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Hawaii Warriors Split the Uprights

No Colt Brennan, no problem. The University of Hawaii Warriors marched down the field with under 2 minutes left and kicked a 45 yard field goal TWICE (of course only 1 of them counted) as they continued their quest for a perfect season. They are now 10-0. I’ll admit, I didn’t watch most of the game, just the final drive. But I did see some bushleague moves and bad clock management on the Nevada side of the ball. With Hawaii coming out to kick the potential go-ahead field onthebuzzer.com university of hawaiigoal on 4th down and 50 seconds left, Nevada coach Chris Ault chose note to stop the clock with one of his two timeouts (and give his team extra time to come should the kick go through). Instead, Ault waited until the clock wound down to 15 seconds and called 1 of his 2 timeouts, y’know to ice the kicker. After the 1st timeout, out came Hawaii kicker Daniel Kelly and sunk the 45 yarder to put them up, but HOLD ON, Ault called his 2nd timeout. See the difference between NFL and NCAA is that in the pros, one team can’t call 2 timeouts in a row. After the 2nd timeout, Kelly came out again, cool as the other side of the pillow and BLASTED it through the uprights. It would’ve been good from 80. Unfortunately for Nevada, bad clock management left them with only 11 seconds after the ensuing kickoff, and off go the Warriors to a 10-0 season. As for Ault, the timeout move is cool only when it works, but when it doesn’t, you look like a poor sport and a loser… Fitting huh???

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