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Well, it’s a rematch from a few years back and everyone’s been sucking Eli Manning’s you know what since he’s won all his games on the road and since he beat Tom Brady and his Pats in the regular season and it the previous Superbowl.  Before I tell you who I know is going to win, I want to put to rest one issue.  That being whether or not Eli has passed Peyton Manning on who the better quarterback is.  Let me tell you something, Peyton is hands down the best quarterback in the family.  If Peyton Manning had the defense that Eli Manning had, Peyton would have won 4 Superbowls.  Don’t come at me with Dwight Freeney. The Giants have had the best front 4 in the league for at least 4 years.  They have a running game which Peyton never had.  OK, time to move on to the big game.  Picking this one is easy.  The rule is that if you beat a team in the regular season, you lose to them in the playoffs.  Hence, the Pats will take this.  Look for G-men to be overconfident and get lit up early by Tom and his merry band of men.  I know that Pats have a worse defense but their running game has picked up recently and we all know that Tom Brady is, well, Tom Brady. Not that much insight in this article but I’m telling you, take the Pats.  Watch the game at home or even head out to the game. Surprisingly enough, it’s not sold out.

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Superbowl XLV is 1 day away, and it’s time to place your bets. With the NFL playoffs winding down, you’re gonna want to enjoy this Sunday.  Now if your a Packers’ or Steelers’ fans, you might wanna stick with the just the prop bets. But if you’re a gambler, the Superbowl is the mecca of spots betting. And Doc Sports is the site to get your fix: they got spreads, odds,  prop bets, the works. Now the question is, who’s going to win?  Oddsmakers have Pittsburgh as 3 point underdogs.  The same Steelers who are making their 3rd appearance in 6 years. The same Steelers with Ben Roethlisberger, Hines Ward, Troy Palomalu and that nasty defensive unit. The same Green Bay Packers who got shut down by the Chicago Bears in the 2nd half. The same Packers who have a whole 2 players with Superbowl experience. I think you know where this is headed.  I picked the Steelers when they were 2.5 point dogs, and I’m stickin’ to my guns.  Not only will the Steelers cover, but they’ll win this game too. Trust me. Now go to DocSport and make some money!!!

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Peyton Manning: Best Quarterback EVER!

Is there any doubt?  Whatever happens this weekend, it doesn’t matter.  He’s already won a ring.  Noone ever doubted Dan Marino’s skill as a quarterback and he never won the big one. If I’m starting a franchsie, this is the guy that’s going #1.  He’s never injured ala every other quartback in the league.  He never makes a bonehead play that costs his team the game (see Brett Favre). He’s not into individual accomplishments. The biggest reason why he’s so good… he’s a student and fan of the game.  Plus, he’s funny as heck in his commercials. Make no doubt that having two weeks before the Superbowl, Peyton Manning will be the hardest working player and coach in the Colts locker room. I would love to see this guy be a head coach one day in the future.  But until then, let’s enjoy history in the making because all of you who are reading this article and love the NFL can tell their kids and grandkids one day that they were alive when the greatest quarterback ever played the game.

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NFL Conference Championships

lombardi trophy onthebuzzer.comHere goes nothing…With 2 games left to the Superbowl, do I have some winners for you.  For the record, I’m 6-1-1 in the playoffs.  Not bad for crunch time…

NY Giants at Green Bay Packers -7:  The Giants’ bubble will burst this weekend.  No way will Eli repeat last week’s performance, especially on the frozen tundra. Ryan Grant’s first playoff game jitters are outta the way, Brett Farve’s destined to go to the Superbowl and take down the Pats. This is a no-brainer.

San Diego Chargers @ New England Patriots -14:  Don’t get fooled by the big spread.  The Chargers are hurting in the RB, QB, and most every other position.  The Pats are gonna spank L.T. and his crew for talking smack after last season’s playoff loss. Major ass-whoopin’ coming up.

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Bye Bye Billick

brian billick onthebuzzer.comFirst sacrifice to the NFL gods has been made.  The Baltimore Ravens cut head coach Brian Billick.  The same guy that led them to a win in a Superbowl in 2001.  The same guy that led the Ravens to a 13-3 recordbrian billick onthebuzzer.com last season.  I guess a 5-11 performance as an encore wasn’t acceptable.  Look, I’m all for changes, but the Ravens’ problems run way deeper than Billick.  They don’t have a quarterback and don’t tell me Boller and McNair were injured or whatever.  Their defense is getting old and frankly, is a fraction of what they used to be in ’01.  Their play calling has always been suspect.  Even when they won the Superbowl, the Ravens were never putting up big points.  In the same division as Pittsburgh, Cincy and Cleveland, these guys have a lot of changes to make before going to camp next year.  Hopefully the new guy can right this ship.  Did someone say Bill Cowher???

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Washington Redskins: Angel Looking Down on Them

hog.jpgIf you don’t think Sean Taylor is watching his team, think again.  The Washington Redskins are going to the playoffs folks.  Sure they beat up on the Dallas Cowboys 2nd team.  But who cares??? After dealing with the death of Sean Taylor and losing to the Bills at home in week 13, the ‘skins have won 4 in a row and are heading to the post-season.  I’m not saying they’re winning it all, but in the NFC, anyone’s got a chance.  Let’s not forget they still have 1,000 yard rusher Clinton Portis, QB Todd Collins who hasn’t thrown an interception in 10 years, WR Santana Moss and a decent defense.  Watch out for those hogs or hoggettes or whatever…

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Whacky Day in the NFL

lombardi trophy onthebuzzer.comJust when you give credit to an NFL, think that they’re a solid team and boom, upset city.  It’s week 16 in the NFL.  Most teams are now gelling, fighting for playoff spots, homefield or whatever else.  The Green Bay Packers who were looking to get homefield throughout the playoffs lose to the lowly Chicago Bears. How about the Minnesota Vikings get spanked by the Redskins? Cleveland Browns losing to the Bengals? The Saints getting THUMPED at home by the Eagles. Tampa Bay losing to the 49ers? I guess that’s the difference between teams that are just wasting a spot and those who actually have a legitimate chance.  The Colts, Patriots, Seahawks, Steelers, and Cowboys all handled their business this week.  I’m not ready to throw in the towel on the Pack yet, but it’s no coincidence that the 2 teams in the Superbowl will be two of these 6 teams. Sorry Giants, you guys suck. A win against the Bills doesn’t count for sh@!.

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Fantasy Football Superbowl

Well, it came down to the finals in my fantasy football league.  My team the Vig vs. the Cinderella story, Common Sense.  He shocked the world by taking down the favorite in the semifinals.  It we against him, good against bad. Surefantasy football trophy onthebuzzer.com I had been in 1st place all year long but I panicked.  I did something that most gamblers would never admit to.  I hedged.  With 1st place getting $175 and 2nd $50, I made a deal with the guy where we would split them and each go home with $112.50.  Heck, I thought to myself why not?  $50 would suck and I would be happy with anything over $100.  Plus I had no confidence in my quarterback Eli Manning and my team was struggling.  He accepted the deal, I got some grief from the other managers, then of course, I spanked him in the finals.  What if..I wish I hadn’t… I knew this was gonna happen anyways.  If I didn’t make the deal, I would’ve gotten crushed, and if I made it, I would’ve won.  I’m OK with the deal, sure $175 would have been nice.  But I’ll take the split and most importantly a fantasy football 1st place trophy in my trophy case.  Now they’ll all be coming after me next year.  That’s what happens when you finish on top, or at least tie for first.

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Sorry T.O., Karma’s A Bitch

terrell owens onthebuzzer.comJust when you thing that Terrell Owens has turned over a new leaf, boom!!! Think again. After going quietly for the most part of the season and racking up touchdown after touchdown, the old T.O. has reared it’s ugly head. First there was a verbal was with Keyshawn Johnson, then the whole Jessica Simpson/Tony Romo fiasco and to top it off, a serious ankle injury that knocked him out of the game Saturday night against the Carolina Panthers. All this drama started and ended in a matte of weeks. Sure the Cowboys won the game 20-13, but let’s not fool ourselves, anything less than a Superbowl appearance would and should be considered a failure. As for T.O., he needs to get back to shutting his mouth and playing ball . If not, karma’s gonna come and and bite this team in the rear. Then some heads are gonna have to roll.

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Poor Rex Grossman

rex grossman onthebuzzer.comChicago Bears quarterback Rex Grossman sprained his left knee and will probably not return this season. Such a sweet little kid with a wholesome face and all he wants to do is come back to the Chicago Bears.  How can you say no to that?… Just like this NO, F-OFF, YOU SUCK. Not that their quarterback position is the only problem, but it’s one of the main ones.  The Bears simply do not have a quarterback that can make a freakin clutch passteve bartman onthebuzzer.coms consistently. From Grossman, to Griese, and probably to Orton. I know they got to the Superbowl last year, but we all know Rex had nothing to do with it (unless he secretly played defense).  How does a team go from Superbowl appearance to playoff disappearance in less than 12 months.  My opinion, Grossman is not a starting quarterback in this league.  Sorry kid.  Maybe a solid back-up but NEVER, EVER a starting quarterback.  Here’s a tip, go away, invest the money that you’ve stolen from the Bears in U.S. bonds or CDs and don’t ever show your face again, especially in Chicago. While you’re at it, take that Bartman guy from Wrigley with you.

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