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Celtics Keep Rolling

paul pierce onthebuzzer.comThe Boston Celtics went on a west coast swing and well, their tear continues. Sure their first two games were against the Sacramento Kings and the Seattle Sonics. But they beat the Kirilenko-less Utah Jazz on Saturday night and will face the yellow-hot Los Angeles Lakers on Sunday. OK, maybe this wasn’t the best example of talent representing the west coast. And maybe we won’t know how legit they are until they face the Spurs, Mavericks and Suns. But the Celts have won all but 1 game in the month of December. They have the best record in the league. You can’t help but feel good for the trio of Pierce, Allen and of course, KG. Wise man once said, “it’s a good time to be a Bostonian.”

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Michael Redd: Another Superstar Stuck on Bad Team

How often do yo see this-a great talent wasting the prime years of his career on a horrible team. Most of the time the athlete doesn’t escape his team in time enough to have a shot or two at the title. He doesn’t wanna be considered a sellout, he doesn’t wanna abandon his boys/teammates, or he stays for the moola. Some guys do escape, sometimes at the michael redd onthebuzzer.comend of their careers, a.l.a. Glen Rice and the Lakers, Finley and the Spurs, etc. As I watch Michael Redd of the Milwaukee Bucks tear up and torch every opponent from range, I can’t help but feel for this guy. One of the best, if not the best outside shooter in the game is rotting away in a subpar eastern conference team. His team is bad, flat out horrible. I don’t care if they have Bogut, Yi Jianlian, or any other “potential” star. Redd dropped 41 points Friday night against Seattle Sonics, and they lost. That’s right, to the Sonics. He’s averaging 23, 5 and 3 per game. It’s just too bad the Bucks can’t get put together a good team. I don’t remember the last time this team was competitive. At 28 years old, Redd ain’t getting any younger. I guess as long he’s healthy and leads my fantasy basketball team to another championship, I’m not going to complain. Too bad that’ll be the closest he ever gets to the title.

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Al Horford: Not So Fast Durant

And the Rookie of the Year award goes to…hold on, hold on.  All preseason, everyone’s been talking about Kevin Durant and onthebuzzer.com al horfordGreg Oden and how they are the best players to come out of college.  Then when Oden went down, the ROY award was practically given to Durant before he even stepped on the court.  Durant is having a good year, especially for a rookie. But there is one guy out there that might give him a run for his money, that’s Atlanta Hawks power forward Al Horford.  Coming out of college champion Florida, Horford was probably the best players out of that team.  As of Tuesday, Horford is averaging 8.5 ppg and a whopping 9.8 rbds.  If this guy improves on his scoring and averages a double double on the season, he’s got a great chance to be the top rook.  No offense to Durant, but Al is also throwing in 1 steal per game and almost 1.5 blocks per.  So while the Hawks are flopping, their will be one bird on this team flying high…

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Delivery For Durant

durant1.jpgThe rookie phenom Kevin Durant delivers his first game winner of his young career, giving the Seattle Sonics a 126-123 win over the Atlanta Hawks in double overtime. Durant hit a 3-pointer as time ran out in the second overtime and was immediately mobbed by teammates. Overshadowed in all of this was the performance of Damien Wilkins, who scored 41 points, to go along with 2 assists and 9 rebounds. My only question… why did Durant look angry after the shot? I mean, he has only been in the league for 10 games! What does he have to be angry about! Remember when players used to smile after winning games or game winning shots? I guess those days are over. The angrier you look, the cooler… so much for a fresh face in the league…

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Vancouver Super Blazers-Catchy, huh?

onthebuzzer.com paul allenonthebuzzer.com starbucksSo I hear the Sonics are pretty much done in Seattle? I’m not a big fan of the Sonics but without Seattle having an NBA team anymore, that is just WEIRD. Being a big NBA fan, when I think of Seattle I think of Starbucks, Sonics, and Ichiro (in no particular order). So what the heck are they going to be? The Oklahoma Super Sonics? That sounds disgusting.  The closest NBA team to Seattle will be the Trail Blazers, a 3 hour drive away.  Will Sonic fans continue to  root for the Sonics representing a new city? Or will they adapt and root for the Blazers, a northwest team? I would HATE to see Paul Allen, a Seattle native) move my Blazers up to Seattle.  The Seattle Trail Blazers…sounds just as ridiculous.  Of course I am open to a compromise.. move the Blazers to Vancouver which is pretty much the boder for Oregon and Washington and name them the Vancouver Super Blazers…people might laugh at the name but everyone and their moms would buy that bad ass jersey.

This artice contributed by James.

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KEVIN DURANT: Not Bad for a Rookie

onthebuzzer.com kevin durant2 games into the season and rookie phenom Kevin Durant of the Sonics has proven why he’s the best in the crop, and even making a case why he should have gone #1.  On Thursday, Durant dropped 27 on the Suns.  On Wednesday, 18 against the Nuggets.  Sure they lost both games, but then again the undermanned Sonics were going against 2 of the top teams in the West.  Kudos to the rook.  The Sonics now need to concentrate on taking the next step. The missing pieces of the puzzle like surrounding this kid with talent so they can compete for years to come.  I like Wilcox but I gotta be honest with you, they need a lot of help. The point guard positions is average at best with Delonte West, Earl Watson and and Luke Ridnour. This team needs a couple of vets to give this team some street cred. Until then, it’s 1st round playoffs and out, at best.  Keep it up Durant, rookie of the year is yours to lose.

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Durant Durant

onthebuzzer.com kevin durantEver since old man Oden’s injury sideline him for his entire rookie season, Kevin Durant and the Seattle Sonics have been the talk of the league.  Everyone’s expecting this guy to cruise this season and win rookie of the year. I gotta be honest with you guys, because you deserver it – I got my doubts.  Don’t get me wrong, I like Durant.  (Here it comes) BUT, I don’t think he’s going to be able to hang on the defensive end.  I said it in our Sonics Preview after my colleagues ripped on me. Coach P.J. Carlesimo has decided to start this kid at the 2 spot.  How is he supposed to hang with those quick 2 guards? He’s already been lit up by Kevin Martin of the Kings in his preseason debut? Durant is too tall and lanky to D-up a 2 guard, and too lightweight to hang with a power forward or a small forward.  So before everyone labels this guy the next coming, let’s make sure he can at least bench his weight.

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