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The Greatest Walks Away

onthebuzzer.com john schuerholzIt’s the end of an era in Atlanta with John Schuerholz stepping aside as general manager of the Atlanta Braves. Schuerholz will move to his new position of team president and his hand picked successor, Frank Wren will take over. On a personal note, I am sad to see him leave. Schuerholz broght credibility to the Braves that had never existed. The Braves are an elite franchise, but few people remember before Schuerholz and Bobby Cox, the Braves were a laughing stock. After 17 years, 14 division titles, 5 penants, and 1 World Series championship, the Braves are heading into a new direction. They have failed to make the playoffs for the past two years, and the ownership is still in disaray. However, watch out for Schuerholz in his new role, if it’s up to him, the Braves will be back on top soon and his fingerprints will be all over it. Players have come and gone in the past 17 years, but one constant has been Schuerholz up in the press box. It will be strange to not see him there, but as a fan I feel the team is left in good hands and we would like to wish him the best and and thank him for years of winning and dominance. We’ll miss you John Schuerholz and you swindling all those other general managers in deals.

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Torre Could Still Be Back If…

onthebuzzer joe torreThat was the statement sent out by the Yankees on Friday. Joe Torre could still be back but he might have to take a pay cut. Torre was the highest paid manager in baseball earning 7 million. Since the Yankees lost in the division series to Cleveland, all indications have been that Torre would be out, however they have left him spinning in the wind waiting for his fate. If Torre had any pride he would walk away from the Yankees and tell them to shove it. He gave them 12 great years, taking all the crap that came along with it, and he should get a bit of respect. At the end of the day baseball is still a business and the Yankees should do what is best for their club, whether that’s with Torre at the helm or without. Torre should put his ego aside and grow some balls. The fact of the matter is Torre eats up the lifestyle that comes with being the manager of the most famous sports franchise in America and I doubt he will walk away. In fact, I think they may have to drag him out. So if it takes a pay cut for him to stay, I think he’ll take it and make up some crap about how his taking a pay cut will help the team’s payroll and give them the best chance of winning. So we might not have seen the last of teary eyed Joe.

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Scott Shoeneweis Joins List of Steroid Users

Scott ShoeneweissLefty Scott Shoeneweis of the Mets joins the list of those who received steroids. The same doctor, Ramon Scruggs of CA, not to be confused with newscaster Newwy Scruggs, also provided them to his ex-teammate Troy Glaus. Another day, another athlete exposed. Its just a matter of time before we find out that there are more on roids than off of it. I hope all those roiders are revealed so we can move on. Unfortunately, I have a feeling that some of the users are among my favorites. That’s when it’s going to hit home. For now, not many now of Scott’s existence. As such, he should just go away quietly. On a bright note, maybe he should have shared his love juice with the rest of the Amazins so they wouldn’t have choked themselves out of the playoffs.

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Stay Classy San Diego

The news just keeps getting worse for fans in San Diego. After the Chargers lost again on Sunday, the Padres received another blow as their best hitter, Milton Bradley is done for the season after tearing his ACL. It gets worse. He didn’t tear it running down a fly ball or crashing into the fence. He tore it after he had to be restrained by his manager Bud Black, while trying to go after first base umpire Mike Winter. The story is that Winter provoked Bradley by calling him a piece of crap. If that is true then Winter should be suspended, but because he couldn’t control his temper, Bradley will be watching from home. Black tried everything to hold back the volatile Bradley, until they fell awkwardly onto the ground. The Padres were cruising this past week, but now are only a 1/2 game up on the Phillies for the NL Wildcard. They’ll have to do it without Bradley, who will likely miss a portion of next season too. When will these guys ever learn? Bradley just doesn’t get it. We’ve seen this before from Bradley too, always erupting at umps, fans, and players alike. It’s only a matter of time before he argues himself out of the league. There’s just no room for his antics anymore and it seems fitting that some bonehead incident like this would happen to Milton. If only someone had dealt with his anger issues early on, he wouldn’t be in this situation now. So good luck to the Padres the rest of the way, San Diego needs some lovin’ right now.

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#100: DODGerING the Playoffs

Wheeewwwwww, that was a close call. The Dodgers almost made the playoffs. While not mathematically eliminated, getting swept in a 4-game series by the Rockies just about stuck the nail in the coffin. With 6.5 behind the Padres for the wildcard and 9 games left, you can start packin’ boys. At least falling out of contention saved themselves from embarrassing 1st round exit by whomever they would’ve played. It’s a good thing though, I would have hated the Dodgers to be mistaken for a team with heart, pride and toughness. Now that the truth has unfolded, we know that they’re just a bunch of overpaid bums that will amount to nothing unless major changes are made. Ned Colletti and Grady Little are just the tip of the iceberg. The offense is filled with minor leaguers and has-been veterans in Kent, Nomar and Gonzo. The pitching needs to be rebuilt around Penny and …I’m done, can’t rebuild Chavez Ravine in a day (or an offseason). One way ticket to Anaheim please.

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Bond’s Calling the Kettle Black

Barry Bonds is allegedly disgruntled by the actions of Marc Ecko and his 756th homerun ball. In a PR stunt, Ecko has is collecting votes on the internet as to what he should do with the ball. “What he’s doing is stupid” said Bonds in an interview. Hmmmmm, as stupid as sticking a needle in your ass to save your career? As stupid as denying sticking a needle in your ass to save your career? I don’t think so. FYI: Nobody cares about your opinion. If you weren’t sooooo cheap, you could have purchased the ball yourself and stuck it up your ass, too. Instead, your criticizing someone for trying to capitalize on your homerun ball. By the way, your comments actually help Ecko. Enjoy the crown while it lasts (fits), A-Rod’s on 516 and only 32 yrs old.

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Career Over

Game over, words directly linked with superstar closer Eric Gagne. After a series of injuries or what some would call “unjuicing,” Eric Gagne thougth he would rejuvenate his career with the Texas Rangers, and now the Boston Red Sox. But after going from the most dominant pitcher to the only alternative, the Sox and their fans are now realizing what the rest of the league knew for a long time…this guy is done. On Tuesday night, in the thick of a pennant race, Gagne gave up 3 earned runs in the bottom of the eight and took the loss against the Blue Jays. His 4.18 era is probably not what the Red Sox signed up for. With the Sox struggling and the Yankees hot on their heels, this was a win they needed. Gagne better “tinker” with his mechanics or else he’ll get kicked to the curb before the Sox can say wildcard.

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It Hurts Soooo Good

The struggle continues for the Red Sox as Frank Thomas goes yard 3 times on Monday Night. Thomas, who career most thought was done, has re-emerged with the Toronto Blue Jays. While the win doesn’t do much for the ‘Jays, it did cut the Sox’ lead over the Yankees to 3 1/2 games. Of course making the playoff is of the utmost importance, but if the Yanks don’t win the division, they’ll face the Angels in the first round. The same Angels who have owned the Yankees throughout the Torre era and have bounced the Yankees several times from the playoffs. Keep hurting ’em Bigs. See you in the Hall.

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The Summer Of Roids

So the steroids witch hunt continues in Major League Baseball. One by one the names of suspected users are trickling out. The latest players to feel the heat are Troy Glaus, Jay Gibbons, and this summer’s feel good story, Rick Ankiel. Just days after I finished praising Ankiel for his comeback and conversion from pitcher to power hitting outfielder, he has to make me look like a fool in front of all my loyal readers. I apologize, I won’t make the same mistake again. From now on, everyone is guilty until proven innocent to me. What saddens me the most is that all the warning signs were there. Here was a kid at his rope’s end, and of course he would be willing to do anything to stay in baseball, I think we all would. I’m not saying it was right, I’m just saying I’m not surprised anymore. MLB wants to meet with these players and discuss their link to a Florida pharmecy which supplied the steroids and HGH. I say who cares anymore. Legalize steroids in baseball and let’s see who can hit the ball the farthest, or throw the ball the hardest. It doesn’t even matter anymore. All the cherished records of baseball are falling on a daily basis, so what is there to protect. Now as Alex Rodriguez makes his run for history, should we check his ass for needle marks, or will he be the first “legitimate” player to hit 62 homeruns in a single season? Stay tuned, this story just keeps getting better.

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Children Behave

When did sports become so controlled that celebrating a huge come from behind victory is labeled classless? Everyone criticizes the NFL as the “No Fun League” because of their strict mandates against any type of celebration. Now we are ripping MLB as well for excessive celebrations? The Braves, the team in question, came back from six runs down against division rivals Philadelphia. All of this in the eight inning and beyond. Many of the runs with two outs. The winning runs came in on a bases clearing double by journeyman Matt Diaz. Many of these Braves players are young and weren’t around for most of the division titles. What’s wrong with a little youthful exuberance? Sports are supposed to be fun remember? The Braves had been struggling lately and this victory was well needed just to keep a glimmer of playoff hopes alive. So I say as long as you’re not showing up the other team, go on and celebrate, you deserve it. Next thing you know, they won’t allow fans to cheer in the stands, so enjoy it while you can.

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