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And the award for “Most Overrated Team of the Season goes to…” And the award for “Earliest Exit” goes to? When is Jerry Jones going to pull the trigger and fire head coach Wade Phillips? When you have so many penalties and turnovers, one has to wonder if the players are being kept in check? The Cowboys schedule only gets worst.  I think it’s time they throw in the towel (although it seems like they have already).  Don’t get me wrong, they’re not mathematically elimated but there are some coaches out there that are born losers.  I’m sure Wade is a good guy but I’m talking about his coaching skills.  Look at what Norv Turner has done and is doing in San Diego.  NADA! Another one of those underachieving teams, as the Chargers lost to rookie Sam Bradford and the Rams. Both Chargers and  Cowboys have been Superbowl contenders for years but their window is closing FAST! I know Jerry Jones is against firing head coaches in mid-season but if he has any hopes of hosting the Superbowl this year, he needs to make an exception and let Wade go. Until then, they can kiss the playoffs goodbye.

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So Cowboys’ diva wide receiver Dez Bryant got caught.  He refused the rookie hazing in the offseason by carrying Roy Williams’ pads. Instead, he got stuck with taking the whole team to dinner, for a whopping $54,896.  WOW!  First of all, I wouldn’t carry Roy Williams’ pads either.  He’s probably one of the biggest disappointments when it comes to top draft picks.  A college standout, this guy hasn’t amounted to shit in the pros.  As for Bryant, I don’t think I wanna make my bones by not fulfilling a longtime a NFL ritual. Carry anyone’s pads for pete’s sake.  The sad part is that while $55k is a drop in the bucket for all these athletes and a BIG joke, Bryant could’ve actually done some good by donating the money to charity.  But then again, these are the Dallas Cowboys, a roster filled with overpaid and underachieving athletes. After 3 games this season, he’s only got 158 yards TOTAL and no touchdowns (and don’t come at me with that punt return touchdown; that’s not what the Jerry Jones game him $8.4 million in guaranteed for).  But at least they got a win.  Not bad for a team everyone was picking to make it to the Superbowl.

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The Dish

satelliteThe biggest game in the NFL this week, and quite possibly the second biggest game of the season, will not be watched by two thirds of the population. Dallas vs. Green Bay will only be seen on the NFL Network, and the NFL network doesn’t do basic cable. That means the Governor of Wisonsin won’t be able to watch it from his home because he only has basic cable, and that means that the majority of NFL fans will have to go to a sports bar or a neighbor’s house that carries the dish. All of this is just another nail in the coffin that was basic cable. Cable companies had a monopoly for such a long period of time, but now the tables have turned, and as a satellite t.v. client myself I couldn’t be happier. The bigger picture here is how the richest and most powerful sport league in America needs to blackmail it’s fans. Why wouldn’t you make one of the biggest games of the year available to the masses? Does the NFL need more money? Jerry Jones, owner of the Cowboys had a simple message to those complaining, “get the dish”. I will be relaxing in my home watching the game, and all of our loyal readers at Onthebuzzer.com are welcome to join me. Until then, NFL fans will just have to watch the thousand other games this season on basic cable. Sorry guys.

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