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Detroit Lions Cut Matt Millen

President Matt Millen was “released” by the Lions on Wednesday.  Shocking!!! And it only took 7 years for Lions’ management to figure out that he sucks at his job.  No offense to Mr. Millen, I’m sure he’s a great guy, but a football brain he’s not.  I hate to play Monday Morning Quarterback but this guy should’ve never been hired.  A former linebacker, Millen is a huge reason why this franchise has been suffering for so many years. For starters, they wasted numerous #1 draft picks (4 of last 6 years) on wide reciever after wide reciever, Mike Williams, Carlos Rogers, Calvin Johnson, Roy Williams. Their offense is run by an over-the-hill, glorified backup quarterback in John Kitna.  The running game has been in shambles since Barry Sanders retired. I won’t even get started on the defense.  How many years can you go without making it to the postseason? A 31-84 record during Millen’s tenure is simply unacceptable.  I hate to see anyone lose their job, but this might be best thing that happens to the Lions. Don’t get me wrong, the Lions are far from being contenders.  But baby steps, baby steps…

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World, Mr. Turner; Mr. Turner, World

Just in case you don’t know who MIchael Turner is, now you do.  He’s been a  backup for the Ladanian  Tomlinson of the San Diego Chargers for the past 4 years. He only played in mop-up duty and actually did a pretty decent job.  The knock on Turner, however, was that he was too small, only 5’10, 244 lbs. Most felt that he wouldn’t be able to withstand the beating of a starting running back in the course of a year.  Well, enter 2008 season, game 1 against the same old Detroit liions: how do 220 rushing yds and 2 tds sound to you? What makes it more amazing is that everyone knew that he was going to be the focal point of this offense, especially since the Falcons were starting rookie qb in Matt Ryan and have a scrappy bunch of no-name wide receivers. I hope this isn’t a fluke because Turner is one of the few “good guys” in the league.  We won’t really know ’till mid-way point of the season whether Turner is the real deal.  I’m thinking all those fantasy geeks owners are kicking themselves right now (except for those who drafted).

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Fantasy Football Playoffs; Round Two

superbowl trophy onthebuzzer.comIt’s all about matchups. I survived round 1, and the only reason was because I was the top seeded team playing against the eight seed. If I played any other team, I would’ve been outty. But now it’s round two, 1 win away from the money, forget about my team’s poor performance last week. Thursday night’s game had my opponent playing Jay Cutler and Brandon fantasy football onthebuzzer.comMarshall, who decided to tear it up. 23 points later, I’m already in the hole and looking forward to Sunday. Anxious a bit too. The good: I got Derek Anderson hosting the Bills (I need at least 3 tds from him). Randy Moss v. the Jets and Terrell Owens v. the Eagles, both at home, both should pay dividends (especially after T.O.’s quiet week 14). Ryan Grant against the Rams, I’ll take that too. Dallas Clark at the Raiders, I smell endzone. The Bad: Eli Manning at home against the ‘skins, I’m worried. This guy hasn’t played well since week 1. Fargas at home against the Colts, worried about the Colts focusing on him. X-factors: Steven Jackson and Torry Holt at home against Green Bay??? How about the Baltimore D at Miami, can they shut down or will me picking up Baltimore jinx them and give Miami their 1st win. My opponent isn’t too shabby either. Aside from the two Broncos mentioned above, he’s got Kitna and K. Jones at S.D. Housh at S.F., GB defense, Addai at Oakland and Driver and Hines. I like my players’ matchups more than his and my yahoo fantasy says my team should take it. I’m still worried as I should be but it’ll make my Sunday interesting. Worse case scenario, I play for 3rd base and my money back. I don’t want it, I want the gold, cup, ring, whatever you wanna call it. FOCUS, FOCUS.

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