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What’s All This Jets’ Hype?

Enough about the Jets… So they had a good year last year… They exceeded everyone’s expectations. You know what that means? That means that everyone expected them to suck and they made the playoffs.  Now everyone’s talking about who’s town is it, the Jets’ or the Giants’? Let’s see, the Jets let the league leader in rushing yards walk away (Thomas Jones) and signed a has been in Ladanian Tomlinson.  They have a rookie quarterback who is sure to hit the sophmore wall. Their #1 receiver Braylon Edwards is the epitamy of a pre-madonna.  I do like their rookie runningback Shonne Green though.  On defense, the Darrelle Revis and newliy acquired Antonio Cromartie might possible be the sickest cornerback combo since Deion Sanders and well, Deion Sanders. On the other hand, we have the NY Giants.  Superbowl Champs from a few years ago. They still have Eli at the helm and Bradshaw/Jacobs combo at runningback.  Their d-line is probably one of the top in the league with Justin Tuck and Osi Uminyiora.  They could use some help in their secondary and lack any threats at WR.  The only reason why the Jets get more love is ’cause they play in the crappy AFC East where they face the Dolphins and Bills 4x a year where the Giants have to play Dallas, Philly and even Wasington.  Oh well, wise man once told me “you’re only as good as your last game.” I wouldn’t hold my breath with either of these teams next year, Minnesota and New Orleans still own the NFC and in the AFC, I’ll still put my money on the Colts and Brady and Co. I’ll give it to the Jets though, they do have a more promising future. The Plaxico fiasco in NY is still haunting the Giants.

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rb1.jpgDid you hear the news, Shaun Alexander is coming back.  Week 13 and a top 5 pick in most fantasy drafts has decided to bless us with his presence.  Well thanks for nothing.  So I decided to write about the year of the running back, or lack of it, starting with my top pick in the draft (#2 overall):

Steven Jackson: Mr. St. Louis Rams has played 7 out of 11 games, rushing for a whopping 532 yds and 3 touchdowns.  A far cry from his preseason prediction of $2,500 total yards.  At least he’s come back to help his owners in the playoffs, at least.

Frank Gore: A year after tearing up the NFC with over 2000 yds from scrimmage, this 49er has a total of 916 yds, and 5 tds.  Gore has proven to all that he is indeed, a one-hit wonder.

Larry Johnson: Remember when Dick Vermeil called LJ a baby? Well, LJ has proven him wrong (that’s online sarcasm).  First the holdout, then the injuries, and what do we have left? 559 rushing yds and 3 tds.  Thanks for the memories.

Shaun Alexander: This guy was most experts comeback player of the year, but instead he came back to his 2006 form.  Ever since signing the big contract, Alexander has been a dud.  He’s missed the last 3 games and has 2 total td in 8 games.

This lists goes on and on, but allow me to give honorable mentions to a couple other big time flops, starting with Miami’s Ronnie Brown (injury-out for season), Tampa Bay’s Cadillac (injury-out for season), New England’s Laurence Maroney (injured and playing like it), Jets’ Thomas Jones (no tds in 11 games), Reggie Bush (Houston Texans looking smarter every day).

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I Ain’t Gonna Sugarcoat It: NEW YORK JETS SUCK

The NY Jets went into Dallas on Thursday, and well laid an egg.  Sure they got 3 points off 1 field goal, but is that something to be proud of?  How bad can a professional team be? These guys are supposed to be professional athletes. onthebuzzer.com ny jets How can a team be so much worse than its opponent? I bet they wouldn’t even be ranked in the top 25 in the NCAA.  They signed Thomas Jones in the offseason and he has rewarded them with a combined ZERO touchdowns.  They choose to hang onto the Chad Pennington pipe dreams every year until he gets injured halfway through the season.  They have no defense, no wide receivers, and no heart. It’s time for this team to clean house.  They also might wanna think about having their own stadium. Give them their own identity.  The NY Jets, or that other team in NY, better figure out some serious changes if they don’t wanna get out of the AFC cellar.

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