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super-bowl-xlviii-preview-seattle-seahawks-denver-broncosSuperbowl times folks.  I gotta be honest with you, this is the first Superbowl where I kinda like both teams.  I was just happy to see both the 49ers and the Patriots lose.  I like Russell Wilson of the Seahawks, as he’s a class act.  And I know if Pete Carrol wins a Superbowl, Jim Harbaugh is gonna commit suicide.  On the other hand, Peyton Manning is the best quarterback ever and with a win in 2 weeks, he will cement his place a top the list of greatest all time. Imagine how much Bill Belichek is gonna hurt if Wes Welker wins another ring, especially after Billy had him in the doghouse last year. Either way, looks like a good matchup. Oddsmakers have Denver at -2.5 (that’s a 2.5 points favorite for you rookies) and my gut is telling me that Denver’s gonna take it.  Seattle hasn’t earned its bones yet and after watching them again the 49ers, they seem to inconsistent on offense and frankly a bit nervous.  The line will probably move 1 point by the end of next week so you might want to jump on the Broncos now.  Either way,, should be a great game in shitty weather. Too bad my Chiefs choked away a 9-0 season and a 28 point lead against the Colts in the opening round.

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i7 touchdowns!!! WOW! Whoever had Peyton playing on their fantasy league probably won their week already.  The passes Manning was throwing weren’t even bullets.  Shows how much accuracy is more important than strength.  Ask Greg Maddux.  As for the Baltimore Ravens, what a difference an offseason makes.  They lose 10 starters including Ed Reed and Ray Lewis and their defense couldn’t stop nobody. I’ll give them this, their offense didn’t help them out with all those 3 and outs but the Ravens look like a fraction of themselves.  Manning on the other hand, 1 game, 7 touchdowns, ties an NFL records.  I bet you Bill Belichik was smiling when Wes Welker fumbled that punt return in the 1st quarter but way to go Wes by rebounding with 9 catches and 2 touchdowns.

What a way to start the NFL season!!! Throw in some betting while your at it and you got a fun 4 months coming up. Head over to Doc’s Sports Service for all the newest odds and spreads.

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NFL Game of the Week, Patriots at Steelers

This is a clash of the titans… Battle for first place in the AFC and what might ultimately be the breaking point for home filed throughout the playoffs.  It seems like it was just yesterday when the Steelers were getting their asses handed to them by the Ravens in the home opener.  Well, fast forward to today and the Steelers have gone 4-1.  Sure their wins have come against Seattle, Indy, Jacksonville, Tennessee, and Arizona, but a win’s a win.  This week against the Pats will be the real test.  The Steelers aren’t the same team they used to be.  Their defense is banged up and the only test they’ve had this year was against Baltimore in week 1.  Luckily for them,  the Patriots defense is just as shitty, especially their secondary.  But you can never count out the dynamic duo of Tom Brady and Wes Welker.  Throw in the Hernandez and Gronkowski tight end combo and you have a passing offense that’s #1 in the league.  If I had to bet on the game, I’d take the Steelers and the points.  That’s right, the Steelers are dogs in their own house.  But I’m taking them only because they’re at home. If this game was in Foxborough, the Pats would be favored by at least a TD.

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Patriots Move on to 9-0

How did the Indianapolis Colts blow this one? They were up 10 in the fourth quarter but the Patriots kept coming.  They maintained their cool and marched (with ease) twice down the field and scored touchdowns in the final 8 minutes.  I’m not reonthebuzzer.com tom bradyady to crown them, but heck, who’s going to beat them?  The only positive note that came out of this game for Indy is that Marvin Harrison didn’t play, so they have an excuse. Other than that, looks like the road to the Superbowl will go through New England.  I will say that the Pats’ offense and defense was superior to that of the Colts.  The Colts just ran out of gas after starting the game with so much energy and enthusiasm.  They sacked Brady and continued the pressure in the 1st half.  But in the 2nd, the pressure disappeared.  I wonder if Marvin can play some defense too?  Indy better go back to the playbook because even with Addai gettin 100 rushing and 100 receiving yards, they still fell short of a win.  With that said, show some class Belichek, and I’m talking about your post game handshake with Tony Dungy!!! On the plus side, please go 16-0 so we can stop seeing shots of those ’72 Dolphins popping champagne.

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onthebuzzer.com peyton manning tom bradyThe first thing I did before writing this article was check the line. I was expecting a pick ’em. To my surprise, the Patriots are favored by 5 at Indy. Are you kidding me? What the heck is going on here? Marvin Harrison is expected to play in the game. Joseph Addai is back after going crazy last week. Last time I checked Peyton Manning is still pulling the trigger. And are the Colts 7-0? Let’s flip sides here, you got a sickening, almost nauseating Patriots offense that can’t seem to stop itself from scoring. So I know how we can figure out the winner, time for an ONTHEBUZZER breakdown:

QB Manning v. Brady (push)

RB Addai v. Maroney (edge Colts)

WR Marvin/Wayne v. Moss/Welker/Stallworth (edge Pats)

TE Clark v. Watson (edge Colts)

O-line: edge Pats

Def: edge Pats

I hate to admit it, but since the game is won in the trenches, looks like the evil Pats will prevail…

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Indianapolis Colts Flying Under Radar

onthebuzzer.com peyton manning

Don’t look now but the Indianapolis Colts just walked into Jacksonville and reminded them who the boss is in the AFC South.  While everyone’s talking about the Patriots and how they are demolishing teams, the Colts have quietly won a few of their own.  On MNF, the Colts went into Jacksonville and showed everyone why they’re the reigning champs, with a convincing 29-7 victory.  Remember the Colt’s weak spot, their D? No need for concer; 2 int, 1 ff, 1 safety, and allowing only 7 points isn’t too shabby, especially when it’s on the road.  The true test for both the Colts and Pats will come on November 4, when Indy hosts New England.  There’s no difference between these 2 teams.  On paper, the defenses are the same. They’re 1-2 in offense.  Get ready for quite possibly the best game you’ve ever seen.  It’s too bad they can’t face each other in the Superbowl and it’s too bad these guys can’t just play each other 16 time in a row with the winner taking the title. But for now, the road to the Superbowl still runs through Indy, until Nov. 4 at least. P.S. did I tell you how awesome Peyton Manning is?

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