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Lakers Fall Short, Way Short

derek fisher2 things went awry in Los Angeles on Sunday, one the Lakers got their asses kicked by the Boston Celtics and two, the Lakers went retro with hot pants (what were they thinking). The Celtics ended their four game road trip, 4-0. Now are they legit? The Lakers on the other hand, learned that they can’t hang with the Celtics. I wonder what would’ve happened if the Lakers traded for Garnett??? Oh well. Back to reality and the Celtics who are now 26-3 and seemed poised to at least win the Eastern Conference title. You can’t help but root for the big 3, as it seems that they ‘ve put their egos aside and are after 1 goal, the NBA Championship. Lakers, on the other hand, we’ll be seeing “the return of Kobe throwing his team under the bus” this summer at a theater near you.

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