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The Clippers Are So Nasty

How’s that for a catchy title? And just for the record, it’s nasty meaning bad, not nasty as in 2 Live Crew Nasty As You Wanna Be! How do you get blown on by the Indiana Pacers? Eric Gordon (the little engine that could) is clearly not leading this team.  He is probably the most talented player on this team and it seems that all he cares about are his points. 5-17 shooting from the field? He’s shooting under 19% from the arc and under 80% from the charity stripe. Clean it up, you’re supposed to be a shooting guard.  I’ma talk a little about Blake Griffin.  Did you see that dunk last night where he shitted on Anthony Tolliver of the T-wolves! That was sick.  But unfortunately, I’m a little disappointed in this guys season.  He is clearly the most athletic player on the team.  But he seems to lack basketball skill. I know he’s averaging just under 17 points and 11 boards per game but it seems like most of his buckets are dunks.  He is a heinous, and I mean HEINOUS freethrow shooter (55% on the year).  I don’t think Vinnie Del Negro was the right coach.  He lacks experience and for a young team like the Clips, they need a veteran coach that’s been to the promised land (and in the case of the Clippers, the promised land is anywhere but the cellar of the league). As for the rest of the roster, there’s only a handful of guys that would make it on a winning NBA team.  Over their last 4 games, they’ve managed to lose to the Pistons, Pacers, NETS, and T-Wolves.  I can’t even stomach watching 1 quarter of Clipper basketball.  And while I’m dogging the Clips, I just wanted to say that they need new play-by-play guys.  Ralph Lawler and Michael Smith are quite possible the worst color commentators.  Then again, it’s gotta be hard working  the Clippers year in and year out.  I’m guessing it takes a toll on your psyche. 1-11.  What a way to start your season…

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