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And With the First Pick of the Draft, the Portland Trail Blazers Select:

So the Portland Blazers have decided not to re-sign Greg Oden. The #1 pick in the 2007 draft, Greg Oden is possibly and probably one of the biggest NBA draft busts.  Plagued with injuries, Oden hasn’t amounted to much. He didn’t play his rookie year, 61 games in 2008, 21 in 2009 and so far a big donut for 2010. Remember, the Blazers picked Oden over Kevin Durant in the ’07 draft.  Doh! I would fire everyone in the organization that contributed to that decision. Imagine a Brandon Roy and Kevin Durant combo… OK, now stop imagining because it’s never going to happen.  I gotta be honest with you, I’m a little disappointed with Oden.  I remember him in college, when he broke his arm and still played, shooting freethrows with his left hand. I told myself, this guy’s a soldier. And look at him now, looking like a WWI soldier.  Big men in this league are at a premium. And it’s too bad that this kid couldn’t get it together.  I myself thought that Oden would be better than, gulp, Andrew Bynum. Not that Bynum is that spectacular.  Both injury prone, both far from their peak.  But heck, at least Bynum is only injured 50% of the time.  Oden’s a long distance away from those Ohio State days but maybe if he can get his act together, he can resurrect his career.  Actually, forget resurrecting, let’s hope he can salvage it. I’d give Grant Hill a call. And if I was Oden, I’d give Hakeem Olajuwon a call.  Dwight Howard and Kobe Bryant did.  I’m betting Oden could use some help down low in the post, all 7 feet, 285 lbs of him. Oden’s supposed to be back late November. Let’s cross our fingers. Maybe he’ll be most improved player… Maybe not.

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And the #1 pick of the NBA draft is…. John Wall of the Kentucky Wildcats. Hearing those words must be euphoric. Something finally went right for the Washington Wizards.  After a tumultuous season with all the Gilbert Arenas and Javaris Critterton debacle, this team, THIS CITY, finally is headed the right way.  First, the Nationals’ Stephen Strasburg surpasses all expectations and now Wall. It’s a good time to be living in the nation’s capital. Wall averaged 17 points, 4 rebounds and over 6 assists a game in college.  Sure it’s not the NBA, but this kid’s projected to be a star and I’m a believer.  I also like the rumors about Washington acquiring Kirk Hinrich from Chicago.  This kid’s a true point guard and has that “I hate to lose” attitude. Alongside a scorer like Wall, it would be a smooth transition from Derek Rose. For Chicago, it frees up cap space for the Lebron James sprint about to start in a week. If I’m Washington, I try to move Gilbert Arenas as soon as possible, maybe try to get a big man.  I wouldn’t want Arenas and his gangsta bullshit to touch or even be in the same room as Wall.  Remember when Portland gave away Zach Randolph after they drafted Greg Oden?  Hopefully, we’ll never mention Wall and Oden in the same sentence again.

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Dear Mr. A. Bynum;

Lakers Clippers BasketballFirst off, I would like to express my sincere apologies.  For what you ask-for doubting you.  For doubting your heart. For doubting your talent. For doubting your potential. I admit it, I cheated on you with Greg Oden. Yes, it’s true that I was the person that said “Oden WAS better than you.” I admit it, I was confused. I smokin’ some bad shit. It felt soooo good.  He [Oden] dropped 24 and 15 on the Nets. It just made things blurrier. But I never loved him.  He didn’t mean anything to me.  And then, without any warning, you dropped a nuke on my heart and the Clippers for that matter: 42 points, 15 rebounds and 2 blocks. GEEEEEZZZ!!! It doesn’t mattter that it was against the 9-32 Clippers.  And I’m sure it doesn’t matter that it was against a depleted Clippers’ team without Camby, Randolph and Kaman.  I mean, Brian Skinner and DeAndre Johnson are just as worthy of an opponent.  I seem to be going off in a tangent again.  I just wanted to say sorry for doubting you. Remember the good times we used to have. If there’s room, I’d love to puchase a pass on the Bynum Bandwagon. Maybe we could even hang together. What d’ya say Dru? I mean, Mr. Bynum. Hit me up sometime, my number’s listed. Did someone say M-V-P! M-V-P! M-V-P!



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Welcome to the NBA Greg Oden

459017852_6d4723045bRemember this guy? Dare I say he’s back. I think? Anyway, it’s about freakin’ time.  I’m sick of defending Greg Oden to my friends.  I remembered him in college, tearing it up with a broken hand. Then came the NBA, landing on the injured list his rookie year, microfracture surgery.  Enter the ’08-09 season full of promises and dreams, and el stiffo has been nothing but a disappointment, showing flashes of brilliance every full moon or so.  Bynum or Oden, Oden or Bynum.  I stuck by Oden, even through the ridicule of all my peers.  And, as if someone has been listening to my prayers, bring on the fat chicks of the NBA, the slumpbusters, a.k.a. the New Jersey Nets.  Career high 24 points and career tying 15 rebounds.  Throw in 2 blocks and 2 steals and whala!!! Nice game.  Now if you’re reading this Mr. Oden, you can’t have another big game the next time a shitty team comes around.  You gotta play big every minute of every game, like maybe against the Cleveland Cavs on Wednesday. That’s the only way I’ll, I mean you’ll get the respect you deserve. We know you got it in you buddy, maybe your second year in the league might be a good time to show it? Nothing says “I’ve arrived” like back to back double doubles. I’d ask for a triple-double but that might be pushing it… Baby steps, baby steps.

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andrew-bynumYes.  So far, so good.  That’s what I’m labeling him. Last year, everybody was chanting that Bynum is solid.  Bynum is dominating. Bynum is the next Shaq, no, no, better than Shaq.  Well, I’m coming out and saying it, he’s a freakin’ bust. I’m not saying he sucks.  He’s just not that superstar that everyone (except me) thought he was/is going to be.  He’s a dunker, that’s it.  But the worst kind too, one that can’t bang on someone.  Last year when he was piling up his “career” stats before he got injured, most people didn’t realize where he got his points from.  Not from a sexy drop step or a fadeway J ala Hakeem the Dream or even a hook shot.  How ’bout Kobe drives and Kobe dishes? Kobe commanding a double/triple team, leaving Bynum open…for a dunk. Heck, he’s the fourth option, at best on the team today.  He doesn’t get playing time during minutes that count.  He’s usually on the bench sulking and has even resorted to complain in public. I’ll give him credit, he gathers a bunch of boards, but at 10 points a game, a superstar he ain’t. I had a discussion with a friend the other day about who’s better, him or Greg Oden. I truly think Oden has greater upside. At least he tore it up in college and will hopefully return to form. The new debate between these two will be who’s buster, Bynum or Oden? I hope these stiffs prove me wrong. Or else we’ll be forgetting about the Sam Bowie debacle.

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Hey Lakers Fans!!!

Portland this, Portland that… Look what happened on opening night as the Los Angeles Lakers waxed the Portland Trailblazers, 96-76.  The same Trailblazers that were supposed to be “serious contenders.”  The same Blazers that have waited over 1 year to see big man Greg Oden take their team to the next level.  I’m not judging them yet, but this team (Blazers) has a way to go. They’re young and inexperienced.  They might sneak into the playoffs, maybe… But they’re going to need more than Oden’s 0-4 shooting. As for the Lakers, not bad.  I thought they might come out in true LA fashion and make this one close.  But not if the Kobster had something to do with it.  I guess the Lamar Odom experiment is working, so far.  I do expect more from Bynum though. Let’s just call it rust.  As for MY Lakers, avoid major injuries and the Championship is as good as ours…

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Lucky #14

portland trail blazers onthebuzzer.comOK, it’s supposed to be 13, but technically, their streak ended at 13 games.  The Portland Trail Blazers‘ win streak ended at 13 games on Monday as their bid for 14 fell at Salt Lake City against the Utah Jazz, 101-111. No big deal, everyone’s gotta lose at some point.  But the true test for these youngsters will be their next game.  Will they bounce back or start a losing streak of their own? Luckily, their next opponent is the worst team in the league in the Minnesota Timbewolves and then they’ll face the Bulls right after. So let’s go Blazers, we’re all rooting for you.  Well, all except Wolves’ and Bulls’ fans I guess…

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Blazers On A Roll

brandon roy onthebuzzer.comJail Blazers no more, Portland Trail Blazers they are.  On Friday, led by last year’s rookie of the year phenom Brandon Roy, the Blazers won their league leading 12th game in a row.  No Greg Oden, no problem.  A lot of people were thinking this team was going to tank when their #1 draft pick Greg Oden went down in the preseason. Tim Duncan/David Robinson combo? Not this team.  The Blazers are looking to make a playoff appearance.  The young guys want some post season experience, with or without their franchise big man. Don’t get me wrong, this team still has a long way to go.  At this point in the season, they have the 8th best record in the West.  They might not make the dance at the end of the year.  But watch out for them next year, when Oden returns and gives these Blazers a true inside presence.

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Al Horford: Not So Fast Durant

And the Rookie of the Year award goes to…hold on, hold on.  All preseason, everyone’s been talking about Kevin Durant and onthebuzzer.com al horfordGreg Oden and how they are the best players to come out of college.  Then when Oden went down, the ROY award was practically given to Durant before he even stepped on the court.  Durant is having a good year, especially for a rookie. But there is one guy out there that might give him a run for his money, that’s Atlanta Hawks power forward Al Horford.  Coming out of college champion Florida, Horford was probably the best players out of that team.  As of Tuesday, Horford is averaging 8.5 ppg and a whopping 9.8 rbds.  If this guy improves on his scoring and averages a double double on the season, he’s got a great chance to be the top rook.  No offense to Durant, but Al is also throwing in 1 steal per game and almost 1.5 blocks per.  So while the Hawks are flopping, their will be one bird on this team flying high…

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Durant Durant

onthebuzzer.com kevin durantEver since old man Oden’s injury sideline him for his entire rookie season, Kevin Durant and the Seattle Sonics have been the talk of the league.  Everyone’s expecting this guy to cruise this season and win rookie of the year. I gotta be honest with you guys, because you deserver it – I got my doubts.  Don’t get me wrong, I like Durant.  (Here it comes) BUT, I don’t think he’s going to be able to hang on the defensive end.  I said it in our Sonics Preview after my colleagues ripped on me. Coach P.J. Carlesimo has decided to start this kid at the 2 spot.  How is he supposed to hang with those quick 2 guards? He’s already been lit up by Kevin Martin of the Kings in his preseason debut? Durant is too tall and lanky to D-up a 2 guard, and too lightweight to hang with a power forward or a small forward.  So before everyone labels this guy the next coming, let’s make sure he can at least bench his weight.

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