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Night Falls on the University of Central Florida

bcs onthebuzzer.comThe Scarlett Knights is what they are called.  But on Saturday, the University of Central Florida was anything but brave and courageous, as they fell 10-3 to Mississippi State in the Liberty Bowl. Talk about a boring game.  Wake me up when these worthless bowls are over. I’m wondering if I anyone outside of these two states care to watch this game (excluding gamblers of course)? Liberty bowl, Bell Helicopter Armed Forces Bowl, Petrosun Independence Bowl, etc…who cares??? I wanna watch the big ones; Rose, Fiesta, Orange, and Sugar.  Sure, maybe the Gators and the Wolverines in the Capital One Bowl could be fun to watch. But for the most part, these bowl games are nothing but an opportunity for the players to showcase their talents one last time for the scouts AND the athletic departments last chance to make some $$$.  That’s the truth, it hurts, I know.  I just have to find a way to live with it.

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Friday’s Special: RICE

Book this guy’s ticket to New York. Heisman candidate Ray Rice sunk the Navy with his 175 rushing yds, 2 tds and 3 rec. for 40 yds and 1 td. What a performance Friday night albeit against a subpar Navy team. Rice piled up 184 rushing yds, 3 td performance against the Scarlett Knights in week 1. Just watching this guy run wild is worth the price of the ticket. At 5’9 200lbs, this guy packs a mean punch. While the Rutgers will continue demolishing opponents in their weak schedule, the true test will come when they face West Virginia and Louisville in the second half of the season. Until then, my advice to the Big East: Stay away from the RICE!!!

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