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Eli Manning Finally Lives Up to His Name

eli manning onthebuzzer.comAnd the Giants are on their way to Big D, to face the Dallas Cowboys after manhandling the Buccaneers in Tampa Bay on Sunday, 24-14. Eli Manning,  20-27,  185 yards , 2 tds, and most importantly no picks.  I said it before, the Giants are an excellent road team.  Their pass rush is one of the best in the league, as seen on Sunday when they were all over Bucs qb Jeff Garcia.  I don’t know if they’ll beat the Cowboys, but they sure as hell will give them ‘boys a run for their money.  As for the Bucs, it was cool while it lasted, but Garcia is not the answer.  Maybe 1 of those 13 quarterbacks on their roster can solve their problem.

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Ail to the Chiefs

herm edwards onthebuzzer.comAfter starting the season 4-3, the Chiefs dropped 9 in a row to end the season, including today’s loss against the Jets in New York.  How pathetic.  The Chiefs used to be the cream of the AFC West.  Their high-powered offense is nothing but a faint memory.  Led by Brodie Croyle, the Chiefs are probably the worst team in the league next to the Dolphins.  I don’t even think that Brodie Croyle and the word “led” can be used in the same sentence. The problem for them going into the off-season is that they have soooooo many holes to fill.  Sure they’ll end up with a top draft pick.  But who do you take? They’re in dire need of a quarterback, wide receivers, lineman…the list goes on and on.  As for their coach Herm Edwards, I was always a fan of his tough guy approach.  But now I’m beginning to wonder…hmmmmm….(or should I say hermmmmmm…).  I thought we play to win the game???

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Rangers to Sue NHL!

rangers.jpgApparently, the New York Islanders are not the only people the Rangers are fighting with nowadays. Attorneys for both the NHL and the Rangers are scheduled to meet Friday afternoon concerning control over on-line operations. The Rangers are suing the league for full control of its website, being the only team out of the 30 in the league who have not yet relinquished their controls over to Bettman and the boys. Shouldn’t Madison Square Garden worry about a losing sexual harassment case involving a former Knick employee? Does anyone really care about their website? I guess if can’t win one fight… go pick another.

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Phillies and Mets Play For It All

After 161 games, the New York Mets and the Philadelphia Phillies are tied for first place in the NL East. If both win on Sunday, then the Phillies will travel to the Big Apple and play the Mets for the whole enchilada. This is playoff fever folks, what baseball is all about. The greatest part of this year’s playoffs is that its up for grabs without any clear cut favorites. One final prediction: a bench clearing incident on Saturday will drive the Mets deep into the playoffs.

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Career Over

Game over, words directly linked with superstar closer Eric Gagne. After a series of injuries or what some would call “unjuicing,” Eric Gagne thougth he would rejuvenate his career with the Texas Rangers, and now the Boston Red Sox. But after going from the most dominant pitcher to the only alternative, the Sox and their fans are now realizing what the rest of the league knew for a long time…this guy is done. On Tuesday night, in the thick of a pennant race, Gagne gave up 3 earned runs in the bottom of the eight and took the loss against the Blue Jays. His 4.18 era is probably not what the Red Sox signed up for. With the Sox struggling and the Yankees hot on their heels, this was a win they needed. Gagne better “tinker” with his mechanics or else he’ll get kicked to the curb before the Sox can say wildcard.

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Red Sox Roll the DICE

The first of a 3-game series at Fenway is currently underway against the Yanks and the Sox have decided to go with Dice K, the unphenom from Japan. This guy shot out of the blocks, going 8-2 but then struggled and entered tonight’s game with a very average 14-12 record and 4.40 era. Is this kid going to end up like Hideo Nomo, who went from rookie of the year to bag boy at the local grocery store, Hidekie Irabu, or any other Asian wonderkid who arrived to the majors with high hopes only to disappoint after the league figures them out? Well, its end of the 6th right now and the score 7-2. K had a decent outting and is watching the rest of the game from the dugout after getting into trouble. Eventhough he only gave up 2 runs, I’m not impressed with the 5.2 innings pitched, 5 walks and 4 hits. The Sox are going to need this kid to go deeper into the game come playoff time or else it’s World Series time for the Angels. Until then, domo arigato for the win, Mr. K (barring a late Yankee comeback.)…Ummm, I didn’t even get a chance to finish this post when the Yankees dropped 6 on the, thanks to who? Hideki Okajima. Need I say more. 8-7 Yanks.

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Buchholz Makes History

On the opening day of college football, when Lloyd Carr coached himself out of a job by season’s end, Red Sox rookie pitcher took some heat off of the Michigan program. Clay Buchholz became the first Red Sox rookie to pitch a no-hitter against the Baltimore Orioles. Now I know it’s only the Orioles, but that’s still a major league team, and the no-hitter is still one of the rarest feats in any sport. To make his feat even more impressive, was the fact that this was only his second major league start, making him only the second pitcher since 1900 to accomplish this. More importantly it keeps the Red Sox five games ahead of the Yankees in the A.L. East. After losing four in a row, not to mention being swept by the hated Yanks, the Sox needed something and someone to rally around. Enter Buchholz, who wasn’t even supposed to start. Nine innings and no hits later, the Red Sox maintain their lead and quite possibly have been woken up by a week long slumber. The east might have been won tonight. Nothing like a benches clearing brawl or a no-hitter to galvanize a team and catapult them into the playoffs. Maybe I was wrong about baseball, it can still stir up some excitement when it wants to.

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AL Home Stretch

ATTENTION ALL FAIRWEATHER FANS: Baseball might be getting interesting again. Several key matchups slated for this week will keep viewers glued to the TV.


Showdown in the Bronx. Just when you thought the Yanks were gonna make a move in the standings they get lit up by the Angels and Detroit and now they’re 8 games out of first. Even if they sweep the Sox this week (which is highly unlikely), they’ll still be 6 games out which at this point of the season, with a lineup of tired, overpaid veterans is a recipe for disaster. Did someone see Joe Torre at the unempoyment line? AL East Champs: RED SOX


The Halos stole game 1 at Safeco on Monday as the Big Texan John Lackey proved why he is one of the top pitchers in the league. Tonight we have ex-Angel Jeff Weaver against Ervin “wish he was an ex-Angel” Santana. Did someone say “gimme $20 on the over?” Wednesday’s matchup of the better Weaver and King Felix should be a good one. AL West Champs: ANGELS.

AL Central

WHO CARES??? Cleveland is up 2.5 in the Central over Detroit who is hot their heals. Detroit just took 3 of 4 from the Yanks while Cleveland is busy manhandling the Twins (thank god the Twins won’t be wasting a playoff spot this year). Does anyone outside of Cleveland and Detroit even care about these 2 teams? The Angels or the Red Sox are going to be representing the AL in the World Series anyway. The good news for Detroit fans is that the NBA and NFL are right around the corner, on second thought, GO SHOCK!!! As for Cleveland, HAIL King James…

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