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“Bitch”ell Report Reveals Mitches

george mitchell onthebuzzer.comDid I say that wrong?  Looks like the George Mitchell Report came out on Thursday and listed those athletes who have been juicing, cheating, or using some kind of enhancing substance. Surprise, surprise.  We got Roger Clemens who at age 40 is pitching better than ever. Who would’ve ever thought that? Eric Gagne and Kevin Brown who had roid rage written on their foreheads. Brian Roberts, Orioles 2b who never hit more than 5 homers quadrupled it in 1 year. The list goes on and on, with Tejada, Jiambi, Scheffield, Lo Duca, Ankiel and more.  I’m not gonna write about each guy, because I’d be sitting here in the midst of a storm of fury until next Tuesday. I will say this, keep ’em out of the hall, don’t taint the goods with these cancers.  Suspend them for what they’ve done in the past.  Let the youngins know that it won’t be tolerated. By the way, is it just me or was this anti-climactic?

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Detroit Tigers Hook the Big One

onthebuzzer.com miguel cabreraFlorida Marlins‘ superstar third baseman Miguel Cabrera has been traded to the Detroit Tigers.  After weeks/months of suspense for most of the league, the Tigers acquired Cabrera for a bunch of prospects.  Oh yeah, they got the Marlins to throw in pitcher Dontrelle Willis too. I guess the Anaheim Angels or Los Angeles Angels or whatever took the winter off after signing Torii Hunter to a ridiculous contract.  I’monthebuzzer.com dontrelle willis beginning to wonder to myself if this team is worse of than it was last year.  They let shortstop Orlando Cabrera and his bat go and now they lost to chance to compete in the powerful American League.  The Angels have always been reluctant to trade prospects for superstars which is the stupidest mentality.  I’m not saying purge the farm system.  But the window of opportunity for many of these guys is closing, i.e. Vladimir Guerrero, John Lackey.  The Angels’ lineup in the playoffs looked like a minor league team. I hope the Angels aren’t thinking about shortstop Miguel Tejada from the Orioles, as he’s on the down of his career and amongst those who have been accused of using the juice.  Then again, he might fit right in with the Angels, along with Gary Matthews, Jr. and Torii Hunter, a couple other guys past their prime. Angels’ motto, we like to overpay for overrated free agent. I’m an Angel fan and I’m pissed. GO GET JOHAN!!!

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Angels Going to Hell

The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim made the playoffs last year and lost to the Boston Red Sox.  Instead of addressing their weaknesses, they’ve decided to head in a different direction and trade away Orlando Cabrera for John Garland. onthebuzzer.com los angeles angels of anaheim Now I don’t understand this move.  They traded one of their top hitters, and possibly one of the best shortstops in a league for a guy with a 10-12 records and a 4.31 era. The last thing the Angels needed is another starting pitcher, as they’re already stacked with the likes of Lackey, Escobar and Weaver, among others.  I hope they’re not thinking about getting Miguel Tejada, a shortstop on the down of his career and who most (including this author) believe was on steroids prior to last year.  Now Miguel Cabrera, the 3b phenom from Florida, is the guy who will make everyone forget about Orlando, but I’m still not sure this puts the Angels over the hump.  If only they didn’t blow $50 mil on stupid Gary Mathews, Jr… Artie Moreno better clean up his act and start spending in the right places or else the Angels will end up like that other team in LA, awful and forgotten.

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