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Enjoy Him While You Can

pete.jpgSo Aurthur Blank and the Atlanta Falcons need a new head coach and who better to go after than USC’s Pete Carroll. I’ll try to keep this short and sweet… Carroll doesn’t need the money, but doesn’t everyone have a price? Yes, the Trojans have set the standard in college football for the last 6 years. Yes, he has won 2 National Championships. Yes, he has won a record 6 Pac-10 titles. Yes, he just completed back to back Rose Bowl victories. And yes….. they may be ranked number 1 when the season starts next year. But hasn’t he done all he could do? Sure he could continue to win a few more years, but isn’t it all downhill from here? He has set the bar so high that anything but a National Championship at USC is somewhat of a disappointment. As an SC and college football fan, I would hate to see him leave. He is great for the school and even better for college football. But unfortunately folks, whether it’s the Falcons or someone else, I think the inevitable is near.

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Buckeyes, Ohio Go Up In Smoke

fire.jpgMaybe the Buckeye players needed some of the passion displayed by their fans. After a second straight blowout loss in the BCS title game, fifteen people were arrested for setting off fires and vandalism around the Ohio State campus. Most of the arrests were on charges of disorderly conduct or resisting arrest, though two were expected to be charged by arson investigations. Trash bins were set on fire and several other fires were seen around and on campus. I say, homan-fire.jpgw can you blame them? Slowly becoming known as the Buffalo Bills of College Football, it’s got to be just as frustrating for the fans as it is for the entire team. Here’s what I can’t wait for… a Buckeye Championship! Can you believe what we’ll see if they actually win!? ————————>

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Week 15 College Bowl Picks-Results

top25.jpg1- BCS Title Bowl – Another Buckeye title game, another blowout. Unfortunately, they need to do a better job of being on the other end. LSU faster and deeper in almost every position. Looked close early, but critics were out at halftime. 38-24 LSU…  got it wrong.
2- The Rose Bowl – Well, if Pete Carrol decides to leave and go to the NFL, he is certainly going out in style. A sixth straight Pac-10 title and another Rose Bowl victory. The Illini not even in the same league as SC in this one. They do everything to back up their claim as the best team in college football. Never close, the Trojans shut down the juice. 49-17 USC… nailed it!
3- The Sugar Bowlpadlock3.jpg Surprise, surprise! Another Eddie lock, another Eddie win! Was there ever a doubt? Nobody really thought Hawaii had a chance did they? Maybe the best team in the country, Georgia made Colt Brennan look like a third string freshman. That’s why a WAC team should never play in a title game. 41-10 Georgia… nailed it!
4- The Fiesta Bowl – Kansas doing it the unconventional way, with defense! Coming in as a high scoring team, they score 17 points off turnovers and win their first BCS game in their football history. Tech had chances early, but they looked like the Hokies we saw in the beginning of the season, not at the end. 24-21 Kansas… got it wrong.
5- The Orange Bowl – Kudos to the Mountaineers! No coach? No problem. Great heart and effort against a Sooner team that many claimed to be the best in the country. Stoops a great coach, but maybe bowling is just not his thing. 48-28 West Virginia… got it wrong.
6- Capital One Bowl
– Could this season be any weirder for the Wolverines? After a miserable start to the season, they go into next year with arguably the most momentum. They carry their coach off the field, while Florida leaves the field scratching their heads. Over a ten point favorite, Tebow and company get exposed! Maybe NOT the best team in the country next year! 41-35 Michigan… got it wrong.
7- Cotton Bowl
– Missouri making their case they deserve to be in a BCS game. Arkansas making their case as well… An embarrassing game for the Razorbacks. Did this team really beat LSU. Great ending to a great season for the Missouri Tigers. 38-7 Missouri… nailed it!
8- Gator Bowl – Like I said, should be an entertaining game throughout. Evenly matched and well played on both sides, one of the best bowl games of the year. Virginia had a chance, but the better team ended up on top. 31-28 Texas Tech… nailed it!
9- Outback  Bowl
– Vegas knew what they were talking about in this one. Favored by 3.5, the Vols find a way to win a tight one by 4. A disappointing end to a disappointing season for the Badgers. 21-17 Tennessee… nailed it!
10. Chick-Fil-A-Bowl
– Never a doubt that this would be a low scoring close one. Two rivals who wished they had better seasons trying to make something out of it with a bowl win. Auburn squeaking it out. 23-20 Auburn… nailed it!

Recap: When you’re good, you’re good. Another above .500 hundred effort by yours truly. 6-4 to end a great season and another lock nailed!

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NHL Goes Outdoors

winterclassicarena_thumb.gifFor only the second time in the history of the NHL, a regular season game was played outdoors, in the snow! The Buffalo Sabres hosted the Pittsburgh Penguins in what is now known as the NHL winter classic in Ralph Wilson Stadium. Sid the kid helped the Penguins to victory with a game winning shoot-out goal, sending the majority of the record setting 71,000 fans home disappointed. As the snow continued to fall, it became harder and harder for the players to see the puck, making stick handling a challenge as well. However, the fans weren’t the only ones who would love to see the NHL do this again. All the players seemed to have enjoyed themselves, reminding them of the ‘good old days’, as most NHL players started their careers playing outdoors on ponds, parks, backyards, etc. Should the league do this every year? Judging by the turnout, it seems like it’s a can’t miss!

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Kansas Wins Orange

kansas.jpgA breakthrough year for the Kansas Jayhawks ends on a high note. After losing their final regular season game to the Missouri Tigers, Mark Mangino’s squad beats a strong Virginia Tech team to win the 2008 Orange Bowl. The Jayhawks intercepted Virginia Tech’s Sean Glennon twice and held off the Hokies for a 24-21 victory, their first major bowl win. Todd Reesing didn’t have the greatest game, going 21/38 for 219 yards, 1 Td, 1 Int, but Kansas’ defense came through with 3 interceptions and 17 points off turnovers to cap one of the best seasons in the history of Kansas football, finishing an impressive 12-1. As for the Hokies, they lose their 4th straight BCS game, ending their season at 11-3.

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Chris Simon… Doing What He Does Best

simon.jpgChris Simon is at it again. He has been setting NHL records for years now and no one has come close to touching them. Unfortunately for him and the NHL, they are not records you actually would want to have. New York Islanders forward was banned for 30 games Wednesday, drawing the longest suspension in NHL history again. Just last March, Simon was suspended for 25 games, resulting from his two-handed stick attack to the face of New York Rangers forward Ryan Hollweg. This time you ask? Oh, nothing big. He only stepped on Pittsburgh’s Jarkko Ruutu with his skate during a game last weekend. I mean is this guy mentally ill or what? Apparently the NHL and his team think so. Along with the suspension, Simon must seek counseling as he waits for his reinstatement back into the league. Hey, I know this guy is a nuisance in the league, but aren’t we all safer as fans if this guy plays and is not kept out of the game? Remind me to leave the country when he decides to retire.

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Rocket On 60 Minutes

rocket.jpgWell, he hasn’t come out publicly yet to deny he ever used steroids, but he posted a video on his website stating just that. After being the highest profile name mentioned in the recent Mitchell report, Roger Clemens has put out a video which states he has never used steroids, HGH, or any performance enhancing drugs, ever! He is set to go on 60 Minutes for a future episode and I am guessing he is going to say some of the same things. Sorry Mr. Rocket if we don’t believe you. We’ve heard this before and it’s the same old song and dance. Just admit you did it and we’ll respect you more. The seven-time Cy Young Award winner was accused in the report of using steroids, an allegation made by his former trainer. I suppose in an era where everyone and their mothers are admitting to using steroids, we should believe you didn’t. You know what I believe? Screw you, your Hall of Fame numbers, and your sport! I’m taking up Curling.

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Zeke Under Attack!

hate-isiah.jpgIf there are any fans in the league that could pull this off, it’s New Yorks. As the New York Knicks season goes from bad to worse, Isiah’s dream of being a head coach are slowly turning into a bad, bad nightmare. New York hoops fans are angry as ever and they’re not going to take it any more. Last Wednesday they had a rally at Madison Square Garden and about thirty fans presented the team with a symbolic pink slip that called for the firing of Isiah Thomas. How funny is that? That wasn’t all. They also expressed their anger of critical fans being escorted out of the Garden during home games, as happened during Monday’s loss to the Pacers. What looked like a mini strike, picketers held signs that read “Dump Isiah” and “Restore Knicks Pride.” Not that I am extremely loved at my job, but if everyone chanted and screamed their hatred towards me and held signs that wanted me fired, I think I would just pick up and leave. Hmmm… Now that I think about it…… Anyone hiring?

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Bryant Reaches Milestone

kobe4.jpgO.K. Love him or hate him, the guy is the best player in the league. He may not have the greatest attitude and judgment off the court, but on it, nobody comes close. Kobe Bryant has become the youngest player in the history of the league to reach 20,000 points. Huge achievement considering the players to have played the game before him. He joins Michael Jordan and Wilt Chamberlain as the only players to reach that plateau before the age of 30. Bryant’s 39 points against a woeful Knicks team on Sunday gave the Lakers a 95-90 victory to go along with his record. His 3 pointer in the opening minute of the third quarter gave him the record. 29 years and 122 days old! Not bad huh?

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Week 15 College Bowl Picks

top252.jpg1- BCS Title Bowl – Ohio State better than everyone thinks. LSU not as good as everyone thinks. Close throughout, but look for the Buckeye defense to be the difference. Take Ohio State +4.5..
2- The Rose Bowl – Another Rose Bowl, another USC appearance. The Trojans one of the hottest teams in the nation. Illinois with their hands full, but they did beat the number one team in the nation earlier in the year. SC more powerful, more talented, more experienced. Illinois won’t know what hit them early, may make a run late. I like USC -14.
3- The Sugar Bowlpadlock3.jpg Maybe the second hottest team in the nation, the Georgia Bulldogs look to feast on some Warriors. Hawaii has their hands full. They will realize what it’s like to play a real team. Georgia routs. My lock! Take Georgia -9.
4- The Fiesta Bowl – Not a bad consolation game for a team who thought they were on their way to the national championship game. Still have a lot to play for, Kansas will have their hands full proving to the nation they are a football powerhouse. Virginia Tech getting better as the season progressed should take care of business. I like Virginia Tech -4.
5- The Orange Bowl – No championship game… no head coach either. Rodriguez leaves and so will the Mountaineer’s winning records. The Sooners, already the favorites in this one, should cruise past a West Virginia team coming off their worst losses of the season. Their coach and their last game. Take Oklahoma -8.
6- Capital One Bowl – The best three loss team in the nation, the Florida Gators look to start their national championship run for next year with this years bowl game. Michigan may have found their new head coach, but they won’t find a way to beat the faster, more talented Gators. Take Florida -10.5.
7- Cotton Bowl
– Missouri with a lot to prove, will come out with guns blazin’ in this one. Arkansas happy to be there, won’t know what hit them. The Tigers the better team, but they have to find a way to stop Run DMC. Razorbacks will keep it close early, but won’t be able to outscore the Tigers. Take Missouri -3.5.
8- Gator Bowl – Should be an entertaining game throughout. Evenly matched, the team to make the least errors will prevail. Both Texas Tech and Virginia looked good at times throughout the season, but inconsistent play prevented better records. I like Virginia +6.
9- Outback Bowl
– Badgers started off the season strong, tailed off in the middle, and finished strong. Better than their record indicates, but inconsistent play was their downfall. Tennessee should have beaten LSU in the last game of the year, but costly turnovers blew the game. Turnovers will decide this one as well. The Vols learned their lesson. I like Tennessee -3.5.
10. Chick-Fil-A-Bowl
– Two teams who underachieved this year, look for an entertaining game. Close throughout, the better and more experienced coached Auburn team will prevail over Clemson. Take Auburn +2.

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