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Don’t Jump Bitch

pump fake onthebuzzer.comThe wretched pump fake rears it’s ugly head again. On Wednesday night, Chauncey Billups of the Detroit Pistons baited Celtics‘ Tony Allen in biting on his pump fake and fouling Billups with .10 seconds left, essentially losing the game. How many players have fallen to this ploy. Being an Los Angeles native, we have 2 of the inventors of the PF (that’s short for pump fake) playing at Staples. Old timer Sam Cassell from the Los Angeles Clippers has been fooling playas for years. And who can forget Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers, probably the best at this “move.” I can understand a big man pumpfaking another big, as the momentum of his body going one way is hard to stop. But a shooting guard? A point guard? Falling for this move time and time again, I mean c’mon. The Celtics are lucky that this wasn’t a playoff game. Then again, what was Tony Allen doing on the court in the final seconds of that game anyway. Fool me once, shame on me, fool me twice, shame on you.  

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This Clipper is Sinking

onthebuzzer.com los angeles clippersAfter a hot start (4-0) to the 2007-08 season, the Clippers have lost their last 4 of 5 games and have a record of 5-4. Now this might be good enough for the Eastern Conference but it’s not cutting it in the West. On Saturday night, the Clips dropped another game, this time to the struggling Chicago Bulls, at Staples. A lot of people, including some guys at ONTHEBUZZER, wrongly believe that the Clippers have a chance to make some noise in the West. Everybody take a deep breath, because I’m about to spit some truth right now: the Clippers suck, and here are 5 reasons why:

  1. Chris Kaman: I know, he’s having a great year, but it’s Chris Kaman for heaven’s sake.
  2. Ruben Patterson: that was a bad sign. You only face Kobe 4 times a year, what do the Clips do with him for the other 78 games?
  3. Sam Cassell: time for grandpa to hit the media booth.
  4. Al Thornton: the rookie has been a bust so far.
  5. Elton Brand: no Brand = no chance.

* honorable mention goes out to Mike Dunleavy (born loser) and Tim Thomas (now that was a great sign)
I wonder how good the Clippers would be if they traded for Allen Iverson last year? Oh well, who needs him, we got Shaun Livingston.

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Jump On The Clip Ship!

clip-boat.jpgDon’t look now, but L.A.’s other team is 4-0! That’s right, undefeated. The Clippers, without their best player Elton Brand, are off to an incredible start to the season. They played a 3-0 Pacers team tonight and despite losing Mobley and Patterson to injuries in the first quarter, they pulled off a 104-89 victory. Sam “older than dirt” Cassell scored 35 points to lead the way for the Clips. Danny Granger’s 16 points led the way for Indiana.

As for the Clippers, the injury bug has come back to haunt them. They now are without Brand, Livingston, Mobley, and Patterson, so can this team really keep up this kind of pace? I say no matter what you do, have a better record than your cross town rivals. Can you imagine how Kobe would feel if the Clippers end up with a better record than the Lakers? I’d pay to see that! Go Clips!

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