IMPORTANT shot of the game(thanks kobe) .his team-mates were the ones who couldnt step up..and u know who i am, i commented on your dallas mavericks youtube video years ago when i said jet terry was our pg when we went to the finals n we didnt need nash, and u said that comment made ur front page…
    follow me on twitter fools

    Comment by Mavs fan | May 3, 2011 | Reply

  2. Pau Gasol is a PF, Not a Center; never was.

    Comment by Invita | February 29, 2012 | Reply

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