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Here’s my prediction, Lebron James is going to stay in Cleveland. All this hype, all this drama, all the build-up over the past 2 years and all we’re going to get is an anti-climactic ending. I”m going to be VERY disappointed if this Lebronathon has no surprise ending. I want to see a Lebron going to Chicago or New York. Hell, I’ll even take a Lebron headed to New Jersey. Cleveland is not a place where you want to live for the rest of your life, especially if you have all that money. Go live it up in New York. Make some history with Lebron. You’ll have the biggest city with the best fans under your control. I can see why he wouln’t want to go to Chicago, even though he would make the Bulls instant favorites to win it all. The King probably doesn’t want to be compared to Jordan the rest of his life. I might even consider going to the Nets. With their new billionaire owner, there’s no limit what this team can do. Plus, he’d be matched up with point guard Devin Harris and Brook Lopez. Not too bad of a consolation gift. If there’s any truth to Mo Evans banging Lebron’s mom, then I would expect the King to leave. But otherwise, I have a bad feeling that on Thursday, the Lebron pinata is about to break open and no candy’s gonna fall out.

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First day of NBA Free Agency and looks like the Knicks and the Nets got the jump on Lebron with the first meetings with the King. Seems like the Hawks are gonna give Joe Johnson a $120 million, 6 year contract. That’s gotta go up as one of the most ridiculous contracts ever.  I like Joe Johnson, but he’s nothing but a #3 option. This guy can’t lead a team to a Championship.  He didn’t do it with the Suns and hasn’t done it with all that firepower the Hawks have.

I am kinda pumped to see where Lebron is going. I’m gonna be very disappointed if this guy stays in Cleveland.  If I’m Lebron, Chicago or the New York is probably the best situation.  Chicago because they have the best chance in winning if Lebron goes there.  A Derek Rose/Lebron combo would be deadly for the next decade. New York would be a good choice because other than LA, its the best place to live.  I LOVE the city of New York.  Sure the Knicks are in shambles and sure they have a subpar front office. BUT… Lebron on that teams puts ’em straight into the playoffs.  If they re-sign David Lee and 1 more free agent (Stoudamire/Bosh/Boozer) the Knicks will be favorites to come out of the East. I’m not sure of the cap implications, but New York better make something BIG happen.

If I’m Dwayne Wade, I’m leaving Miami too.  Look at Kevin Garnett.  He spent most his life being “loyal” to the Timberwolves and got nowhere.  He finally left, and got 1 ring.  1 ring for possibly one of the greatest power forwards to every play the game is a SHAME.  Dwayne Wade needs to think about going to Chicago too. It’s a great fit for him.  Miami needs A LOT of pieces to become a real contender.

Chris Bosh is one guy who is definitely leaving his team.  This guy’s a stud.  He’s going to make his team an instant playoff contender, and if they are already, a finals favorite.  I see him going to either Miami to play with Bosh or the Knicks.  If I’m Bosh, money’s a secondary issue.  I look to see where Lebron and Wade land.  Teaming up with Lebron is the first choice unless Chicago puts out an offer he can’t refuse.  Playing alongside Wade is cool, but in Miami they’re nothing but a second round playoff bust.

I’m pumped about this offseason.  Hopefully, teams don’t blow their chances of landing someone big by panicking and pissing money away on the wrong talent. No offense to Joe Johnson, but he’s just not the man.  No offense to Darko Milicic, but why the hell would the T-Wolves offer him a 4 yr, 20 million offer?  This kid’s been in the league for 7 years, a #2 pick in the draft, and his best year, averaged 8 points and 5.4 rebounds a game.  This is why the T-Wolves suck.  Not Darko’s fault, just managements fault.  Congrats to Darko for getting his.

P.S. I would love to see Dirk Nowitzki end up somewhere else.  He’s a good players in a bad system.

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Andrew Bynum Out for Eight Weeks

Possibly one of the hardest things the kid has to go through. After dislocating is kneecap a few days ago, Lakers centerthe sweet garden onthebuzzer.com Andrew Bynum has been told that he could miss up to eight weeks. Just when the kid started turning things around, this happens. Bynum’s season was turning for the better, after his teammate Kobe Bryant threw him under the bus in the off-season. Bynum was averaging over 13 points and 10 rebounds per game this season. Not bad for someone everyone thought should have been traded to New Jersey for Jason Kidd last year. His absence will be missed, as the Lakers will have a problem filling in those numbers. We all know what Kwame Brown isn’t capable of, and his backup Ronny Turiaf, well let’s just say he has heart. The Lakers are gonna realize just how valuable this kid is. As for Kobe, he better send Bynum some chocolate and flowers from the sweet garden and hope he gets well soon.

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Passing of the Torch: Kidd to Paul

onthebuzzer.com chris paulIt’s official, in only his 3rd year, Chris Paul has become the best point guard in the NBA.  That’s right, over Steve Nash, Jason Kidd, Deron Williams, and whoever else you can think of.  On Monday night, the 5-2 Hornets traveled up to East Rutherford and victimized the New Jersey Nets.  In addition to scoring the game wining bucket, Paul tallied 27 points, 7 assists, 6 rebounds, 3 steals and a partridge in a pear tree.  On the year, he’s averaging 18 ppg, 11 apg, and 3 steals.  Sure it’s only 8 games into the season, but in a weak east, the Hornets have a decent chance of making the playoffs, as long as they stay healthy.  Once in, who knows what’ll happen (see Warriors).

P.S. did I mention I had this guy on my fantasy roster in his rookie year.

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MIA: Ben Wallace

Has anyone seen Ben Wallace?  It seems that the NBA season has begun and I for one am still waiting for a Ben Wallace sighting.  onthebuzzer.com ben wallaceSure the Bulls won on Thursday against the Detroit Pistons-bravo, bravo. But their problems are far from over.  Their “center” who was acquired a few years ago has failed to contribute this season.  In 5 games this season, Wallace has a TOTAL of 17 rebounds and 15 points.  Let me repeat that, a TOTAL of 17 rebounds and 15 points, not per game, TOTAL. I know, I know all you Bulls’ sympathizers out their will say that he’s injured, his ankles hurting.  Well you know what, then sit down, get better and then play again.  Mach bravado aside, playing injured just hurts the team.  Wallace’s main job is to pull down boards, but when you’re only averaging 4.3 per game, that’s not going to cut it. At 33 year’s old, Wallace ain’t getting any younger.  The time for the “young” Bulls is now, I’m not going to say the “K” word, but pull the trigger Paxson, if you know what’s good for your team.

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Chicago Bulls: The Skiles is Falling

onthebuzzer.com los angeles clippersMy continuous rip on the Chicago Bulls seems to be more and more justified as the days pass by.  On Tuesday, the Los Angeles Clippers traveled to Chi-town and took it to the Bulls, 97-91.  Anytime you let Cuttino Mobley score 33 points, you definitely have problems.  I bet you Kobe could have contained him.  Now the Bulls are 0-4, and oh yeah, Pistons up next. Can someone say 0-5.  This team needs a shakeup in a bad way.  The best player in the league is available, all they have to do is give up Luol Deng.  Chicago fans, I know you’ve missed his “airness” and have been looking for the heir. Well guess what, he’s here in LA, unhappy, and looking for love somewhere else.  What a shame it would be if the Lakers management and Kobe kissed and made up.  Yeah, yeah, what a shame…

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Bulls: We Don’t Need Kobe-Losing is OK

onthebuzzer.com jordan statueUmmm, let’s see, an 0-3 start to the season, one loss to New Jersey (which is a good team) and then to Philly and Milwaukee? Are you kidding me? I’m wondering when GM John Paxson is going to admit that he has made a mistake and pull the trigger on this trade. The Bulls will probably win their next game, hosting the Clips. But let’s be realistic, no Kobe=No Championship. The season should be considered a failure if they don’t make the NBA finals. Maybe that’s just me being hard on them but the truth hurts. I’ve said it before, I don’t want Kobe to leave LA, but the Bulls have no logical reasoning for not making this happen. Unless there’s something going on behind close doors, I would trade Luol Deng and co. in a heartbeat. Oh well, the saga continues. Watch out when the Lakers host the Bulls on 11/18 at Staples, by then the Bulls should be 3-5, not the promising start everyone expected.

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New Jersey Nets: Is this Kidd Ever Gonna Act his Age?

onthebuzzer.com jason kiddSomeone follow Jason Kidd, I think he’s found the fountain of youth.  On Halloween, this guy dressed up as the best point guard in the league and led his New Jersey Nets to a victory over Chicago Bulls in overtime 112-103. His line, 7 points, 13 ass, 8 rebounds.  Sure the points can use some help but he only shot 4 times. Oh yeah, did I forget to mention his 5 steals.  Year in and year out, I think that this Kidd’s gonna slow down and yet he comes back with the same fury he had when Joumana would piss him off.  I passed on him on my fantasy league, and then he gives me the finger and averages 9 assists a game. Let’s not go crazy here, but at 34 years young, this Kidd’s still one of the top point guards in the league.  Too bad he’s stuck on the Nets.

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