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Thanks for coming New York. The Celtics completed a sweep of Knicks today, waxing them in the Garden.  I’m a little disappointed in the way the Knicks finished this series.  Sure, you can blame it on injuries, but after losing by a couple points both times in Boston in games 1 & 2, I thought (I don’t know why) that they would at least get one game at home.  Instead, the Knickerbockers just rolled over and played dead. Again, I understand the woes of Amare and Chauncy, but I gotta be honest with you, there are some players on the Knicks squad that shouldn’t be in the NBA, let alone starting.  I’m happy NY made it to the playoffs, but they’re still a long way from becoming competitors. I’m also gonna need a little more from Carmelo.  He seems to be always smiling (ala Dwight Howard). Lead your team for Pete’s sake.  I feel like this guy lacks that certain “umphh” that the Kobes and Chris Pauls and Dwayne Wades possess.  Heck, the Celtics Big 4 all have that swagger that says wreaks of “I’ma kill you!”  Anyway, still a successful season for the Knicks.  Next year, they’re gonna have to improve and move on to the second round, let alone win 1 playoff game. They’re gonna need to sign some players.  Can’t win with Ronny Turiaf in your starting lineup. By the way, get rid of this guy while your at it (Spike Lee).

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Kobe & Spike.. Give ’em an Oscar!!!

do_the_right_thingAlas, it has come, May 16, 2009, the highly anticipated Spike Lee Joint/Documentary titled, “Kobe Bryant: Doin’ Work.” I watched it.  Ok, well, I could only stand watching the first half hour of it before I began to feel my dinner coming up through my esophagus.  I did watch enough to realize what the point of the documentary was: a self-serving, public relations stunt by Kobe and Spike.  People that watched it were supposed to come out and say “Wow, Kobe is a good guy” or “Wow, Kobe is such a team player,” or “Wow, his teammates and opponents love/respect him.” Let me tell you something, I saw a superstar (give credit where it’s due) trying too hard; trying to give “constuctive criticism” to those who don’t care (i.e. Gasol and Odom).  Trying to joke around with opponents like Bruce Bowen and Kurt Thomas who seemingly don’t give two shits about him. Trying to show the world that he’s aJOrdan4-spike loved guy. Most importantly, trying to fake the funk.  Listen Kobe, word of advice: when you’re on the top, there are gonna be haters.  Who cares? You’re the best at what you do (for now at least).  We acknowledge that.  But not everyone is gonna like you. That’s the game. Love it or leave it.  You can’t call it a documentary when the main character is acting throughout the whole movie.  You’re not gonna be as loved as Lebron is. I’ve never seen Kobe give so many compliments in one game.  Am I the only one that feels this way? Am I just a cynic? As for Spike Lee, Mr. Knicks fan…what a sellout.  Kobe clowns the Knicks throughout the film and all you see is little Spike stroking the Mamba.  I’ll give it to Spike though, Mars Blackman Jordans and Mookie from Do the Right Thing, played a small part in all of our youths. Aside from that, shame, what a joke.

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