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Another Bonehead Move by the Kansas City Royals

kansas city royals onthebuzzer.comAnd that’s why folks, they’re one of the worst and have been one of the worst franchises in Major League Baseball. The Mitchell report came out last week and named a bunch of former and present players who have taken ‘roids, HGH and other “helpful” substances.  So what do the Kansas City Royals do, they reward OF Jose Guillen with a $36 million contract.  The message they’re trying to send, “cheating pays.”  How about “we don’t care about character.”  Jose Guillen has been one of the biggest cancers in the MLB, and it’s a sad day in baseball when the bad guys win. The Royals will be Guillen’s 9th team in 11 years.  Hmmmm….I wonder why? Well, Royals fans won’t have to worry about Guillen affecting their team’s performance, with a record of 69-93, you really can’t get worse.

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