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What’s Wrong with Peyton Manning?

Ok folks, I’m officially concerned.  Peyton Manning threw 4 picks yesterday in huge loss to the Dallas Cowboys, at HOME! Peyton look nervous during the game and did have that “air” of confidence.  I have a bad feeling that they’re not going to make the playoffs which would be a shame.  Who wants to see the Jaguars win the conference (outside of Jacksonville-ians)? I think I know what’s wrong with Manning. First, they have no running game. Their lead rusher is a guy named Javarris James with a whopping 6 carries for 18 yards.  Donald Brown and Mike Hart and assy.  Defenses are not respecting the play-action pass and we all know how easy it is to defend a one-dimensional team. The second problem are their receivers.  Peyton’s favorite target Dallas Clark is out for the season.  HUGE! I know he’s just a tight end but most TE’s are a quarterback’s safety blanket.  Manning and his receivers don’t look like they’re on the same page.  Outside of Reggie Wayne, they have no receivers that can kill anyone.  And I don’t wanna hear about Pierre Carcon and Blair White. My last point I wanna make is 34.  Maybe Peyton’s getting old? Maybe his passes are 1 second too late? I don’t wanna jump the gun here but if they don’t make the playoffs, do you draft a quarterback in the first round to prep him in 3-4 years? Forget it, let’s not even talk about it.  The Colts face the Titans 2x, the Jaguars at home, and the Raiders. If they run the table, they sneak into the playoffs.  Don’t count out Manning yet.

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With the NFL season about to start, it’s time to pick my Superbowl favorites. But first we have to differentiate from the pretenders I’m not going to analyze every team but there are some out there that people need to get over.  The NY Jets for example are one.  Having been a USC fan for ever, I can tell you New Yorkers that the Mark Sanchez you saw last year isn’t going to get better. They got hot and lucky at the end of the season and made a respectable run in the playoffs. But if you want my opinion, they won’t even make the playoffs this year.  The Vikings are another team that will end up with a disappointing season.  Even if Brett Farve comes back, there’s no way he’s gonna play better than he did last year.  Assuming he doesn’t get too banged up in the regular season, I have a feeling that the Vikes aren’t going to be that offensive juggernaut they were in 2009.  Everyone’s picking the Cowboys to go all the way this year.  Clearly they haven’t realized that their #1 WR Roy Williams is an overrated diva.  Marion Barber has taken a beating over the years and it showed last year.  Their quarterback Tony Romo is a B+ at best and their coach, Wade Phillips is a joke. As for the rest: the Falcons and Ravens(not there yet), Chargers and Patriots (window closing fast), and the Steelers (too many off-field issues).

I hate to be THAT guy, but I love the Colts and the Saints to repeat.  Hear me out. The only thing both teams have done over the offseason is get healthier.  All the offensive weapons are there.  Each team has the best quarterback in their respective conferences.  Both teams play in the dirty South  where they’ll be able to rack up some easy wins and gain home field throughout the playoffs. I do have one sleeper pick, the Green Bay Packers.  I have to acknowledge my mancrush on QB Aaron Rogers.  He’s quickly become one of the smartest and accurate passers in the game.  The key to winning in this league is a stud at the helm.  A solid defense is huge, but look at the last few Superbowl winners: all quarterbacks at the top of their respective games.

NFL season is right around the corner and for those of you who gamble on football spreads, there’s no better time.  Aside from Monday Night Football, the games are all on Sunday giving you all week to research and prep for your “locks.” While there are thousands of online gambling sites, one of my favorites is PointSpread.com.  They even have preseason spreads just in case you can’t wait till the regular season kicks off in September. Are you ready for the football?!?!?

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Peyton Manning: Best Quarterback EVER!

Is there any doubt?  Whatever happens this weekend, it doesn’t matter.  He’s already won a ring.  Noone ever doubted Dan Marino’s skill as a quarterback and he never won the big one. If I’m starting a franchsie, this is the guy that’s going #1.  He’s never injured ala every other quartback in the league.  He never makes a bonehead play that costs his team the game (see Brett Favre). He’s not into individual accomplishments. The biggest reason why he’s so good… he’s a student and fan of the game.  Plus, he’s funny as heck in his commercials. Make no doubt that having two weeks before the Superbowl, Peyton Manning will be the hardest working player and coach in the Colts locker room. I would love to see this guy be a head coach one day in the future.  But until then, let’s enjoy history in the making because all of you who are reading this article and love the NFL can tell their kids and grandkids one day that they were alive when the greatest quarterback ever played the game.

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I Hate the Chargers

That’s all there is to it.  When this team first started gelling a few years ago, I was all for them.  Ladanian Tomlinson, Philip Rivers, Antonio Gates, Marty Schottenheimer.  But for some reason, throughout the years, my love and passion for this team has turned it disgust. As  soon as they fired Marty, blaming him for a horrible playoff loss after multiple players mishaps, this team went from heroes to zeroes. A bunch of overrated, underachieving pre-madonnas. They talk shit (Rivers) and expect everyone to bow down to them when they haven’t proven NADA. The only guys that was ever respected on this team was Lorenzo Neal, who is no longer with the team. They don’t back each other up when the going gets tough (L.T.).  Well, guess what, they lost at home today to the Indianapolis Colts.  This was a MUST-WIN game for them.   They”re 2 games behind the Broncos, who just got waxed by the Oakland Raiders. The AFC West is a freakin’ joke. 3/4 teams are WELL under .500 and the division leading Broncos are whopping 6-5. With that said, whoever comes out of this division is a guaranteed first round and out.  I’m not sure what I’d rather see, the Bots not making the playoffs or the Bolts getting waxed in the first round. I’m thinking the former.  Thanks for coming Chargers. Here’s a prediction for the rest of the league: Norv’s gonna hang for this.

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LOCK of the Week

Let’s not ruin a good thing, but going 3-0 is actually a personal best. I have to admit, this week’s games were all toughies (if that’s actaully a real word).  But here we go, my LOCK of the Week comes from another NFL game, this time it’s the Indianapolis Colts -3 at the Houston Texans.  Let me tell you something, the Colts v. the Texans is like USC playing Oregon State… O.K., bad analogy.  On a serious note, there’s no way the Colts go to 1-3 on the season.  Peyton just needs to get his groove back following offseason surgery. The defense doesn’t have to have a stellar game to beat Houston.  The Texans on the other hand, are 0-3 and just aren’t ripe yet. They got pounded by Pittsburgh and Tennessee in weeks 1 and 2 and suffered a 3 point loss at home to the Jaguars. QB Matt Schaub has a 75.5 quarterback rating and while there is some promising young talent on the team in RB Steve Slaton, this team is still a couple of years away from being a serious competitor. Listen, when you’re 3-0 on the season, you don’t question it. Take it, bet on it, win it, and enjoy it.

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Bye Bye Donovan McNabb

onthebuzzer.com a.j. feelyEveryone saw what the Philadelphia Eagles can do without Donovan McNabb.  Sure they lost against the Patriots, but then again, so did the Indianapolis Colts.  On Sunday night, A.J. Feely, in his first start since 2004, went into New England and put up a fight that McNabb could only dream of. I’ve been saying it all season, time for this guy (Donovan) to go.  The Eagles need to trade him and get some marquee player(s) or draft picks for him. Westbrook is tearing it up, but his days are numbered.  That Philly defense is not what it used to be.  The wide receiver corp needs major help. Forget this season Philly, think next year, and think about getting rid of McNabb and his cancerous attitude.  Plus, I hear there’s a recall on all Campbell’s soup.  Try Cup of Noodles…

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Damn You Adam Vinatieri

onthebuzzer.com adam vinatieriYou killed me when you were the Patriots, splitting the uprights for every clutch field goal kick there was. All I ever asked for was 1 miss. Forward to Sunday night at San Diego, Colts down big after 5 of 6 Peyton Manning picks. The undermanned champs didn’t give up, clawing their way back to within 2 and then the chance to put them in the lead with under 2 minutes left, essentially ending the game.  But nooooo, a 29 yard chip shot proves to be too much for you as you push the kick wide right, WIDE RIGHT! WIDE RIGHT! The loss sends the Colts to 7-2, and virtually no chance of getting home field against the Pats in the playoffs.  Not only did you screw your team, but you helped your former team. Coincidence, hmmm… What many don’t realize is that you hurt the Chargers as well, by helping out Norv Turner.  This guy was on the verge of the unemployment line after Adrian Peterson went wild on them last week.  Another loss would’ve have surely had the masses calling for his head.  The fans were starting to boo him in the 4th, then you saved his ass by missing.  I hope you can sleep at night, because their are Chargers and Colts fans around the world looking for you.

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Patriots Move on to 9-0

How did the Indianapolis Colts blow this one? They were up 10 in the fourth quarter but the Patriots kept coming.  They maintained their cool and marched (with ease) twice down the field and scored touchdowns in the final 8 minutes.  I’m not reonthebuzzer.com tom bradyady to crown them, but heck, who’s going to beat them?  The only positive note that came out of this game for Indy is that Marvin Harrison didn’t play, so they have an excuse. Other than that, looks like the road to the Superbowl will go through New England.  I will say that the Pats’ offense and defense was superior to that of the Colts.  The Colts just ran out of gas after starting the game with so much energy and enthusiasm.  They sacked Brady and continued the pressure in the 1st half.  But in the 2nd, the pressure disappeared.  I wonder if Marvin can play some defense too?  Indy better go back to the playbook because even with Addai gettin 100 rushing and 100 receiving yards, they still fell short of a win.  With that said, show some class Belichek, and I’m talking about your post game handshake with Tony Dungy!!! On the plus side, please go 16-0 so we can stop seeing shots of those ’72 Dolphins popping champagne.

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onthebuzzer.com peyton manning tom bradyThe first thing I did before writing this article was check the line. I was expecting a pick ’em. To my surprise, the Patriots are favored by 5 at Indy. Are you kidding me? What the heck is going on here? Marvin Harrison is expected to play in the game. Joseph Addai is back after going crazy last week. Last time I checked Peyton Manning is still pulling the trigger. And are the Colts 7-0? Let’s flip sides here, you got a sickening, almost nauseating Patriots offense that can’t seem to stop itself from scoring. So I know how we can figure out the winner, time for an ONTHEBUZZER breakdown:

QB Manning v. Brady (push)

RB Addai v. Maroney (edge Colts)

WR Marvin/Wayne v. Moss/Welker/Stallworth (edge Pats)

TE Clark v. Watson (edge Colts)

O-line: edge Pats

Def: edge Pats

I hate to admit it, but since the game is won in the trenches, looks like the evil Pats will prevail…

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Indianapolis Colts Flying Under Radar

onthebuzzer.com peyton manning

Don’t look now but the Indianapolis Colts just walked into Jacksonville and reminded them who the boss is in the AFC South.  While everyone’s talking about the Patriots and how they are demolishing teams, the Colts have quietly won a few of their own.  On MNF, the Colts went into Jacksonville and showed everyone why they’re the reigning champs, with a convincing 29-7 victory.  Remember the Colt’s weak spot, their D? No need for concer; 2 int, 1 ff, 1 safety, and allowing only 7 points isn’t too shabby, especially when it’s on the road.  The true test for both the Colts and Pats will come on November 4, when Indy hosts New England.  There’s no difference between these 2 teams.  On paper, the defenses are the same. They’re 1-2 in offense.  Get ready for quite possibly the best game you’ve ever seen.  It’s too bad they can’t face each other in the Superbowl and it’s too bad these guys can’t just play each other 16 time in a row with the winner taking the title. But for now, the road to the Superbowl still runs through Indy, until Nov. 4 at least. P.S. did I tell you how awesome Peyton Manning is?

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