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Steroids-Marion Jones-What a Surprise

Steroid needle

Marion Jones

Another day, another athlete confession. This time it’s track superstar Marion Jones. These 2 photos should be synonymous with each other. I read it in “Game of Shadows” and was wondering why noone came down on her publicly. I’m not a big book reader and I’m not a fan of plugging crap, but this book is great, especially the part that names names. Victor Conte, the Clear, Barry Bonds, it has it all. I have a new idea, no more referring to these con artists as athletes. Let’s keep it simple and call them CHEATS…. Marion Jones an athlete, forget it. She’s as much of an athlete as I am a scholar. I’m calling her and her medals a fraud. Take away the medals, give them to whoever, burn’em for all I care. Just don’t let her keep it. Imagine all the people she conned; the other athletes, the Olympic officials, the fans, the talk show hosts, her endorsements… The list goes on and on. We should start a hall of shame for all these cheats who have “accomplished” great feats in life. We can place her bust right nest to Barry Bonds’ and Jason Giambis’. Stay tune for the next CHEAT to reveal himself/herself. The saga continues…

By the way, Jones is coming out with a sequel to her book “See How She Runs,” it’s called, “See How She Injects Herself With a Needle and Lies to Everyone.” They’re still working on the title.

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