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This was the Kevin Garnett that I once loved.  The “Big Ticket.” Truly one of the best power forwards to every play the game.  Inside, outside… all around. The best player to ever don a Minnesota Timberwolves jersey (though that’s not saying much). He was humble, respected the game. Now he’s with the enemy, the Boston Celtics.  Three years ago, this guy brought some toughness, some hope for the Boston Celtics.  First year with his new team, 1 ring.  3rd year, back to the Show. He’s turned that humility into swagger, confidence.  Some might say he’s taken it too far with the gangsta attitude. But the only thing that matters right now is the next 7 games.   This guy is gonna pose the biggest problem for the Lakers.  Ron Artest should be able to contain Paul Pierce.  Kobe Bryant should be able to keep Rondo in check.  Cancel out Bynum and Perkins (although I actually think Kendrick Perkins is actually a tougher player).  But the problem is going to be the PF slot.  KG has been playing like he’s 15 again. He’s gonna pull the Spaniard out, kill him from range.  Then as soon as Gasol steps out to guard him, Garnett’s gonna put in on the ground and go past him.  He can also post up Gasol and is a bjillion times tougher and more intense than Gasol. This series isn’t about flashy.  This is gonna be a dirty series, a bloody knuckles series.  I’m hoping I see a new Gasol this series.  I’m hoping that the Lakers give Pau a chance to establish himself against KG. Maybe even throw it down on the ticket. Because if you don’t punch the bully in the mouth, he’s gonna take your lunch money. And in this case, this lunch money’s worth about a year’s worth of bragging rights and something blingy for your ring finger. And if the Lakers don’t pull it out, I’m gonna be seeing nightmares of this guy’s mug for the next year.

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This is for the (LAKER) Haters

kobeWow!  Talks about a Magical performance. The Lakers put down a royal ass-whooping last night against the Magic.  I’m a firm believe of “you live by the three, you die by the three” and that’s exactly wh at the Magic did… died that is, 8 for 23 from distance.  All week, everyone’s been talking about how the Lakers are gonna have problems matching up against the quicks of the Magic. What about the bigs of the Lakers?  I’ll take size over speed ANY day.  Who’s gonna guard Gasol when Bynum’s in?  Who’s gonna guard Odom when Gasol’s in?  Forget Kobe, he’s unstoppable.  By the way, BIG MISTAKE giving Jameer Nelson those minutes.  You don’t think it’s affecting Rafer Alston’s play?  If you don’t, then you don’t believe in team chemistry. I’m gonna give some love right now to someone I’ve been hating on for ages… LUKE WALTON.  He’s not longer the worst player in the league, let alone the Lakers.  That title goes to Sasha and Jordan Farmar, who combined yesterday for 0 points in 18 minutes of play. I think the last Lakers  solid point guard was Magic. Not that it matters right now anyway becasue the way the Lakers are playing, they can take on the Magic 4 on 5. P.S. not into the Kobe gritty teeth look.

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