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Clippers Suck

So I tuned in just in time today to catch the last 20 seconds of the Clippers game against the Spurs at the Staples Center. Tie game 83-83, Spurs’ SG Roger Mason, that’s right folks, WHO!!! has the ball near halfcourt.  He waits for a pick by Tim Duncan and boom, wide open 3 pointer, 86-83, thanks for coming Clippers.  Then, to make matters worse, Clippers’ head coach Mike Dunleavy draws up the worse play for Baron Davis with only 8 tics on the clock. Now we all know the Clippers were going to lose the game against the Spurs, but to get beat by a no name in Roger Mason, off a WIDE OPEN 3-pointer.  Then, to top it off, have a horrible shot at tying the game in a fade away 3 pointer with time running out.  GET RID OF THIS GUY (Dunleavy). He’s gotta be the worst head coach EVER. The Clippers age going nowhere fast and they need to fire Dunleavy.  He’s been a cancer everwhere he’s coached.  His face says it all.  This guy can’t coach a team. P.S. the Clippers are 1-9.

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