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The Electric Backslide

So Alex Rodriguez and the New York Yankees are playing nice again, and reports are that the two parties have been in negotiations the past few days. What the @$%*? I thought Hank Steinbrenner came out and blasted ARod in the press after he opted out of hisarod contract. Wasn’t ARod booed mercilessly in New York? Won’t he always be second fiddle to Derek Jeter? I guess money talks and bullshit runs a marathon. Reports have it that the Yankees are willing to pay ARod $275 million over ten years, however the catch is that they don’t want to deal with Scott Boras, ARod’s agent. Looks like Rodriguez might throw his agent under the bus to get the money he wants. This is the same agent that got Rodriguez his last record setting contract, and now how soon they forget. We always knew ARod was spineless, but show some loyalty man! It’s not all about the money. Did I just say that? Take a little less, go play for the Angels where you’ll be happy. We won’t boo you here when you fail in the playoffs, we’re just happy to be there. You won’t be second fiddle to anyone on the team, Vladimir Guerrero doesn’t speak English and doesn’t really speak for that matter. If ARod ends up back with the Yankees it will be pathetic on all counts. Steinbrenner threw him out with the dirty bath water and now he backslides and negotiates with him. Let’s just hope this is a p  loy to drive up the bids by other teams.

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