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Hip-Hip, Jorge! Hip-Hip, Jorge!

posada.jpgWell, at least one thing has gone right for the New York Yankees. Jorge Posada has agreed today to a $52.4 million, four year contract that keeps the catcher off the free agent market and in a Yankee uniform for at least 4 more years. With Torre and A-Rod moving on, Posada, who has been with the Yankees his entire career, and Rivera have become New York’s main focus. Unfortunately for the Yanks, they have yet to come to terms with Mariano Rivera. Rivera, an eight-time All-Star who turns 38 on Nov. 29, was in the Dominican Republic on Monday, and the closer said if he couldn’t reach a deal with New York, he would consider following manager Joe Torre to the Los Angeles Dodgers. He is expected to receive a three year contract, but whether he accepts still remains to be seen.

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Offseason Full Of Questions For The Yanks

yankeesGeorge Steinbrenner had the mandate yesterday, win or don’t come back, and now the Yankees are headed into the offseason with more question marks than the Riddler’s costume. Joe Torre speaking like a man who’s been beaten by the Indians and by his own boss, referred to the the Yankees as “they” as in “they have a great future.” Mariano Rivera is a free agent and was visibly upset at the Yankees for not negotiating a new contract with him during the season. However, Rivera is 37 and showed signs that he was human this year, and with Joba Chamberlain waiting in the wings, do you give the aging closer a new multi-year deal? Jorge Posada is another question mark. Coming off one of his most productive seasons, but he is 36 and you wonder what the life span is for a catcher at that age. Roger Clemens proved to be a high priced bust and maybe he can wander off into the sunset and take his place in Cooperstown. Then the big question, do you sign Alex Rodriguez? Coming off a year in which he is a lock for MVP, ARod will certainly opt out of his contract and seek God like money. The Yankees took a stance and said they would not resign him if he tested the market, but I see them wavering on that one and opening up the bank for quite possibly the greatest player of our generation. Finally will Joe Torre be back? Don Mattingly has been groomed to take over, and if you listen to the Boss, Torre has already cleaned out his desk. But we have heard these idle threats before. Remember last year when ESPN.com reported that Torre was out and Lou Piniella would be the new manager? We all saw what happened there. Steinbrenner isn’t the same man and some say he suffers from dementia, so we’ll have to wait and see. I for one am looking forward to the offseason and all that will ensue.

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