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POLL RESULTS: Is Vick’s apology sincere?

16% Yes
64% No
16% Hard to tell

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Vick Apologizes, "I WILL REDEEM MYSELF!"

Michael Vick apologizes Monday morning after pleading guilty in federal court. Mr. I’m sorry, a.k.a. I will redeem myself after lying to my boss, the commissioner, my teammates, the fans and those poor dogs he strangled, electrocuted and hung. Talk about an insincere apology. At least Kobe cried.

Does this look like someone who is sorry for what he did or sorry for being caught? Only a face a mother could love or man’s best friend. Well at least a mother. How sad that someone with that much money and talent (did someone say overrated) pissed it all away. He should be banned from the league for life! Enjoy the penn, say hi to the fellas.

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