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Lakers, Oh So Perfect

The weather in LA isn’t the only thing that’s perfect folks… After facing their first real test of the year, the Los Angeles Lakers put a good ‘ol fashion beating on the Houston Rockets on Sunday night at Staples, 111-82.  The “new and improved” Hoston Rockets with offseason acquisition Ron Artest hung around for the first three quarters of the game but forgot to show up for the last 12 minutes.  Correct me if I’m wrong here, but Ron is know for his defense right?  The other night, I saw Brandon Roy from Portland bust-up Ron over and over again. I might be jumping the gun here but it looks like he might have lost a step.  The Lake Show on the other hand, are f-l-o-w-i-n-g. Kobe and Pau doing their thing, again, this time with some help from Jordan Farmar.  This team is a guaranteed lock for a top playoff spot, barring any major injuries of course. I’m just a little worried about those dreadful Celtics.  That whoopin’ they put on the Lakers in the finals last year is something I can’t get out of my mind. Sure, the Lakers have Bynum but how’s he gonna fair against the most intense player in the league, KG.  Better yet, playing in hostile environment is gonna be rougher for this kid.  Remember, he didn’t get the playoff experience that these young Lakers got last year.  Let’s hope he matures quick enough or else it’s gonna be another sour ending to this oh so perfect story…

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NBA: One Injury Away from Chaos

tim duncan onthebuzzer.comtracy mcgrady onthebuzzer.comYou never realize how important a player is to his team until he goes down for a few games. We’ve seen some key injuries this season to marquee players, leaving their respective teams running around with their head’s cut off.  Let’s start of with Tracy McGrady.  Sure the Rockets have Yao Ming and before this season started, I though it was Ming’s team.  But after T-Mac went down for a few games because of his back, the Rockets found it hard to replace his 26-5-5 per game.  Then you have the Cleveland Cavs, no major player other than Lebron James.  What happens, the King goes down with a sprained finger, take away his 27-7-8 and bam, the Cavs drop their last 3. Now it’s the San Antonio Spurs’ turn.  The reigning NBA king james onthebuzzer.comChamps. Tim Duncan goes down with a sprained ankle and knee, probably the worst injury for a big man.  Now the Spurs only played 1/2 a game without him and maintained their poise and pounded the Blazers.  The real test will come when they face Dallas and Utah on Wednesday and Friday.  While suffering the worst of the 3 injuries mentioned, the Spurs probably have the best chance to persevere, as their team has other starts that can drop 30 on a given night (i.e. Parker and Ginobli).  You never know how much you need it until it’s gone.  Imagine what would happen if the Laker lost Kobe? Dallas losing Dirk? Wade and the Heat (we already saw what happened)? Orlando and Dwight? Forget, don’t imagine it, it hurts too much.

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Yao Ming Has Arrived

Just in case you were wondering, he’s back, with a vengeance. Yao Mutha Truckin Ming. All we need now for him is a onthebuzzer.com yao mingnickname, I think someone has thrown out Dynasty, as in Yao Ming Dynasty. I’m down with that, as one can conclude that he is here to dominate and control your lives. On Tuesday night, Yao Ming led his Houston Rockets over the reigning NBA Champ San Antonio Spurs and Tim Duncan. At 28 points and 13 rebounds, Ming has established himself as the best center in the league. Oh yeah, did I forget to mention the 6 assists and 3 blocks. I’m hoping this guy stay healthy. Even with T-Mac struggling, going 4-14, Ming was able to take control and get the W. For all those peepes that think I’m a Rockets hater, you couldn’t be further from it. Sure I was anti-Ming when he first came into the league and challenged Shaq as the top center in the league. But then Shaq sold out L.A.,and left a huge void in my heart. Maybe, just maybe, Ming can fill it. I know, if he leads my fantasy team to the $$$, then its all good.

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Mama Said There Would Be Days Like This

onthebuzzer.com t-maconthebuzzer.com kg cryingIn the day of the modern day athlete, we kinda lose touch with those that play for the love of the game. They seem to be lost in the mix, outnumbered by so many athletes that are in it for the CASH, and not for the TEAM. There’s no I in team, remember. So I decided to look into it, which athletes are legit, play for the love, for the name on the front of the jerseys and not in the back. Ironically enough, the ones that popped up are the greats in the NBA, some of my favorites, so here are a couple, watch the interviews, I guarantee you’ll have more respect for these guys:

Kevin Garnett: in an interview with John Thompson, Garnett broke down when he admitted that the thing bothering him the most is that he’s losing games. “It ain’t about me, it’s about us…I’m just one of the pieces.”

Tracy McGrady: in an post game interview after the Rockets were outted in game 7 of the 2007 NBA playoffs, T-Mac blames himself for the loss.

Sadly enough, the list of players is short, including the likes of Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash after certain playoffonthebuzzer.com steve nash onthebuzzer.com kobe bryant cryingeliminations. Most fans see these as signs of weakness, opportunities to torment these players for the remainder of their careers. But what everyone fails to see is their heart. The only thing these guys want is to win. With all the drama surrounding Kobe Bryant lately, NBA fans everywhere are forgetting that this guys just wants to win. He’s sick of losing and he needs help. That’s it. KG got it with the Celtics. Sure he went about it in a more political way, but at the end of the day, these guys have all realized that they have $$$, are headed to the hall of fame, but they just want the rings, that’s it.

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T-MAC: Silky Smooth

onthebuzzer.com tracy mcgradyWatching this guy play the last couple days has reminded me of how sick of a baller he really is. Smooth and flowing, that’s was T-Mac stands for. I saw a clip of how he cried last year after getting bounced by the Utah Jazz in the playoffs. This guy’s got heart and I’m sayin’ it, is the true leader of this team. On Thursday night in Salt Lake City, T-Mac fulfilled his role with a 47 point performance against the Utah Jazz. With T-Mac still at the top of his game, the Houston Rockets have the inside and outside presence to take it to the next level. In the brutally tough west, both him and Ming are gonna have to stay healthy to have a shot at the title. Good luck fellas, not that you need it.

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Kobe Shows Up, Rest of the Lakers?

onthebuzzer.com kobe bryantIn the season home opener Kobe Bryant dropped 45 points in a losing effort after a Shane Battier 3 pointer with 2.5 seconds remaining stuck the final dagger in the hearts of Lakers fans already in the parking lot. Other than Derek Fisher who had 1 points, no other Laker scored in double digits. As for the Rockets, 4 players in double digits, led by Ming’s and T-Macs combined 55 points.  Just a reminderonthebuzzer.com stay kobe Lakers, Kobe’s not going to be able to do this on his own. I know you’re probably thinking that a 1st round playoff loss = successful season.  Well it doesn’t.  We are LA, we come from the era of Showtime, Jerry “the Logo” West, and big Shaq.  We don’t support losers, we’re not happy with anything less than a championship.  Call us bandwagon, call us fairweather, we don’t care because we will sell out the city faster than you can say Chicago Bulls. Make something happen, and make it quick (and that doesn’t mean trading Kobe).

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