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Clippers Bring the Thunder

What a game! Just finished watching the Clippers abuse the Thunder in the 4th quarter, holding Durant and Westbrook to a combined single digits in teh second half and I gotta admit it, I’m sold. Don’t get me wrong, they have to make a couple of adjustments like boxing out and not allowing so many offensive rebounds. DeAndre Jordan also needs to get his head in the game.  The Clippers need his big body clogging up the pain in the final minutes.

Not much I can say about the Clipper guards though.  Chris Paul can pretty much get any shot off he wants.  As long as Mo Williams and Randy Foye keep shooting like he did tonight they’re cruise to the Western Conference Finals, at the very least.  And I gotta admit, the Nick Young trade is HUGE! Back to back 3s in the 3rd quarter plus a few other buckets kept the Clips in the game when they couldn’t buy a bucket.  I’m pumped about the playoffs, only 2 weeks left.  I know, I forgot to mention Blake Griffin. He’s awesome.  Get’s no respect from the refs. He needs to stop complaining though.  Clippers in the playoffs for the first time since 2006.  Time to make some noise.

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