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USC Trojans @ CAL Bears Roadtrip Recap

Does it still count as a road trip if we flew there? Well the ONTHEBUZZER Crew flew down to San Francisco on Friday November 9th to kick off their weekend. First stop off the plane, pizza and beer at a local spot, what else can you ask for?

onthebuzzer.com pizza and beer

A few brewskis and 2 extra large pizzas later, it somehow became Saturday, gameday. The beat down wasn’t scheduled till 5:00 p.m. but we decided to head to Cal early to “interact” with some of the “friendly” Berkeley students. We took the subway to downtown Berkeley, scalped 4 tickets at $40 a piece and there was no turning back. SC contingent is strong, and is everywhere; just like we expected. On our way up the campus to Memorial Stadium, we spot Tommy Trojan and decide to take a family pic.

onthebuzzer.com tommy trojan

It’s back to business, and what do you know, we found ourselves at the local pub again, this time decked out in our SC Cardinal and Gold. We discuss local politics along with current events in the world before we head to the gate.

onthebuzzer.com cal pub

A quick refill later, we enter the stadium and go straight to our seats, Blue Section, endzone, front row, right next to the SC Band, what else can you ask for?

onthebuzzer.com sc marching band

Reggie Bush, Reggie Bush, Dwayne Jarrett, Mike Williams: we’re ready to hit ’em from the ground and the air.

onthebuzzer.com front row seats

The view from our seats is unobstructed, can’t say the same for the Bears’ fans in the distance, who seemingly sit far away to assist them in their quick getaway.

onthebuzzer.com our view

Seems like the “real” fans like those Cal students don’t like the rain too much.

onthebuzzer.com cal seats

Gametime about to start, and the rain starts to pour. Cal shoots out of the gate with a 7-0 score after a Justin Forsett 17 yd touchdown run, the worrying begins. The ensuing drive, SC strikes back with a Booty to Havili 5 yds pass, tie game. Second quarter and the rain hasn’t stopped for a minute, most of us still stay in the rain despite the fact that we’re soaking wet. Halftime comes up and the Trojan’s are up 14-10 after a Chauncy Washington 36 yd td run.

2nd half begins and on their first series Trojans drive to the Cal 2, ready to stick the dagger before Washington fumbles and Cal recovers. Now were pissed, and were cursing Chauncy and everyone associated with him. Thank god for the SC D, who was the real unsung hero in this game, getting the stops when we needed them most. 3rd quarter comes to an end after a Longshore to Hawkins td pass that ties it at 17. The rain continues to hammer the fans and the players, and it shows with 3 total fumbles lost (2 SC, 1 Cal) and 2 pics (all Cal).

It’s 4th quarter, crunch time and everybody is nervous but the screaming hasn’t stopped. Nobody in the stadium has sat down for 1 second. Maybe it’s because it was a great game, maybe because their seats were wet, but who cares. Stafon Johnson punches in the go ahead touchdown with 7:38 left and the rest is in the books. onthebuzzer.com stafon johnson

Final score: 17-24, thanks for coming CAL. Whoops, that’s right, we came and beat you on your home field.
onthebuzzer.com final score

The weekend was everything we expected it to be and more. Much love to (1) the Trojan marching band, who kept the fans’ spirits of lively throughout the downpour of the rain; (2) Chauncy Washington and his 220 rushing yds; (3) SC defense for coming up with the big plays when we needed them; (4) Stafon Johnson for the go-ahead td and the post-game celebration with the fans; (5) the rain, with SC bringing the THUNDER, someone had to summon the rain; and finally (6) the California Golden Bears, for not being good enough. WHOOO-WHOOO, WHOOO-WHOOOO!!!

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Trojans’ Defense Shuts Down Beavers

onthebuzzer.com usThe ONTHEBUZZER crew once again made their appearance at the Trojans‘ home game this season, this time against the Oregon State Beavers. We tried to go get to campus this time around noon for the 5:30 game. Instead of tailgating with the burgers and dogs and the works, we decided to mix it up; straight to the liquor store, bought a case of brew, some corn nuts, seeds and boom, we’re on SConthebuzzer.com song girls campus. Hanging around, messing with the homies, just in time for the band and the song girls to arrive and get the12th man prepped. 5:30 and game time comes around, though noone really seems worried about the game except those fans who remember the Beavers shocking the Trojans last year or the same Beavers handing Cal their first loss of this season. It’s always easier to go to a game when you know you’re going to win. Unfortunately for the educated Trojans contingent, that feeling has not been there this year, especially after the loss to Stanford. The quarterback controversy also isn’t helping. Pete Carroll decided to start John David Booty on Saturday. I think Mark Sanchez didn’t get a fair shake. He was put in a lose-lose situation. Did anyone really expect SC to win at Oregon.

onthebuzzer.com trojanBack to the game and at the end of the first quarter, the Trojans were hanging on to a 3-0 lead. The defense stepped up in the 2nd quarter and forced some key turnovers. Just like that, 24-0 after a couple of John Booty td passes. And that was the final score as well. I gotta be honest with you, the Trojans offense is average at best. The running game was not consistent, the wide receivers can’t make plays and the quarterback play is sub par. Booty continuously missed receivers open downfield. He failed to lead the team to 1 long drive in the entire game. If it wasn’t for this defense coupled with was revealed as a worse opponent, the Trojans would have had their hands full. But oh well, a win is a win. We’re off to CAL, the annual ONTHEBUZZER road trip. If you run into us, holla!!! Remember, WE ARE SC; WE ARE SC; WE ARE SC!!!

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Back to Booty

On Thursday, the USC Trojans announced that they will start John David Booty at quarterback on Saturday against the onthebuzzer.com john david bootyOregon State Beavers. No offense Trojans but it ain’t gonna make a difference.  The season is lost.  Us fans expect a championship.  Not that Booty is much of an improvement if any, but Sanchez got a raw deal.  He was put in a lose-lose situation, starting him at Oregon against a tough Ducks team. At least the team responded to Sanchez.  Let’s see if the Trojans can pull of a convincing win over the Beavers. How about trying to change the offensive playcalling? Ummmm, let’s see, a roster with 10 or so running backs.  Let’s try some smashmouth football. Sure it’s predictable, but it works. Stop with the fancy playcalling and just get the job done.  No endarounds on 4th and 1, no going for it on 4 and 3 or 4.  Kick the ball, put of the points and just win.  Let’s go baby, S-O-U-T-H-E-R-N, C-A-L-I-F-O-R-N-I-A, southern Califoooorniaaaaa.

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Ducks Rip Trojans

onthebuzzer.com pete carrollSeason over, thanks for coming… The Oregon Ducks handed the USC Trojans their 2nd loss of the season, and this one burns the most. Oh how the might have fallen.  No more National Championship talks for the Trojans, the first time in 5 years.   Not only will the Trojans not appear in the title game but they also won’t be in the Rose Bowl either.  With a 3-2 conference records and a 6-2 overall record, a lot of things have to go right for the Trojans to even be able to tailgate at the Rose Bowl, let alone be play in it.  With a poor running and passing game, the Trojans have A LOT of retooling to do to compete next season. Their quarterback play is their biggest question mark and needs to be answered before they can get back to the top.  But for know, time to put the Trojans to rest, it’s time for a new king in the Pac-10, Hail to the Ducks? (I don’t know, just doesn’t sound right). It’s a sad day in collegiate sports today…

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Dear Pete Carroll;

onthebuzzer.com sc crewThat’s us 2 years ago at Cal. Yeah, we waxed the Golden Bears then. We were sooo happy, sooo innocent. Reggie Bush, Lendale White, Matt Leinart. Pounding every opponent in sight. Good times, good times. You spoiled us. How times have changed. Now we’ve lost to Stanford and are in the midst of a good old fashion quarterback controversy. Booty or Sanchez? Sanchez or Booty? You heart tells you Sanchez, but you feel bad for Booty. Let me tell you what us, that’s right US, Trojans fans think. Over the past 2 weeks, the Trojans have looked like they’ve improved, they look like a different team. You’ve given us a reason to wipe the tears away, a ray of sunshine in a sky of uncertainty. They’ve given us fans hope that they can run the table and take down Cal, Az State and Oregon. Sure it might be farfetched, but we’re blind and we need you to lead us. Shutting down Notre Dame 38-0 was sweet, and I’ve never seen the defense play that well this year. I’m not dissing Booty, we know what he’s done for the organization. He had his chance and now it’s time for a change. Injured finger, healed finger, just give him the finger. No one is entitled to start, remember? YOU GOTTA EARN IT BABY!!! Booty lost his job, the injured finger is just an excuse for the reporters. We want SC to succeed. It’s all we have here in Southern California. The fans, the team and the city have rallied around Sanchez. We have rallied around Sanchez. Don’t succumb to the pressures of the job, START SANCHEZ. We’ll take the fall if they lose in Oregon this week. We won’t blame you, Sanchez or the team. We’re hurting, we’ve been wounded and we are vulnerable right now. Heal us dammit!!! Remember WE ARE SC! WE ARE SC! WE ARE SC! We know you’ll do the right thing. You haven’t failed us yet.

Very Truly Yours,


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SC’s Sanchez Looking Booty

onthebuzzer.com usc trojansThe box score: 19 for 31, 130 yds, 1 td and 2 picks.  If I didn’t know better, I would’ve thought John David Booty was in the game.  This was the line for Mark Sanchez.  The third year sophomore has waited a long time for his chance and this is what we get? What a buzz kill.  The talk on SC campus all week was how this guy was gonna come in and be the hero, the godsend. But if you’ve been following Sanchez, you’ll know that he’s only played in garbage time and is a poor man’s Booty, as sad as that is.  I’m not a Booty fan by all means, nor Sanchez, but these guys were the top quarterbacks in the nation coming out of highschool.

onthebuzzer.com fred davisThe Trojans better look to pound the ball 90% of the time if they want to make it to a BCS game. Emanuel Moody is laughing somewhere in Gainesville.  Sure they squeaked one out against Arizona this weekend at home, 20-13, but are you kidding me?  The mighty Trojans are heavy favorites going into every game but have have had problems putting away teams all year.  What happened to that roster of RBs 10 deep? What happened to Patrick Turner and Vidal Hazeltine?  Thank god for TE Fred Davis, the only Trojan who can consistently hold on to the rock. Arkansas transfer Mitch Mustain better be ready to play ball next season, because the job is being handed to him.  With  Cal loss this week, lets hope that SC has enough in the tank to get by the Ducks and the Bears.  The odds of making the  title game doesn’t look good, but I’ll take a Rosebowl appearance as a consolation prize.

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