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And the #1 pick of the NBA draft is…. John Wall of the Kentucky Wildcats. Hearing those words must be euphoric. Something finally went right for the Washington Wizards.  After a tumultuous season with all the Gilbert Arenas and Javaris Critterton debacle, this team, THIS CITY, finally is headed the right way.  First, the Nationals’ Stephen Strasburg surpasses all expectations and now Wall. It’s a good time to be living in the nation’s capital. Wall averaged 17 points, 4 rebounds and over 6 assists a game in college.  Sure it’s not the NBA, but this kid’s projected to be a star and I’m a believer.  I also like the rumors about Washington acquiring Kirk Hinrich from Chicago.  This kid’s a true point guard and has that “I hate to lose” attitude. Alongside a scorer like Wall, it would be a smooth transition from Derek Rose. For Chicago, it frees up cap space for the Lebron James sprint about to start in a week. If I’m Washington, I try to move Gilbert Arenas as soon as possible, maybe try to get a big man.  I wouldn’t want Arenas and his gangsta bullshit to touch or even be in the same room as Wall.  Remember when Portland gave away Zach Randolph after they drafted Greg Oden?  Hopefully, we’ll never mention Wall and Oden in the same sentence again.

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Boston Celtics: Cold Hard Facts

ray allen onthebuzzer.comThat’s right folks, the Boston Celtics are human.  They win some game, they lose some games.  No, they’re not going to beat Michael Jordan’s Bulls’ single season record. After losing two games in a row to the Washington Wizards sans Gilbert Arenas, many were ready to call the Celts overrated. But every team has that one achilles heal.  Not to say that the Wiz are the Celtics’ yet, but they sure came close to it this week.  As for the Celts, don’t panic Bostonians, I’m sure they just got bored.  After Ray Allen dropped 35 on the red hot Blazers on Wednesday night, the boys in green are back on track. With upcoming games against the Sixers, Knicks and Raptors, you can bet that KG and the fellas will be back on another winning streak.

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Agent 0: Arenas, Gilbert Arenas

onthebuzzer.com gilbert arenasGilbert Arenas is out for another 3 months, due to another 2 surgical procedures to his left knee. I’m not going to say I told you so, but… The writing was on the wall, Arenas was getting his knee drained almost weekly since the start of the season and his scoring averaged has dropped noticeably.  I don’t know why the first surgery that ended their season last year didn’t go right?  The Washington Wizards now need to learn how to play without Arenas. At least it happened earlier in the season than closer to playoffs.  In a weak East, the Wizards might, might be able to pull of the unthinkable and keep the team afloat until Arenas’ return.  What Gilbert has to do is not rush back. So what if he misses the season, which in my opinion is going to happen.  Either that or he’s not coming back with the same speed and intensity. It’s always a sensitive topic when the franchise players goes down in the season unexpectedly.  The Wizards should call the Minnesota Vikings and talk strategy…

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Agent 0: Arenas, Gilbert Arenas

onthebuzzer.com gilbert arenasThe Washington Wizards have a major problem on their hands, and it’s bigger than their 0-4 start; it’s Gilbert Arenas.  Now most of you are reading this and thinking, how is Arenas a problem? He’s not, his knee is.  Arenas’ knee has been drained twice since the season has started. He’s lost his explosive step from pre-knee injury.  Coming from a guy who’s torn his ACL, it’s a bitch. Arenas’ scoring average is down by 7 from last year, from 28ppg to 21ppg.  They need to fix the knee know before this problem persists.  Arenas is the face of the franchise, and at the age of 25, should be it for at least another 7 years, unless injuries hamper his play.  I’m not saying that he’s doomed, I’m just saying that if the guy needs to sit for 4 or 6 or 8 weeks, do it know.  The Wiz can have a chance to get back into the playoff race later on in the season, especially in an open East.  Agent O, we’re taking you off duty.

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