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Captain Jack: Ahoy Matie

onthebuzzer.com captain jackWho would’ve ever believed it?  Not this writer.  I scoffed at the idea of the Golden State Warriors making Stephen Jackson their captain before the season began. Then he started the season missing thestephen jackson onthebuzzer.com first half a dozen or so games and the Warriors went 1-6.  He returned, and so did their fire, going 9-2.  The Warriors have the 7th best record in the league and still have some ground to cover.  If they stay strong and get home court for at least the first couple of rounds of the playoffs, who knows how deep this team can go? As for the man with the “C” on his chest, 22 points, 5 rbds, and 4 assts ain’t too shabby for someone who was blackballed from the league after fight night in the Palace in Detroit.  He’s come a long way and you gotta give him props for doing so.  I still think he’s a thug though.

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Quiet but Deadly: Antawn Jamison

onthebuzzer.com antawn jamisonAnd with the 4th pick in the 1998 NBA draft, the Toronto Raptors (traded to Golden State) select…Forward Antawn Jamison. Coming out of the draft, most people forgot about this Tarheel and have shifted their focus to his high flying counterpart, Vince Carter (#5 pick).  But now it’s time to give credit where credit is due. Jamison has been doing it, year in and year out. I personally have never heard a peep, squabble or bitch from this guy. After playing 5 years for the Golden State Warriors and 1 for the Dallas Mavericks, Jamison has seemingly found a home in Washington, playing for the Wizards.  Yes, it’s true I drafted this guy and that’s why he’s getting some air time.  But that doesn’t change the fact that he is scoring 19 ppg and almost 10 rebounds per.  His counterpart Vinsane, yeah he’s injured. Jamison has a career average of 19 and 8, and at age 31, seems to be peaking.  Anyone would take this guy on their team, as he would be a valuable asset for any contender.  As for Vince, I’d take Jamison over Carter any day. Not on a one-on-one, but on my team.

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Today’s post comes from preciseFilms, from our NBA Golden State WarriorsSeason Preview:


“Oh well, I respect OnTheBuzzer’s opinions though. They speak openly about everything and aren’t afraid to be criticized. Keep up the good work guys.”


Yo, much love..

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Check out our latest fan reaction from our youtube videos.

The GOOD comes from citizen156 from our Part 1: NFL Recap Week 5:

“I love you guys. You kick ass. I personally am a texan fan. I like the Saints dont know what is happening with them maybe they shouldn’t have let my Horn go. yall keep it up”

The BAD comes from cbreitel from our MLB Playoff Preview:


“I love that you guys were so TOTALLY wrong about the Dbacks! The dude in yellow said they had no business in the playoffs “on paper”. Did his “paper” not have a WIN-LOSS column? The #1 team in the NL, no business in the playoffs!? Doh!”


And finally, the UGLY comes from villajay from our Golden State Warriors Preview:

“wow you guys know nothing on stephen jackson. he’s one of the nicest guys on the dub’s squad.. always encouraging everybody to play hard and play better. people outside the warriors’ fanbase still don’t see his leadership qualities and abilities. give jax a try people!”


We appreciate the love, keep it comin’!

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Today’s youtube post of the day comes from our Golden State Warriors 2007-2008 Preview video from one of our subscribers PreciseFilms.

“What’s wrong with Nellieball? If you give Don Nelson a great rebounder, than his team would be able to compete. Andris Biedrins is really the only guy in GS that could rebound but he’s gets in foul trouble to easily. The Warriors got outrebounded by 19.6 rebounds a game during that GS-UTAH series, but they were still close to winning each game in that series. For example, they got outrebounded by 28 boards in Game 2, but the Jazz still needed an overtime just to win the game.”

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Stephen Jackson: Thug Life

captain stephen jackson onthebuzzer.comLet’s see: (gun waving strip club incident) + (fan brawling stand incident resulting in a very long suspension) = name player team captain. That’s what the Golden State Warriors decided to do. Now I know that Stephen Jackson had a stud playoff series last year but the only place Jackson will lead this team is to the big house, and I ain’t talking about Michigan. They’re probably thinking, let’s give this guy some responsibility so that he can step up and mature. Too much of a gamble in my opinion. How about waiting for say… another year if he can continue his “boy scout” behavior and then shower him with accolades. Just a thought. Can we blame Stepho if they don’t make the playoffs?

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