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Miami Heat concluded their season today with a parade in South Beach.  Lebron’s first title, and probably not his last.  I’m not saying that he’ll get to 7 or 8 rings but my guess is that he’ll end his season with about 4. Dwayne Wade’s on the down of his career.  Mike Miller will never play like he did in game 6. Shane Battier still has some fight left in him.  Chris Bosh still has it. Mario Chalmers surprised me with his play. Nevertheless, they’re gonna have to face a Derrick Rose and his Bulls, a season Kevin Durant and the Thunder, and dare I say, the Clippers? Okay, wishful thinking with that last one but tell me that with a healthy Chauncey Billups and a Clipper squad that has 1 year under its belt, these guys aren’t gonna make some serious noise next year? Anyway, with the NBA season officially over, time to head into the dog days of summer and the country’s official pastime, baseball.  Yawn…

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Blake Griffin is ready.  Rumors have this guy practicing at 100%.  I’ve been waiting for this kid to explode into the NBA since last year, but he got bit with the Clippers curse, injuring his knee in the last preseason game.  There were rumors of Blake returning to the Clippers during the regular season but apparently, the extent of his injury was never disclosed to the public.  Not until the Clippers shut him down for the remainder of the season.  When this kid was drafted #1, every person in the Clippernation thought and actually believed that he was the missing link, the key in turning this sinking ship around. Franky, I didn’t blame them.  He was tearing it up in college and preseason.  He had an NBA physique and a humble, blue collar attitude.  A starting lineup with Baron Davis, Eric Gordon, Blake Griffin, Chris Kaman and Rasual Butler is a 5 that can match up with any team in the league.  Let’s hope that he’s beaten the curse so the Clips can give those guys across the hall a fight.

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Kobe BryantOpening night of the NBA and the Los Angeles Lakers went right back to work, disposing of the Los Angeles Clippers 99-92.  This game wasn’t as close as the score shows, as the Lakers were up double digits in the first quarter.  The Clippers made a few runs througout the game, cutting the lead to even 1 point but you can tell that they were never gonna pull it out. It was nice to see everyone get their championship rings prior to the game.  Hope they can get one for new Laker Ron Artest this year. As for the Clippers, sad to see Blake Griffin starting his career on the injured list, let alone as a Clipper.  Hope he doesnt turn into a Danny Manning/Shaun Livingston/bust. I’m looking at this Clippers team and other than Eric Gordon (and Griffin), there’s no one on this team that plays with fire, the love.  We all know the history of Baron Davis, Ricky Davis, and Marcus Camby, a collection of selfish athletes.  Then again, I guess Mr. Donald Sterling doesn’t really give two shits about this team, considering they’ve had only 2 winning seasons in over 20 years. Back to the Lakers, it’s gonna be a fun year, especially when Pau Gasol returns from the sore hammy. I don’t know what sucks more, the Lakers’ bench or Baron Davis?

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blake griffinAnd with the #1 pick, the Los Angeles Clippers take…any hopes of winning.  Thanks for coming Blake Griffin.  This is the cellar of the NBA, this is the Clippers.  Don’t worry about those other guys across the hall, we don’t mingle with them.  I can’t help but feel sorry for college studs that go to NBA teams that don’t care.  Blake Griffin is gonna learn that losing isn’t easy in the NBA, even if you’re getting paid. The Clippers are stacked (in a bad way) at the PF and C positions.  They’ve got mercenaries Marcus Camby, Zach Randolph, veteran Chris Kamaan who all demand big minutes.  Al Thornton hasn’t seen a shot he doesn’t like.  Baron Davis plays like a 50 year old.  If the Clippers are interested in saving Griffin’s career and possibly the name of the franchise, they’d should start making some serious moves. Starting with getting rid of B-Diddy, Camby and Randolph and build around Eric Gordon and Griffin.  I know that’s a mouthful but they never should’ve taken on these contracts.  Baron and Camby have no heard.  Randolph is a cancer. I like point guard Mike Taylor, but only as a back-up.  He’s a good spark-plug off the bench. Fred Jones needs to go.  He’s a little to “streets” for me. Steve Novak can straight out shoot.  Oh yeah, get rid of Mike Dunleavy.  Mr. Coach/GM just doesn’t mesh.  He just omits fumes of loserness. Getting back to Griffin, it’ll be interesting to see if he can dominate in the bigs. Gives me a reason to watch Clipper games, at least for a couple of weeks.

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Clippers Do a Little Spring Cleaning

ruben patterson onthebuzzer.comAlright, I just needed a reason to put this picture up. The first right move the Los Angeles Clippers have made all year.  On Thursday, they waived F Ruben Patterson.  The self-proclaimed “Kobe Stopper” has averaged 5 points and 3 boards all year in limited action.  Looks like he’s also a Ruben stopper as well. I’m glad this guy is off the team.  He wasn’t a good fit for a team that was actually filled with a bunch of good guys.  You don’t need one bad apple to ruin the bunch.  I’m sure the Rube will get picked up by some team in need of, hmmmm…., ball/towel boy?

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This Clipper is Sinking

onthebuzzer.com los angeles clippersAfter a hot start (4-0) to the 2007-08 season, the Clippers have lost their last 4 of 5 games and have a record of 5-4. Now this might be good enough for the Eastern Conference but it’s not cutting it in the West. On Saturday night, the Clips dropped another game, this time to the struggling Chicago Bulls, at Staples. A lot of people, including some guys at ONTHEBUZZER, wrongly believe that the Clippers have a chance to make some noise in the West. Everybody take a deep breath, because I’m about to spit some truth right now: the Clippers suck, and here are 5 reasons why:

  1. Chris Kaman: I know, he’s having a great year, but it’s Chris Kaman for heaven’s sake.
  2. Ruben Patterson: that was a bad sign. You only face Kobe 4 times a year, what do the Clips do with him for the other 78 games?
  3. Sam Cassell: time for grandpa to hit the media booth.
  4. Al Thornton: the rookie has been a bust so far.
  5. Elton Brand: no Brand = no chance.

* honorable mention goes out to Mike Dunleavy (born loser) and Tim Thomas (now that was a great sign)
I wonder how good the Clippers would be if they traded for Allen Iverson last year? Oh well, who needs him, we got Shaun Livingston.

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The Clipper Stopper

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse for the Los Angeles Clippers… On Thursday, 8/30, the Clippers signed the one and only self-proclaimed Kobe stopper, (drumroll please) Ruben Patterson. Why or Why??? First Shaun Livingston goes down (which some might consider a plus), and then Elton Brand for the most part of next season. What does Elgin Baylor do to remedy the situation; “fill” the position with a talentless, registered sex offender who can’t shoot or dribble but has limited Kobe to an avg. of 30 points during each of their head to head contests. After careful review, I figured out the logic to this madness; Baylor’s trying to outdo Kupchak and earn the title of worse GM in the league.

The Clippers are headed down a familiar path and someone needs to flip a bitch quick. They’ve already made a long term committment to Kaman, whose 10.1 ppg and 7.8 rpg are worth every penny of that 5-year, $52.5 million contract extension. The loss of Livingston, his 6’7, 182 lbs overrated frame and an aging Cassell leaves them without a true PG. How the “Rube” fits into the puzzle is mindboggling to me. Add that to the Clippers’ other additions as of late (i.e. Aaron Williams, Tim Thomas, Cat Mobley), I’m reminded of the Clippers of old. The good old days, worse records in the league and disappointing #1 draft picks. AHHHHHHH, I miss you Lorenzen Wright, Mo’ Taylor, Olowokandi, and Darius Miles. I feel a sense of nostalgia and find myself holding back tears, I mean, wait a minute, there’s something in my eye, I gotta go..

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