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Week 15 College Bowl Picks-Results

top25.jpg1- BCS Title Bowl – Another Buckeye title game, another blowout. Unfortunately, they need to do a better job of being on the other end. LSU faster and deeper in almost every position. Looked close early, but critics were out at halftime. 38-24 LSU…  got it wrong.
2- The Rose Bowl – Well, if Pete Carrol decides to leave and go to the NFL, he is certainly going out in style. A sixth straight Pac-10 title and another Rose Bowl victory. The Illini not even in the same league as SC in this one. They do everything to back up their claim as the best team in college football. Never close, the Trojans shut down the juice. 49-17 USC… nailed it!
3- The Sugar Bowlpadlock3.jpg Surprise, surprise! Another Eddie lock, another Eddie win! Was there ever a doubt? Nobody really thought Hawaii had a chance did they? Maybe the best team in the country, Georgia made Colt Brennan look like a third string freshman. That’s why a WAC team should never play in a title game. 41-10 Georgia… nailed it!
4- The Fiesta Bowl – Kansas doing it the unconventional way, with defense! Coming in as a high scoring team, they score 17 points off turnovers and win their first BCS game in their football history. Tech had chances early, but they looked like the Hokies we saw in the beginning of the season, not at the end. 24-21 Kansas… got it wrong.
5- The Orange Bowl – Kudos to the Mountaineers! No coach? No problem. Great heart and effort against a Sooner team that many claimed to be the best in the country. Stoops a great coach, but maybe bowling is just not his thing. 48-28 West Virginia… got it wrong.
6- Capital One Bowl
– Could this season be any weirder for the Wolverines? After a miserable start to the season, they go into next year with arguably the most momentum. They carry their coach off the field, while Florida leaves the field scratching their heads. Over a ten point favorite, Tebow and company get exposed! Maybe NOT the best team in the country next year! 41-35 Michigan… got it wrong.
7- Cotton Bowl
– Missouri making their case they deserve to be in a BCS game. Arkansas making their case as well… An embarrassing game for the Razorbacks. Did this team really beat LSU. Great ending to a great season for the Missouri Tigers. 38-7 Missouri… nailed it!
8- Gator Bowl – Like I said, should be an entertaining game throughout. Evenly matched and well played on both sides, one of the best bowl games of the year. Virginia had a chance, but the better team ended up on top. 31-28 Texas Tech… nailed it!
9- Outback  Bowl
– Vegas knew what they were talking about in this one. Favored by 3.5, the Vols find a way to win a tight one by 4. A disappointing end to a disappointing season for the Badgers. 21-17 Tennessee… nailed it!
10. Chick-Fil-A-Bowl
– Never a doubt that this would be a low scoring close one. Two rivals who wished they had better seasons trying to make something out of it with a bowl win. Auburn squeaking it out. 23-20 Auburn… nailed it!

Recap: When you’re good, you’re good. Another above .500 hundred effort by yours truly. 6-4 to end a great season and another lock nailed!

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Night Falls on the University of Central Florida

bcs onthebuzzer.comThe Scarlett Knights is what they are called.  But on Saturday, the University of Central Florida was anything but brave and courageous, as they fell 10-3 to Mississippi State in the Liberty Bowl. Talk about a boring game.  Wake me up when these worthless bowls are over. I’m wondering if I anyone outside of these two states care to watch this game (excluding gamblers of course)? Liberty bowl, Bell Helicopter Armed Forces Bowl, Petrosun Independence Bowl, etc…who cares??? I wanna watch the big ones; Rose, Fiesta, Orange, and Sugar.  Sure, maybe the Gators and the Wolverines in the Capital One Bowl could be fun to watch. But for the most part, these bowl games are nothing but an opportunity for the players to showcase their talents one last time for the scouts AND the athletic departments last chance to make some $$$.  That’s the truth, it hurts, I know.  I just have to find a way to live with it.

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This Time it was Oklahoma’s Turn

onthebuzzer.com bcsGet ready form some BCS B.S.  Since Oregon lost on Thursday, technically, Oklahoma was bumped to #2 going into today’s game against Texas Tech.  With that said, I hope everyone ignored our resident NCAA expert and put the house on Texas Tech. No one and/or nothing has been able to break that wretched curse of the #2 ranking this year.  I almost feel sorry for the Kansas Jayhawks, who after waxing the Iowa State Cyclones 45-7 will be ranked #2 and will host Missouri who should be ranked #3. Kansas will then duke it out in the Big 12 Championship game against another tough foe.  The odds are against Kansas or Missouri to make the title game, leaving the door wide open for West Virginia, who actually have to face a tough UCONN team and Pitt. If they drop one, then hold on, is that Ohio State coming back into the picture??? This could take forever. All we know is that no one is booking their tickets to New Orleans except LSU, right? Unless Darren McFadden runs crazy. Great, here we go again…

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