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Eli Manning Finally Lives Up to His Name

eli manning onthebuzzer.comAnd the Giants are on their way to Big D, to face the Dallas Cowboys after manhandling the Buccaneers in Tampa Bay on Sunday, 24-14. Eli Manning,  20-27,  185 yards , 2 tds, and most importantly no picks.  I said it before, the Giants are an excellent road team.  Their pass rush is one of the best in the league, as seen on Sunday when they were all over Bucs qb Jeff Garcia.  I don’t know if they’ll beat the Cowboys, but they sure as hell will give them ‘boys a run for their money.  As for the Bucs, it was cool while it lasted, but Garcia is not the answer.  Maybe 1 of those 13 quarterbacks on their roster can solve their problem.

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ben roethlisberger onthebuzzer.comOK, so my regular season didn’t go so well. But the post-season is where I step up. I’m a clutch players, everyone around me knows that, or at least I’m sure they’re thinking it. But without any further delay, here are my picks for this upcoming playoff weekend. I’m feeling good about these.

Saturday’s Games:

Redskins @ Seahawks -3.5: Seattle is one of the toughest places to play. The Seahawks have been flying under the radar the whole season. Their passing game is solid and can put up some major points. I can’t see the ‘skins hanging offensively with the ‘hawks. Take the home team.

Jaguars -2.5 @ Steelers: The only home team to be an underdog. Call me crazy, but I like the Steelers. There’s no way that they get beat at home twice in the same season. The cold weather will have an effect on those guys from the south. Look for Ben and Co. to surprise all…

Sunday’s Games:

Giants @ Buccaneers -3: NY is playing well. They are a good team. Their offensive is clicking even without Shockey. As long as Manning doesn’t throw the game away, they have a chance to win. Bucs have a hard time putting up points. Take the Giants with the points, don’t get crazy and go for the money line.

Titans @ Chargers -9: Chargers beat the Titans in Tennessee during the regular season. Vince’s quad is hurting and will affect his mobility. Norv Turner has finally learned that L.T.=win. Look for the Chargers to pound and give the Titans a big dose of L.T. Take San Diego with the points.

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Tampa Bay Bucs Insider:

tampa bay buccaneers onthebuzzer.comInteresting day, seeing most of our reserve team taking it on the field today behind QB Luke McCown. I will say that the majority of the reserves that played today are ready to take on their roles for the playoffs. This team has a lot of heart and Tampa should be looking forward to see their team in the playoffs. Thank you Jon Gruden and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

spazpatches onthebuzzer.comThis article contributed by ONTHEBUZZER‘s Tampa Bay Buccaneers correspondent, Spazpatches. CLICK HERE to see action from todays Panthers v. Bucs game.

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Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Credit Where It’s Due

jeff garcia onthebuzzer.comFirst thing first: time to give credit when credit is due. Jeff Garcia has brought a spark to Tampa that has ignited a fire under both the old and new Bucs. The old regime remembers how it feels to be at the big one and wants  more. The new are now pushing through that brick wall of a long season, getting their second wind and those who have answered the call when they’ve been given their chance have done so. While talk show hosts talk about if Gruden should be offered another contract (he should), McNabb being on the market (who cares, too much drama), if Tampa makes the playoffs and lose their first game or the best one yet after bashing our team at the beginning of the year now you complain that no Bucs made the Pro Bowl.As a fan, please shut up.  Let us enjoy the moment and no matter what happens at the end of the year, when it’s all said and done the one thing you can take to the bank.  The Buccaneers had heart this year and put it on the line every game. We the fans thank you for your hard work. Congratulations for winning the South NFC Championship.

This article and photo contributed by our Tampa Bay Buccaneers correspondent and youtube colleague Spazpatches.

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Tampa Bay Bucs Insider: There’s a First Time for Everything

bucs.gifToday is what every Tampa Bay Buccaneer fan has been waiting for and yes it was something that we will talk about forever. Michal Spurlock has given Tampa an early Christmas present and started the wave back. This was a fun game to be at from meeting Kevin Carter, meeting The Buccaneer Fans from Japan, Ronde Barbers 33rd int., kickoff return, seeing our military enjoy a game and winning the South Division. This is why we live in Tampa. This is what it is to be a Bucs fan. Congratulations to the Buccaneers team and staff for a year that they say wouldn’t happen. Click here to see footage from Tampa.

This article contributed by our youtube friend Spazpatches.

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Mike Alstott: Buccaneer for Life

mike alstott onthebuzzer.comThe Tampa/St. Pete area loves Mike Alstoott. Even though he has teh heart and soul to keep on playing, sometimes it’s best just ot hang it up and think of family. Since his rookie year, I’ve enjoyed watching #40 take the field. This is for those who may have never been able to see Mike at our stadiums. Than you #40. Mike Alstott: Buccaneer for Life.

This article contributed by ONTHEBUZZER friend SPAZPATCHES.

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Tampa Bay Bucs Insider

onthebuzzer.com tampa bay buccaneersIndy goes to Jags this week and they will see the defense that Dungy and Kiffin put together. When the Jags come off a short week and head to Tampa will it be an advantage to the Jags QB to see the same defense. Tampa needs to run the ball, the third quarter stats alone in the Titans game should show how bad our run offense has become. Not overlooking Detroit but the Bucs could sure use a hand if Indy can come down and play a hard nose game with Jacksonville.

This analysis contributed by our Tampa Bay Bucs insider spazpatches from youtube.

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R.I.P. David Boston

Tampa Bay Buccaneer WR David Boston was released Wednesday. A lot of people don’t remember Boston, as he has bounced around from team to team lately and hasn’t done much to contribute. This guy was the real deal at THE Ohio State University and then with the Cardinals too. I had this guy on my fantasy team in 2000 and 2001 when he and Jake “the snake” Plummer hooked up for a total of 15tds and over 2,700 yds receiving. Those were big numbers back then. I was hoping that he would resurrect his career in San Diego or even Miami but I guess once a head case, always a head case. Thanks for the memories Dave. At the age of 29, you can now retire and spend your days thinking of “what if”s. You could’ve been somebody, you could’ve been a contender. Instead, your just a nobody. Good luck in your modeling career.

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