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Well, well, well… First, my apologies for picking the Heat in 6 (I meant to say Mavs). Second, congrats to the Dallas Mavericks.  Sans Deshawn Stevenson, it couldn’t have happened to a better group of guys.  I’m glad that Jason Kidd, Jason Terry, Tyson Chandler, Shawn Marion and Dirk Nowitzki all were able to get a ring.  They deserve it, they’ve been through a lot.  They’ve been labeled “soft,” “over the hill,” and “selfish” among others. They did the Heat like the Heat did them in 2006.  It must feel good to be this big of an underdog and come out on top, in convincing style.  I didn’t really root for either team at first, as I thought both had been through a lot.  But as soon as Wade and Lebron started pulling that coughing bullshit the day after a sick Nowtizki tore them up, my impartiality went out the door. I think the Heat need to draft some class.  Their team of talented players have no chemistry.  There’s no flow.  I’m not going to blame coach Erick Spoelstra YET.  But if they don’t win next year, time to kick him to the curb and bring in Riles, or dare I say Phil Jackson?  Anyway, great series.  I don’t have a problem with Lebron talking shit to the haters after the game.  Remember, he’s only 26 years old.  He did nothing wrong by leaving Cleveland.  What he needs to work on is his killer instinct.  If I was him, I pull some old Jordan tape and some Kobe tape, and watch it all off-season.  Remember those stories of Jordan fighting with teammates during practice or Kobe elbowing them during timeouts… Well, I have a combined 11 reasons (1 for each ring) why it worked. I’m concerned that Lebron, with all the god-given talent in the world, will never be.  He is very, very far from being Kobe or Jordan so please don’t us their names in the same sentence again.  Anyway, forget about the self-proclaimed king/chosen one, the Mavs are on top of the World.  What an omen that Jason Terry tatoo was.  Good thing they one.

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King James and his faithful followers have become an unstoppable force in the NBA. No Delonte West, no Mo Williams, no problem.  These Cavs are winning every time I look at the box scores.  My question to you, fellow audience, is the hell is going to stop Lebron James?  It’s not going to be Ron Artest… It’s not going to be Paul Pierce and I’m pretty sure it’s not gong to be Anyone from the Nuggets. The worst part, what the hell is gonna happen next year? Or the year after? The King is averaging ROYAL numbers, 30 ppg, 7 rpg, 8 apg. The funny thing is that he has no true supporting cast. No Pippen to his Jordan, no Gasol to his Kobe, no Abdul-Jabbar to his Magic (I could go on forever). Don’t give me an old Shaq or a broken down Ilgauskas. No one on the Cavs would start on 80% of teams in the league. I’m picking the Cavs to win the NBA Championship this year AS LONG AS Lebron does not get injured.  You can replace anyone else on his team with a chair and the King will prevail.  It’s just too bad that Shaq is gonna pick up another ring… dare I say… from the King.

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Does Anyone REALLY Care?

ept_sports_ncaab_experts-898244537-1239123691At guard, at 6-3, I mean 6-2 (listed), 180 lbs (mostly muscle, some baby fat), from the powerful University of Central Florida… MARCUS “AIR” JORDAN!!! Look, no offense to the kid, I’m sure he’s a good player, but if you’re not a blue chip recruit, I don’t give a F@#! The guy’s going to UCF to play ball for goodness sake  That’s right folks, the same UCF where NBA superstar Stan Kimbrough played.  The same Stan Kimbrough who played a whopping 13 games in the NBA for 3 different teams. Marcus’ other choices were Toledo, Iowa and Davidson, none of which made the big dance this year. This kid’s got some big shoes to fill.  Not sure what he was thinking choosing basketball as a career though. Can someone say pressure? It would’ve been cool though if Duke offered him a scholarship, add some salt to the story; father v. son, Duke v. UNC??? Oh well, this will probably be the last we ever hear from MJ…Jr. Good luck kid.

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MIA: Ben Wallace

Has anyone seen Ben Wallace?  It seems that the NBA season has begun and I for one am still waiting for a Ben Wallace sighting.  onthebuzzer.com ben wallaceSure the Bulls won on Thursday against the Detroit Pistons-bravo, bravo. But their problems are far from over.  Their “center” who was acquired a few years ago has failed to contribute this season.  In 5 games this season, Wallace has a TOTAL of 17 rebounds and 15 points.  Let me repeat that, a TOTAL of 17 rebounds and 15 points, not per game, TOTAL. I know, I know all you Bulls’ sympathizers out their will say that he’s injured, his ankles hurting.  Well you know what, then sit down, get better and then play again.  Mach bravado aside, playing injured just hurts the team.  Wallace’s main job is to pull down boards, but when you’re only averaging 4.3 per game, that’s not going to cut it. At 33 year’s old, Wallace ain’t getting any younger.  The time for the “young” Bulls is now, I’m not going to say the “K” word, but pull the trigger Paxson, if you know what’s good for your team.

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Chicago Bulls: The Skiles is Falling

onthebuzzer.com los angeles clippersMy continuous rip on the Chicago Bulls seems to be more and more justified as the days pass by.  On Tuesday, the Los Angeles Clippers traveled to Chi-town and took it to the Bulls, 97-91.  Anytime you let Cuttino Mobley score 33 points, you definitely have problems.  I bet you Kobe could have contained him.  Now the Bulls are 0-4, and oh yeah, Pistons up next. Can someone say 0-5.  This team needs a shakeup in a bad way.  The best player in the league is available, all they have to do is give up Luol Deng.  Chicago fans, I know you’ve missed his “airness” and have been looking for the heir. Well guess what, he’s here in LA, unhappy, and looking for love somewhere else.  What a shame it would be if the Lakers management and Kobe kissed and made up.  Yeah, yeah, what a shame…

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Bulls: We Don’t Need Kobe-Losing is OK

onthebuzzer.com jordan statueUmmm, let’s see, an 0-3 start to the season, one loss to New Jersey (which is a good team) and then to Philly and Milwaukee? Are you kidding me? I’m wondering when GM John Paxson is going to admit that he has made a mistake and pull the trigger on this trade. The Bulls will probably win their next game, hosting the Clips. But let’s be realistic, no Kobe=No Championship. The season should be considered a failure if they don’t make the NBA finals. Maybe that’s just me being hard on them but the truth hurts. I’ve said it before, I don’t want Kobe to leave LA, but the Bulls have no logical reasoning for not making this happen. Unless there’s something going on behind close doors, I would trade Luol Deng and co. in a heartbeat. Oh well, the saga continues. Watch out when the Lakers host the Bulls on 11/18 at Staples, by then the Bulls should be 3-5, not the promising start everyone expected.

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POLL RESULTS: Which Athlete Hung Around Too Long?

Brett Favre: 60%
Jeremy Roenick: 0%
WIllie Mays: 20%
Michael Jordan: 20%

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