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Advice to NFL Teams Headed to Playoffs

I’m no NFL genius, nor have I ever been confused for one.  However, in watching football for most of my life, I’ve realized that nothing good comes out of week 17, at least for the teams that have already locked in a playoff spot.  I’ve crutches onthebuzzer.comheard teams give reasons like not wanting to lose momentum or sending the wrong signal to the non-star athletes.  These guys are professionals, they know which players are replaceable, no need to trick them. Colts, Chargers, Jags, Seahawks, Buccaneers, Packers, Cowboys, rest your guns. You have too much to lose by playing them in week 17. You noticed I didn’t include a couple of teams who have already clinched: the Patriots, who are looking for a perfect season, should play their starters then pull them when the game is out of reach; the Steelers, too late as your Superbowl dreams went down with Willie; Giants, doesn’t matter because they don’t have a chance either way.  With that said, I’m sure no one will listen to my advice, but afterwards, they’ll regret their decisions, and all you’ll be hearing is “those ONTHEBUZZER guys were right.”

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