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super-bowl-xlviii-preview-seattle-seahawks-denver-broncosSuperbowl times folks.  I gotta be honest with you, this is the first Superbowl where I kinda like both teams.  I was just happy to see both the 49ers and the Patriots lose.  I like Russell Wilson of the Seahawks, as he’s a class act.  And I know if Pete Carrol wins a Superbowl, Jim Harbaugh is gonna commit suicide.  On the other hand, Peyton Manning is the best quarterback ever and with a win in 2 weeks, he will cement his place a top the list of greatest all time. Imagine how much Bill Belichek is gonna hurt if Wes Welker wins another ring, especially after Billy had him in the doghouse last year. Either way, looks like a good matchup. Oddsmakers have Denver at -2.5 (that’s a 2.5 points favorite for you rookies) and my gut is telling me that Denver’s gonna take it.  Seattle hasn’t earned its bones yet and after watching them again the 49ers, they seem to inconsistent on offense and frankly a bit nervous.  The line will probably move 1 point by the end of next week so you might want to jump on the Broncos now.  Either way,, should be a great game in shitty weather. Too bad my Chiefs choked away a 9-0 season and a 28 point lead against the Colts in the opening round.

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LOCK of the Week: Two for the Show

So I nailed my last pick, and boy did I feel good about that one.  The Cowboys laid an ass-kicking on the Seahawks and anyone that bet some cash on that game and listened to me was sitting pretty after the first quarter. The win put me at 7-5 on the year, and I’m feeling hot.  So hot that I can’t wait ’till next week for another lock.  So one time only, I got a doozy, San Francisco 49ers at Buffalo Bills -6.  The Bills are still in the playoff hunt, and while I hate to use cliches, it doesn’t get more “must win” than this one.  They got back on the right track last week by dropping 54 on the Chiefs in Arrowhead, and now that their office is clickng, should have no problem putting up at least 30 on the Niners.  As for Mike Singletary and his team, the talent just isn’t there. Neither is the heart. Take the Bills and enjoy this double “LOCK,” after all, it is the holiday of giving…

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LOCK of the Week

Given the fact that it’s Thanksgiving, I’m kinda in the spirit of giving, and thanking of course.  I now my picks have been subpar so far, though 6-5 on the year ain’t too shabby.  Anyway, I gotta a gimmie for you.  Seattle Seahawks @ Dallas Cowboys -10.5. Take the ‘boys, take ’em big, take ’em before the spread goes up.  These Cowboys seem to be on the right track after last week’s win.  Romo is gelling back to his old former self and T.O. picked up his first 100 yd game in ages.  Most importantly, them Cowboys’ DEFENSE is back.  The Seahawks on the other hand, suck.  If you’re worried about Matt Hasselbeck, DON’T.  He’s got 5 picks in the last two games.  Plus, he’s got noone to throw to.  Let’s just say that his wife Elizabeth has a better chance of winning this game then he does.  With a 2-9 record, the Seahawks are playing for 2015.  They are tied for last in their division with the St. Louis Rams.  EVEN the San Fancisco 49ers have a better record then them, though not by much (3-8). This bet is as safe as it gets.  In Dallas, on Thanksgiving Day, two teams headed in entirely different directions. Enjoy the pick, enjoy the Turkey.

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Seahawks Sputter Out of the Pack

green bay packers onthebuzzer.comHow do you go up 14-0, then get blown away 42-20?  I don’t know, but ask the Seattle Seahawks.  Just as I predicted, the Seahawks sucked it up against the Green Bay Packers.  Sure, after the first quarter I thought I was gonna hear it from you guys, but the overrated ‘hawks revealed their ugly heads again.  A 42-6 run by the Pack and, well, thanks for coming.   I wish my fantasy team was still going, b/c Ryan Grant and his 201 yds, 3 td performance would have helped.  I’m 5-0 so far in playoffs, not that I’m bragging or anything. Next up for the Pack, the winner of the Cowboys/Giants game… Next up for the ‘hawks, Havasu or Mexico…

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Redskins’ Clock Strikes Twelve

redskins onthebuzzer.comRedskins quarterback Todd Collins first interception in 10 years came in the 4th quarter with under 6 minutes left to play.  By the time his second pick came, the game was well out of reach. Both were returned for six. It was fun while it lasted for the Redskins, who only a few weeks ago, were reeling over the loss of their teammate Sean Taylor. Then after climbing back into playoff contention, the ‘skins clinched a wild card birth and were forced to travel to Seattle to play a team who this blogger considered, overrated.  Down 13-0 in the 4th quarter, the ‘skins struck fast and twice in less then 2 1/2 minutes,  going up 14-13. Then, after a botched kick return, the ‘skins had a chance to put the game away but could not hit pay dirt. A missed field goal later, and boom, they’re down 21-14.  Collins’ first pick would ice the game for the ‘hawks.  Now, the Seahawks will go to Lambeau to face Brett Farve, his arm, his running game, his passing game and his defense.  Seattle head coach Mike Holmgren’s return to cheese country will be the focal point of the media.  As for the ‘skins, keep your heads up.  After all that you’ve been through…definitely a successful season.  P.S. fire your kicker.

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ben roethlisberger onthebuzzer.comOK, so my regular season didn’t go so well. But the post-season is where I step up. I’m a clutch players, everyone around me knows that, or at least I’m sure they’re thinking it. But without any further delay, here are my picks for this upcoming playoff weekend. I’m feeling good about these.

Saturday’s Games:

Redskins @ Seahawks -3.5: Seattle is one of the toughest places to play. The Seahawks have been flying under the radar the whole season. Their passing game is solid and can put up some major points. I can’t see the ‘skins hanging offensively with the ‘hawks. Take the home team.

Jaguars -2.5 @ Steelers: The only home team to be an underdog. Call me crazy, but I like the Steelers. There’s no way that they get beat at home twice in the same season. The cold weather will have an effect on those guys from the south. Look for Ben and Co. to surprise all…

Sunday’s Games:

Giants @ Buccaneers -3: NY is playing well. They are a good team. Their offensive is clicking even without Shockey. As long as Manning doesn’t throw the game away, they have a chance to win. Bucs have a hard time putting up points. Take the Giants with the points, don’t get crazy and go for the money line.

Titans @ Chargers -9: Chargers beat the Titans in Tennessee during the regular season. Vince’s quad is hurting and will affect his mobility. Norv Turner has finally learned that L.T.=win. Look for the Chargers to pound and give the Titans a big dose of L.T. Take San Diego with the points.

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