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Super BowlIf you haven’t placed a wager on the many Superbowl odds and prop bets so far, you’re probably the only person in the WORLD!!! Go to Docsports right now, and that’s an order. This is probably the most interesting game in ages.  You have the aging Baltimore Ravens trying to “win one for Ray” and the San Franciscoe 49ers trying to “just win one.” My heart wants the Ravens to win but my gut is telling me the Niners are going to blow them out.  San Francisco is favored by 4 points and even though that line has fluctuated between 4.5 and 3.5 over the last 2 weeks, I think it’s not even gonna be close.  The 49ers are putting up big points and I don’t think the Ravens office has enough mojo to hang with them.  So head over to Docsports and take the 49ers with the points, take the over, and thank me in the morning. Enjoy the game!!!

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Ravens’ Defense Shuts Up Jets

The most anticipated game of the opening weekend and all we got was a 10-9 struggle.  Sure the Ravens won, we’re happy about that.  We’re happy that the Jets couldn’t do shit on offense.  74 passing yards for “phenom” Mark Sanchez.  I’m not sure I’ve written it down before but I’ve said it many times to date, Mark Sanchez is going to have a not-so-spectacular year.  He’s not the quarterback y’all think he is.  He is no Brady, Manning, Brees, or Rogers.  Frankly, he’s no Matt Ryan, Donovan McNabb or even Carson Palmer.  I’d even take Joe Flacco, Tony Romo, and Eli Manning over him.  This kid is average at best.  He won’t lose again, but he won’t win one for you either.  The Ravens, on the other hand, got the victory.  But I have to admit, I’m a little disappointed with the 10 points.  This team was supposed to be much improved offensively.  They signed Anquan Boldin and Houshmanzadeh, 2 marquee receivers.  Add them to Derrick Mason, Todd Heap and that 2 pronged running attack of Ray Rice and Willis McGahee and these guys should easily be putting up gaudy numbers week in and week out.  I’m gonna chalk this one up to a combination of the Jets’ D and first game jitters. But I better see some fireworks next week at Cincinnati.

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Lock of the Week

9468150fc4fb2010It’s been a while since the last lock.  I know many of you are lost without my picks. But I had to do it…for you of course.  I wasn’t seeing straight.  I couldn’t eat.  I couldn’t work.  But after taking a few weeks out and tinkering around with my delivery, I’m back, just in time for the AFC/NFC Championship with not just 1, but 2 locks of the week. Go ahead, parlay it. Let’s start with the Eagles -3.5 at the Cardinals, battle of the birds.  Now you tell me, if an Eagle and a Cardinal duked it out, who would win?  That’s why I’m taking fe803f39e0e1f146the Eagles (just kidding). No, I’m really taking the Eagles, but for a different reason.  This team is on a mission.  Plus they have one thing that the Cards don’t, a little thing called DEFENSE. Game two is a good old fashion battle in the Baltimore Ravens at the Pittsburgh Steelers, with the home team favored by 6.  Now I do think that the Steelers are going to win, but 6 is too much for Ray Lewis and company.  This game is going to end on a last minute field goal…

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LOCK of the Week

Giants Cowboys Football8-7 on the year isn’t spectacular, but it’s over .500.  This week’s lock of the week comes a little early, but then again, it is a Saturday game.  That’ll give you more time jump to place your bets.  Vegas has the Baltimore Ravens @ the Dallas Cowboys -4.5.  Take the Cowboys and the points. Both these teams are battling for playoff spots.  The Ravens are coming off a tough/controversial loss against the rival Steelers.  The Cowboys, well they just took down the mighty NY Giants.  Their offense is coming together after T.O.’s latest rant and their defense, well, they shut down Eli. The Ravens just can’t put up enough points to hang with that potent offense.  I know you’ve heard this before, but this is a no-branier.  When my back is against the wall, I have and will step up.  Vegas has them at 4.5 right now.  You better move before everyone else figures out this one and the spread goes up. Happy Holidays!!!

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Bye Bye Billick

brian billick onthebuzzer.comFirst sacrifice to the NFL gods has been made.  The Baltimore Ravens cut head coach Brian Billick.  The same guy that led them to a win in a Superbowl in 2001.  The same guy that led the Ravens to a 13-3 recordbrian billick onthebuzzer.com last season.  I guess a 5-11 performance as an encore wasn’t acceptable.  Look, I’m all for changes, but the Ravens’ problems run way deeper than Billick.  They don’t have a quarterback and don’t tell me Boller and McNair were injured or whatever.  Their defense is getting old and frankly, is a fraction of what they used to be in ’01.  Their play calling has always been suspect.  Even when they won the Superbowl, the Ravens were never putting up big points.  In the same division as Pittsburgh, Cincy and Cleveland, these guys have a lot of changes to make before going to camp next year.  Hopefully the new guy can right this ship.  Did someone say Bill Cowher???

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Thursday Night NFL: Steelers at Rams

steelers1.jpgHere’s my take on this game, the Steelers just suffered a tough loss at home and the Rams, well they just keep losing. The spread is Steelers, -7.5. I say take the Steelers. They need this win to keep ahead of Cleveland in the Division. Plus, the Rams just can’t seem to keep their quarterbacks healthy. Pittsburgh should key in on Steven Jackson if they wanna win this game. The Rams passing game has been inconsistent at best while their running game is producing. I’m thinking that coach Mike Tomlin should be able to catch that and run with it. As for their offense, look and see what Ryan Grant did to them a couple of weeks ago and Willie Parker should have a field day.  That will open up the passing game for Big Ben and booo ya, ch-ching. It’s a tough game to pick, but take the Steel Curtain. The Sunday loss against the Jags is still fresh on their minds.

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Hip Hip Hooray, the Dolphins Win

miami dolphins fan onthebuzzer.comTHE MIAMI DOLPHINS WIN…their 1st game.  On Sunday afternoon, the Ravens went into Miami, took a 13-3 lead and then took the rest of the game off.  The Dolphins pulled it out in overtime after Ravens kicker missed what would have been a game winner.  Now the Dolphins aren’t special anymore, they just suck.  As for the Ravens, have some freakin’ pride man, sorry, woman. To get outplayed by a quarterback named Cleo, a team who was 0-13, is probably a franchise low. But don’t worry, you still got 2 more games to lose this season. I do find it ironic that the first time I played Baltimore defense in my fantasy league, this happens. Hmmm….

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Ravens’ CB Samari Rolle “I ain’t your BOY!”

After the Ravens handed the game to the New England Patriots on Monday Night Football, Baltimore cornerback Samari Rolle stated in an interview that the head linesman Phil McKinnelly called him “boy” after one of the questionable calls made on the field in the fourth quarter.  It seems that Rolle went over to the ref and politely requested an explanation of the linesman’s call.  Is it just me or is everyone getting to damn sensitive and prissy?  Is Rolle upset because the word “boy” was used in racially derogatory manner?  Well since both parties involved are black so that can’t be it.  Is Rollesamari rolle upset because he has worked hard all his life and has a wife and 3 kids and deserves to be called Mr. or Man?  Let’s be real, NO.  I think Rolle is upset because they lost.  He’s making a stink about the comment when in reality, a lot worse is said to the refs/umps/players and most other partakers in the athletic and sporting industry.  I’m not saying it’s OK, but let’s not cry about it and file a complaint.  The Ravens lost, they should’ve won and frankly, it’s their own fault.  File a complaint against the coaching staff for calling a timeout right before they stuffed Brady on 4th and inches.  File a complaint against Ed Reed for intercepting the ball and fumbling it right back to the Patriots.  File a complaint against the defense for letting Tom Brady march down the field.  File a complaint against Bart Scott for the two unsportsmanlike conduct penalties which yielded 30 on the final kickoff by the Pats. Don’t blame the Refs for name calling. File a complaint against yourself for not acting like a man.

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Thanks for Coming Mr. Lewis

onthebuzzer.com bill belichikThe Baltimore Ravens made it look respectable, at least.  I said it in our NFL Week 13 Preview video, take the Ravens and the points, as there’s no way Ray Lewis gets embarrassed by ANYBODY on Monday, at home.  The Ravens hung in there, until the Patriots decided to play and well, beat the Ravens with a late touchdown, 27-24.  That’s two weeks in a row and two 3-point victories, but hey, a win is a win.  The funny thing is, the 12-0 Patriots believe that they still need improvement.  That’s the mark of a champion.  They better start focusing on their defense and wondering why the Eagles and Ravens combined put up a 52 points on them.  I guess they can just outscore everyone they face, it’s worked for the past 13 weeks.

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Quoth the Raven, Nevermore

onthebuzzer.com ben roethlisbergerOn Monday night, at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh, the Steelers slapped around the Ravens for 60 minutes. Big Ben Roethlisberger threw for 5 touchdowns in the first half and the Steel Curtain shut down the “potent” Ravens offense to a measly 7 points all evening. What happened to that sick Ravens defense? Ed Reed, Ray Lewis, where you at?!?! The Steelers are for real. I’ve had them in my top 3 teams in the league , behind the New England Patriots and tied with the Indianapolis Colts. Finally, let’s give props to new head coach Mike Tomlin. This guy had Bill Cowher’s shoes to fill, and most thought that that would be and impossible feat. But he’s proved us all wrong. The Steelers are 6-2, in first place in the AFC North, and face the surging Cleveland Browns who are 1 game behind Pittsburgh in the standings. I got a feeling Kellen Winslow’s gonna be crying after this game two.

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