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“O” Is Not For Offense

oregon.jpgAt least you have a good basketball team… The Oregon Ducks lay an egg, or should I say an “O”. The UCLA Bruins shatter the Ducks’ hopes of a Pac-10 Championship and there will be no smelling of the Roses this year. UCLA shuts out Oregon 16-0, as the Ducks could barely muster up any offense the entire game. We know that UCLA has a good defense and the Ducks are without their starting QB… But for Christs’ Sake, what was that?!? Three more QB’s, same result for Oregon. No offense… No offense… No offense… About the only thing that went right for the Ducks was that Dan Fouts (an Oregon alum) didn’t cry on national TV. Up next for UCLA, the Trojans of Southern Cal. Sorry Bruins, there will be no repeat of last year. Just be happy if you don’t get blown out this time.

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Beaver RB To Miss Rivalry Game

bernard.jpgA frustrating year gets even more frustrating for Oregon State’s star running back. Yvenson Bernard, the leading rusher for the Beavers, will get season ending surgery on his knee and as a result will most likely miss the rivalry game against the Oregon Ducks. Bernard, who missed the game against USC trying to rest his injured knee,  was injured in the first half of the Beavers’ 52-17 victory at Washington State last Saturday. Oregon State has a bye this week before playing Oregon at Autzen Stadium in the annual Civil War rivalry game. The senior has rushed for 3,685 career yards, second most in Oregon State history.

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This Time it was Oklahoma’s Turn

onthebuzzer.com bcsGet ready form some BCS B.S.  Since Oregon lost on Thursday, technically, Oklahoma was bumped to #2 going into today’s game against Texas Tech.  With that said, I hope everyone ignored our resident NCAA expert and put the house on Texas Tech. No one and/or nothing has been able to break that wretched curse of the #2 ranking this year.  I almost feel sorry for the Kansas Jayhawks, who after waxing the Iowa State Cyclones 45-7 will be ranked #2 and will host Missouri who should be ranked #3. Kansas will then duke it out in the Big 12 Championship game against another tough foe.  The odds are against Kansas or Missouri to make the title game, leaving the door wide open for West Virginia, who actually have to face a tough UCONN team and Pitt. If they drop one, then hold on, is that Ohio State coming back into the picture??? This could take forever. All we know is that no one is booking their tickets to New Orleans except LSU, right? Unless Darren McFadden runs crazy. Great, here we go again…

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Week 12 College Picks

top25.jpg1- (7) Ohio State at (21) Michigan padlock3.jpg– I know it’s a rival game and they are close most of the time. Not this one. Close early but Buckeyes pull away at the end. The better team will win and win big. My lock! I like Ohio State -4.
2- FAU at (14) Florida – You heard it hear first, Tebow will have 700 rushing TD’s in this game. OK, maybe not quite that many but alot. A rout at the swamp! Take Florida -34.5.
3- (3) Oklahoma at Texas Tech – Tougher game than it looks on paper. On the road, the Sooners may have a tough one with this early. But I will take my chances. I like Oklahoma -8.
4- (18) Boston College at (15) Clemson – Eagles better perform this week if they want to stay in the top 25. Two bad games in a row, look for a solid performance this week. I like Boston College +8.
5- (1) LSU at Mississippi – Not going to be a 40 point win, but a win is a win. Tigers should have it easy this week. Might be tough to cover, but they will against a 3 win team Mississippi. Take LSU -18.
6- (22) Kentucky at (8) Georgia – Tough week for the Bulldogs. Kentucky, a very good team, will impress this week on the road. I like Kentucky +8.
(6) Missouri at Kansas State – Tigers better win and win big to show the world they belong at the top of the BCS. K-State not that good. I like Missouri -7.5.
8- Northwestern at (20) Illinois – Coming off the biggest win in team history, there will be no letdown this week. Illinois will prove they are a good team and pound Northwestern. Take Illinois -14.
9- (24) Wisconsin at Minnesota
– They scare me because they are inconsistent, but after a great win last week, they keep the momentum going. I like Wisconsin -14.
10-(5) W. Virginia at (21) Cincinnati -Tough game on the road for the Mountaineers, but they pull it out in the end. Close early with the better team winning. Take W. Virginia -5.

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Week 11 College Picks-Results

top25.jpg1- (20) Illinois at (7) Ohio State – Overrated! Overrated! I can here the chants all the way from Illinois. Congrats to Zook and the boys. 28-21 Illinois… got it wrong.
2- (18) Boston College at Maryland -Like I said. One loss sends a team into a tailspin. A game they have no business losing! Give credit to the Turtles though. 35-42 Maryland… got it wrong.
3- Louisana Tech at (1) LSU – Back on top again. Can they stay there though? Still have the SEC Championship Game to worry about. Crushed their opponent this week. 58-10 LSU… nailed it!
4- (9) Arizona State at UCLA – Give credit to UCLA. Backups in a bunch of different positions, including their QB, but they still gave the Sun Devils a fight. Better bring a better game ASU in a couple of weeks against USC. 24-20 ASU… nailed it!
5- Baylor at (3) Oklahoma – Never close. The Sooners crush a week team at home. Didn’t quite cover though. 52-21 Oklahoma… got it wrong.
6- (4) Kansas at Oklahoma State – Who said this was going to be close. Kansas making it hard for the voters to keep them out of the Championship Game. They keep impressing and roll on the road. 43-28 Kansas… nailed it!
(11) USC at Calpadlock3.jpg – Weather was miserable and so was the Cal Bear fan’s moods after USC showed they were the better team. Chauncey Washington went off for 220 and now they wait for a showdown with ASU. 24-17 USC… nailed it!
8- (14) Florida at South Carolina – Just give Tebow the friekin’ Heisman. He was a man among boys and to think he is coming back for at least one more year should scare all of college football! 51-31 Florida… nailed it!
9- (23) Michigan at (24)Wisconsin
– Well, a tough test indeed for the Maze and Blue. Wisconsin took the lead early and never gave it up. Not the way you want to go into next week’s game against rival Ohio State. 37-21 Wisconsin… got it wrong.
10-Auburn at (8) Georgia -Georgia tearing it up offensively. Scoring over 40 points each of the last 3 weeks. Georgia vs. LSU in the SEC Championship? Look out Tigers. 45-20 Georgia… got it wrong.

Recap:  5-5 this week. Sub-par for a man of my caliber, but better than being under .500. Got my lock of the week though!

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Week 11 College Picks

top25.jpg1- Illinois at (1) Ohio State – Not a bad team, but Illinois doesn’t have a shot against the Buckeyes. Lots of things need to go right for them to have a chance. Take Ohio State -15.
2- (8) Boston College at Maryland -We’ve seen it before. One loss sends a team in a tailspin. *See South Florida. How they don’t beat Maryland though by more than six, I don’t know. I like the Eagles -6.
3- Louisana Tech at (2) LSU – Finally an easy game for LSU. No doubt who wins but by how much is the question again. Take LSU -36.5.
4- (9) Arizona State at UCLA – Two terrible games in row, Bruins due for a good one. Besides… we know they win games they shouldn’t and lose the easy ones. I like UCLA +7.
5- Baylor at (4) Oklahoma – Another game, another blowout coming up. Things have been easy lately for the Sooners and don’t expect that to change this weekend. Take Oklahoma -38.
6- (5) Kansas at Oklahoma State – Going to be a close one. I would feel much more comfortable if Kansas were playing at home, but I think the offense rolls again. Nail biter all the way, with the Jayhawks pulling it out in the end. I like Kansas -6.
(12) USC at (24) Calpadlock3.jpg – Always a good game between these two teams. First ever night game at Cal vs. USC. Trojans have thoroughly confused me this year, but they will come through for me this week. My lock! Trojans -4.
8- (17) Florida at South Carolina – Two teams coming off losses. Only difference? Florida is losing to good teams. Cocks are shriveling! I like Florida -6.
9- (13) Michigan at Wisconsin
– Should be a tough test for the Maze and Blue. Wisconsin is no push over, specially at home. But these are two teams going in opposite directions. Take Michigan -2.5.
10-(18) Auburn at (10) Georgia -One of the better games of the week, look for Auburn to play well on the road as usual. Georgia wasn’t too impressive last week. I like Auburn -2.

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Week 10 College Picks-Results

top25.jpg1- Wisconsin at (1) Ohio State – Over rated, over shmated. These guys keep on winning every week no matter who they play. They cover again. 38-17 Ohio State… nailed it!
2- Florida State at (8) Boston Collegepadlock3.jpg -Alright. Screw the Eagles. Two weeks in a row they screwed me. Should have lost to VaTech and they squeak it out at the end. Should have blown out the Seminoles and they lose. 27-17 Florida State… got it wrong.
3- (2) LSU at (21) Alabama – Saban almost pulled it out, but it was another come from behind victory for the Tigers. Les Miles and company barely win, but I was right in Alabama keeping it close. 41-34 LSU… nailed it!
4- (9) Arizona State at (3) Oregon – Let there be no doubt, Oregon is the better team. I said they would beat State with ease and that’s exactly what they did. 35-23 Oregon… nailed it!
5- Texas A & M at (4) Oklahoma – Aggies were no match for the Sooners. A blowout victory for Stoops and the gang, but will anyone ahead of them in the rankings lose a game the rest of the way? 42-14 Oklahoma… nailed it!
6- Vanderbilt at (17) Florida – They had to impress and that’s exactly what they did. Solid performance against a not so solid team. Gators take care of business. 49-22 Florida… nailed it!
7- Oregon State at (12) USC – SC’s defense manhandles the Beavers! Completely shutting them down, SC didn’t even have to score in the second half. State looked worse than I thought they would. 24-3 USC… got it wrong.
8- San Jose State at (22) Boise State – A good old fashion ass whoopin’ by Boise State. Take care of business at home winning big. 42-7 Boise State… nailed it!
9- (13) Michigan at Michigan State -Good news and bad news for Michigan fans. Wolverines keep on winning-good news. Lloyd Carr keeps on winning-bad news. Funny how we don’t see ‘fire Carr’ signs anymore. 28-24 Michigan… nailed it!
10-Troy State at (10) Georgia -Good performance but not good enough. Should have pounded a weak Troy State team. They won but didn’t cover. 44-34 Georgia… got it wrong.

Recap: I’m back baby! I am the Ohio State of picking games. Everyone says that I haven’t done anything impressive, but how’s 7-3 sound baby! Jump on this wagon! There’s plenty of room…

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Week 10 College Picks

top25.jpg1- Wisconsin at (1) Ohio State – You guys call them overrated, I’ll call them the number one team in the nation. The Buckeyes keep on rollin’. Take Ohio State -16.
2- Florida State at (2) Boston Collegepadlock3.jpg -After a sub par performance last week, look for Matt Ryan and the crew to impress this week. My lock of the week! Take the Eagles -7.
3- (3) LSU at (17) Alabama – Can’t wait for this game. The Tigers are going to have their hands full. You know Saban isn’t going to hold anything back. He’ll pull all the stops in this one. I like Alabama +7.
4- (4) Arizona State at (5) Oregon – Oregon’s defense was held down a little last week by USC. Not this week! State’s got their hands full. Oregon wins and wins hands down. Take Oregon -8.5. 
5- Texas A & M at (6) Oklahoma – Another easy game for the Sooners. They win but by how much? I like Oklahoma -21.
6- Vanderbilt at (20) Florida – No doubt who wins this one. The Gators must impress this week and win big. They rout this week. I like Florida -14.5.
7- Oregon State at (19) USC – An up and down season continues for SC. What will happen this week? SC favored big, but not sure why? Booty playing for the first time in a month. Look for some rust. Take Oregon State +15.5.
8- San Jose State at (22) Boise State – You know how I feel about spreads like this. Too much, but at home for Boise State. They need to impress this week. I like Boise State -25.5.
9- (12) Michigan at Michigan State -They haven’t failed me for a while. Rivalry games are always close, but these are two teams going in different directions. Wolverines continue their win streak. Take Michigan -3.
 10-Troy State at (10) Georgia – Solid performance last week, the Bulldogs continue to roll. Close early, but Troy State has no chance in this win. I like Georgia -14.

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