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And with the 8th overall pick of the NFL draft, the Tennessee Titans select…. a quarterback? 4 years after selecting Vince Young from Texas, the Tennessee Titans and owner Bud Adams have decided to end the VY experiment.  The rift between the coach and the player has been lingering for years only to come to a climax this season, leading to the Titans’ losing 8 of their last 9.  I’m glad someone finally took the coach’s side over the diva players’.  NFL and most modern day athletes are so spoiled and used to getting their own way that when something like this happens, everyone is so shocked.  This is how it used to be, when sports was real.  Coaches these days have to walk on eggshells when they criticize their star/franchise players.  Jeff Fisher has been coaching this team for 16 years or so.  If you think there’s another qualified coach out their, good luck finding one.  The Titans can easily draft a scrambling quarterback, they’re a dime a dozen in college. I don’t think VY every played up to his potential.  Then again, I do believe that his type of quarterbacks, while successful in the short term, can never win you a Superbowl.  Look at Vick and McNabb. It’s no coincidence all the winning Superbowl quarterbacks have been pocket passers… Brady, Manning, Brees.  I’m sure there will be some suitors for Vince Young.  Half the league is in need of a quarterback.  As for the Titans, they’re 1 QB and 1 WR away from making a deep run in the playoffs.  They have the best runnign back in the game in Chris Johnson, and like most RB careers go, he’s got about 2 more years of playing at this level. The next move the Titans have to make is cutting Randy Moss.  Look how it helped the New England Patriots.  I love Moss but he reeks of clubhouse cancer.  You can’t have selfish guys like that on a team, especially without a true team captain to put him in place. It’s going to be an interesting offseason…wait a minute, don’t the playoffs start this weekend?

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Just when you thought that Randy Moss would take a team to the next level…BOOM! Wrong again.  They didn’t need him in New England after he kept mouthing off about his contract.  He turned the Minnesota Vikings into a bigger circus, if that’s even possible.  Then they released him too.  And now in his debut with the Titans, they lose to the hapless Miami Dolphins.  Sure, the Titans didn’t have Vince Young and Kerry Collins got injured in the game but they still had enough fire power to win this games.  I’m a big believer in team chemistry and locker room cancers.  Randy Moss is about to join the Terrell Owens club of “plenty of talent, but no takers…”  There is no specific event that triggered Moss’ fall from grace. He wasn’t happy in Minnesota when they had Chris Carter and Dante Culpepper.  He wasn’t happy in Oakland (understandably so). He barked up the wrong tree in New England and got traded for a measly mid-round draft pick.  He couldn’t get it together in Minnesota and now this.  I got a feeling that Jeff Fisher is going to regret this decision in a few weeks.  Moss is a sure fire hall-of-famer but his reputation is being tarnished.  It’s a good thing this is the MLB where players are judged on their character along with their stats.  Look what happened to Albert Bell. Stay tuned next week for the continuation of this soap opera, the saga continues.

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Vince Young: “Stop! You’re Hurting My Feelings”

So, Vince Young’s feelings are hurt.  After going down in game 1 of the NFL season with a sprained knee, the Titans’ fans, his Titans fans, booed him.  Guess what buddy, this ain’t college anymore.  The difference between college and NFL has never been so apparent to me.  Look at Matt Lienart and Reggie Bush, 2 huge studs in college, teetering on the brink of duds in the pros. I got some advice for Vince: You were the #3 pick in the 2006 draft. You signed a 6-year $58 million contract with a $26 million guaranteed signing bonus. Suck it up and play.  It’s part of the game.  You should actually feel flattered; fans only boo the athletes that they have great expectations from.  It’s when they stop booing you when you should start worrying. The first 2 year of your career we can forget, growing pains. We won’t talk about how you’ve thrown more career interceptions (30), than touchdowns (21), and that’s not even talking about your performance on Sunday. Let’s see, 1 game, 12-22, 110 yds, 1 td, 2 ints. But let’s not forget to factor in your scrambling skills, 1 rush, 4 yds. I will give you one excuse though, your wide receivering corp. is a joke.  But that’s it.  You can’t use that excuse for 3 straight years.  This is the big leagues, the show.  This is your team.  Kerry Collins isn’t taking over diddly.  Take a few weeks off.  Get your head on straight.  Tell Titans owner Bud Adams to start making some moves in the WR department.  In one month, we want to see you back on the field.  We have faith in you Vince. Dig down inside. Bring us that Vince that torched SC in the Rosebowl, the Vince that led his team to the playoffs last year.  The Vince that everyone thought was the best player in the 2006 draft. Let’s go buddy, BREAK!!!

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Props to Marty Schottenheimer

ving rhames onthebuzzer.commarty schottenheimer onthebuzzer.comTo quote Ving Rhames in Pulp Fiction, “let’s not suck each other’s d#@!s yet.” Before everyone hails Norv Turner as the godsend, the best post-season football coach out there, STOP. Think. Who put the San Diego Chargers together? Who pieced together all the talent, the plays and the schemes. Some like to call him the biggest choke artist in NFL history, I like to call him the most underrated, Marty Schottenheimer. Schotty was given the pink slip last year after the Chargers failed fell apart in a divisional playoff game against New England. Rather than rightfully blaming the players, management decided to blame the coach. Surprise, surprise. Exit Marty, enter Norv who basically tried to drive the ship himself until he realized that all you have to do is hand the ball off to possibly the greatest running back ever. Add in the easiest playoff opponent in the Titans, and you have a recipe for success. So take a monment before you throw Marty under the bus, and give credit where it’s due.

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Titans Vince Young a NO-SHOW

jeff fisher onthebuzzer.comI am officially worried.  I haven’t seen Vince Young since he injured his quad against Indy last week.  Call 9-1-1.  OK, I’m just kidding, he started the game today against the San Diego Chargers, going 16-29 for 138 yards, no tds, 1 int. At a boy, that’s how you lace ’em up, play through injuries and lead your team…back to Tennessee.  What a pitiful performance by the second year quarterback.  Don’t get me wrong, I give the guy props for leading his team to the playoffs in just the second year.  But he just folded today.  Let’s also not forget former USC Trojan RB Lendale White, 19 carries, 69 yards.  Any time you yards per carry is less than 4, you’re not doing your job. As for platoon teammate Chris Brown, who fumbled the ball on the San Diego 9, it might be time for you to hang up your cleats.  YOU SUCK!!! As for the 3 points Jeff Fisher is making to the official: 1) My quarterback sucks, 2) My offensive coordinator can’t put together a decent game plan, 3) I bet you Norv Turner is gonna get all the credit…

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Somebody Tell Vince Young

vince young onthebuzzer.comTo stop being a BITCH.  On the eve of the eve of the biggest game of his pro career, Vince Young is day-to-day. Now I’ve never had a quad strain or soreness in my quad, or in my vagina like Vince does, but suck it up buddy.  This is the bigs, your sorry team, the Tennessee Titans, are counting on you.  Without you, they have not chance against the Chargers, with you, they have 1% chance. So stop crying, stick a cortisone needle in your ass, suit up, and get on the field and play.  Gees….

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When the Going Gets Tough, L.T. Gets Going

ladanian tomlinson onthebuzzer.comEverybody’s hero, including mine, showed his true colors on Sunday afternoon in Tennessee. I’m talking about San Diego Charger running back Ladanian Tomlinson. With the Chargers down big early in the game, battered quarterback Philip Rivers came to sit by L.T. on the bench.  As soon as he sat, L.T. got up and walked away without saying a word.  Talk about a slap in the face. Then, in a make-up effort, L.T. went up to Rivers in the post-game news conference and gave him a hug in front of the reporters.  Stick to your guns, come out and say it “I was pissed at the qb because I wasn’t getting the rock and he was making bad throws.”  I’m not saying that Rivers is Joe Mantana or anything, but he’s the qb of the team.  Without him, you got freakin’ Billy Volek.  Without him, you don’ t get this win or a chance to make the playoffs.  This isn’t L.T.’s first tantrum, he pouted last year when they were knocked out by the Pats. We know your amazing buddy, but don’t think you’re bigger than the team. I’m sure Rivers isn’t trying to blow the game on purpose.  You can’t score 4 tds every game. At 28 years young, this L.T. has some growing up to do.  He giving the initials L.T. a bad name.

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Vince Young is Who I Thought He Was

Another game, another loss for the Tennessee Titans, this time to the hand’s of the Denver Broncos.  I’ve been singing the same tune from day 1, Vince Young is not the all-staronthebuzzer.com vince young everyone thinks he is.  He’s a “B” quarterback at best.  On Monday night in a nationally televised game, Young threw his first 300 yd game of the season, with 2 picks and 1 td; he also rushed for 1 td coupled with 74 rushing yds.  In 9 games this season, Vince has thrown for a WHOPPING 4 touchdowns.  He is 31st in the league in passer rating, 30th in passing tds, 27th in passing yds and 22nd in interceptions with 10.  I’m sorry, but the league is fading away from scrambling quarterbacks and going old school towards the pocket passer, guys who can thread the needle.  Manning, Brady, Favre, Palmer (even though he’s struggling); it’s not a coincidence that none of these guys’ strengths are running.  Vince deserves a fair shake though, his team needs to get him some marquee receivers and if he fails then, off to land of the Akili Smiths and such…

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The New Bird and Magic

Matt Leinart’s agent Chuck Price said recently that Vince Young and Leinart are actively trying to be the next Magic Johnson and Larry Bird. Two friends that have a rivalry with eachother. Call me skeptical but I don’t see this happening. Bird and Magic are icons that come around once in a lifetime. All the stars were aligned with Bird going to Boston and Magic to Los Angeles. Arizona and Tennessee just don’t conjure up the same glitz and glamour. Also Young’s and Leinart’s teams don’t even play eachother this season. The only way they would meet would be in the Super Bowl, and my football picks may be off a bit, but I wouldn’t bet on those two teams making it. Bird and Magic also saved the NBA and brought it to the forefront of sports. The NFL is already the biggest and baddest of all the leagues, so it doesn’t really need saving. I think it was a cute idea by two up and coming stars, but in reality the only thing Vince and Matt have in common with Bird and Magic is that one is black and the other white, but who knows, rivalries have been built off of far lesser things than that.

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