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kobe bryantAnd that’s at Staples by the way.  We all forgot about the woes of the Lakers. After finishing off the season last year with a Championship, no one particularly recalled how they got there.  Remember the losses to Indiana, Sacramento, Miami, Charlotte, Pihlly, Charlotte AGAIN? Remember how many times the Lakers lost a game that they were supposed to dominate?  Well, fast-forward to tonight against the Dallas Mavericks, a team that hasn’t beaten the Lakers in the last 6 visits. Can’t say the Lakers were looking to the next game, because that woud be against the Hawks who are supposed to be heavy underdogs. My take on this loss, it was a clinic on why basketball is a team game (see Mavericks) vs. a street game (see Lakers).  The Lakers played the entire game like they were at Rucker Park, all one-on-one.  Kobe forcing shots from the beginning, going 6-19.  Sure he scored 20 points but he missed more than %66 of his shots, rarely got his teammates involved. When he did, they couldn’t capitalize.  Ron Artest clearly isn’t comfortable YET with his new team as he shot 1-6 and was in foul trouble most of the game.  He even picked up a technical to spice things up.  Finally, the Lakers’ bench.  What to say.  Jordan Farma dribbling the ball of his leg, Jordan Farmar throwing the ball away in a key stretch in the 4th quarter. Sasha taking an off-balance 3-pointer (missing of course). I don’t ever want to see Mbenga or Luke Walton on the court…EVER.  These guys don’t belong in the NBA. I’m not saying it’s time to panic but they’re gonna need to nip this in the bud.  As for all you psychos out there that think that they’re gonna beat the Bulls all-time record, stop.  It ain’t happening.

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