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eric-fisher-chiefsThis could be quite possibly the most boring NFL draft EVER! And the funniest part of it all is that I’m a Kansas City Chiefs’ fan.  Don’t get me wrong, I know most games are won in the trenches, but how can you have an NFL draft without a stud? Where are the RGIIIs, the Andrew Lucks, the Cam Newtons? How about an Elway or Marino?  For the first time in a long time, the Chiefs “won” the first pick in the draft and you’re coming at me with an ERIC FISCHER from Central Michigan? I hear the mid-American conference is a tough one.  Now if Fisher turns into an Orlando Pace, you can throw it in my face, but geez, quite possibly the most boring draft ever. I guess I gotta entertain myself with “I wonder how low Mantei Teo will fall?” and Roger Goodell’s “big homie” hugs!

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Pacman Jones, Game Over???

strip club onthebuzzer.comI wonder when Pacman Jones will learn his lesson? It seems that he just punched out another chick at a strip club.  Now I’m all for strip clubs and fights, but together??? And fighting a girl??? You’re a real man Pacman. I hope the NFL rids the league of this guy for good.  I’m gonna come out and say it, “he’s a cancer, a bad person, and doesn’t deserve a penny of those millions he’s made so far.”  If commissioner Roger Goodell wants to set an example, here he is.  The Titans have proven that they don’t need his shit so what are we waiting for. Pete Rose this guy now.

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Game Over Again for Pacman Jones

pacman onthebuzzer.comI was debating between the chosen heading or this “NFL Makes It Rain On Pacman Jones.” I kind of like the latter, but oh well. The Tennessee Titans oft troubled cornerback got some more bad news on Thursday. His appeal to play again in the 2007 season was denied. So looks like Pacman will have to watch his team make a run from the bleachers. Maybe next time this guy will use his brain before starting brawls or what not in public. I have a feeling that this won’t be his last sentence. Pacman is a thug and that’s the bottom line. I give him 1 year of being a good samaritan before this guys starts another fight in a strip club or wherever.

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